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Killing Three Thousand Crows

Three Thousand Crows (Novel)
Other Name: Killing Three Thousand Crows, 三千鸦杀

Genre: novel, romance
Author: 14 Lang
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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On the balcony, the princess Diji sang Dongfeng peach blossoms, which made the world beautiful. And a glazed fire, so that there is no big Yan country in the world, the past is like a dream. The incognito princess Diji lurked in the land of cultivation and became a small handyman Tan Chuan. Unexpectedly, her acquaintances have all appeared on the stage. The former lover Zuo Zichen lost his memory and hugged Xuanzhu, and a romantic suave jade tree jumped out from the ground. Linfeng’s Fu Jiuyun teased her in many ways, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false and uncomfortable grace.

While the White River Dragon King was in trouble at Katori Mountain, Tan Chuan stole the treasures of the mountain owner and left. At this time, Fu Jiuyun, who knew he had been deceived, was furious and chased her after a long distance. After learning of her mission, she couldn’t stop it, she could only use her own life to fulfill it. And she didn’t know that in order to meet her, he had watched alone for a thousand years.

Chapter 17 The Prince’s Invitation

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