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Chapter 17 The Prince’s Invitation

The lamb was not roasted at all, Fu Jiuyun bought some beef, cut it into palm-sized slices, and grilled it on a wire net, sprinkled with a little salt and grease, and the aroma was overflowing. Tan Chuan almost bit his tongue. There is no time to praise the delicious food. I can’t see that he actually knows how to cook, and his craftsmanship is excellent.

The two of them were arguing about the destination of the last piece of meat. Suddenly they heard a messy footstep outside the bamboo forest, as if many people were about to break in. Fu Jiuyun listened carefully for a while, then nodded and smiled: “I was underestimated, the emperor actually only sent two hundred people to encircle and suppress.”

Tan Chuan realized it in an instant. It is estimated that Emperor Tianyuan felt his face lost and turned into anger from anger, so he simply sent people to encircle him. It is estimated that this movement also has the meaning of temptation, depending on how tall this legendary expert is. Taking advantage of Fu Jiuyun’s listening to the movement, she hurriedly grabbed the last piece of beef and stuffed it in her mouth, and said vaguely: “You got it, you can solve it yourself.”

Fu Jiuyun twisted her face: “Let’s settle accounts with you.”

He casually grabbed a handful of small stones and threw them out, and as soon as they landed, they turned into gleaming golden heavenly soldiers, each of which was two or three people tall. They stood outside the bamboo forest, bluffing the soldiers outside one after another. After a while, a snow-white little pigeon slowly flew out of the bamboo forest, circled twice in front of the leader, and landed in his palm, but turned into a piece of white paper with only two words written on it: please go back.

The two hundred people immediately lost their morale and left without a fight.

As the saying goes, there are two if there are two, and three if there are two. Tan Chuan originally thought that that day the original emperor would send more people to encircle and suppress. Who knew it would last ten days. He didn’t wait for encirclement and suppression, but he received a day outside the bamboo forest. The cyan envelope is nailed to a green bamboo with a thin iron arrow.

Taking a look at it, the seal on it made her eyebrows twitch–it was the prince of Tianyuan Kingdom.

Opening the letter paper, the first two words made her heart sink–“Emperor Yandiji, don’t come here unharmed? On the fifteenth day of the month, Haotian Tower, hope that Qing has Yaxing, enjoy the moon and drink together.” Talking about Fu Jiuyun, the other party came for her, and he knew she was mixed with Fu Jiuyun.

Maybe she knew that this day would come, that time he could not kill the prince, he only needed to investigate carefully to find out her true identity. But what made her even more shocked and panicked was not that her identity was discovered, but something that was attached to the envelope.

It was a palm-sized silk and satin, purple, embroidered with dense cloud patterns with dark blue and black threads.

Among the people he knew, only Zuo Zichen would wear clothes of this color, and he was the only one, and there was no second one.

Tan Chuan tore the letter paper into shreds, his heart was tight and loose in his chest, and his body seemed to be slowly falling in the thick water. Almost instinctively, she immediately turned to look at the tile house behind the bamboo forest. The tile house was empty. She froze for a long time, remembering that Fu Jiuyun should be cooking in the kitchen, and now it is his turn to cook.

She thought for a long, long time in front of the bamboo forest, until the muscles in her neck began to sore.

The strong wind blew across the bamboo forest and the leaves fell one after another. Tan Chuan moved suddenly, as if awakened, stuffed the rag into his arms, turned and walked back.

August 15th, the moon is bright and the breeze is clear, and the night breeze carries the sweet aroma of osmanthus. This is a good day for family reunion and enjoying the moon with wine. Tan Chuan burned some yellow paper outside the bamboo forest. There were also small moon cakes and wine utensils made of tin foil in the village, which were thrown in a basin and burned.

The flames jumped, and she showed a rare look of sorrow on her face, and even the tiger that had always entangled Fu Jiuyun lay silently at her feet, no longer making noise.

“Perhaps I won’t see you again.” She whispered, and reached out her hand to touch the cowhide Qiankun bag. The soul lamp that had been lit by a ray of spirit was extremely heavy. The soul lamp is really lit.”

The wind whispered, and no one answered her. Looking back, the light in Fu Jiuyun’s room was on, it should be painting. It’s time to go. Tan Chuan touched Tiger’s head and smiled: “Go with him, don’t follow me.”

The tiger roared very unwillingly. Although it was temporarily bought by Fu Jiuyun’s delicious and fun, it was still a very vigorous spirit beast and would never abandon its true owner.

“Alright, go!” Tan Chuan pushed it, “You may not notice anything if you keep him, don’t get me in the way.”

The tiger covered her face aggrievedly, and watched her really go through the gap between her paws, tears streaming out, and ran back sobbing, squatting under Fu Jiuyun’s window and crying, so much that Fu Jiuyun had to open the window and sighed: ” Spring is too early. Could the tigers come into heat in the summer?”

There was only a tiger with tears and nose squatting down under the window. He was startled: “Where is your master?”

Of course the Tiger couldn’t speak. Fu Jiuyun suddenly felt a little bit of fright. Looking around, the bamboo forest was dark and dark, and the night wind was beating on his face. The figure who was supposed to burn paper in the forest had long since disappeared.

Haotian Building is located in the east of the city. It is different from Qingfeng Building, which is good at making all kinds of delicacies. It is a pure tavern and a place where wine lovers love. On August 15th, most of the restaurants in the city closed early, and the only one was brightly lit and lively.

Qin Chuan walked into the Haotian Building in a white shirt, and immediately attracted many eyes to follow.

The crown prince is right in front of him. It has been several months since the last attempted assassination of him. He has not changed at all, except that his face turned blue, like a dead man. This time, he was accompanied by a young man with handsome eyebrows and handsome eyes, with a smile on his face, even a shy smile, and he would like to get close at the first glance.

“Emperor Ji is really a person of love and justice.” The strange young man said with a smile, “At Xiatianyuan, the second emperor, Tingyuan, it is an honor to drink wine and enjoy the moon with the Great Yandiji, who has the name of the Allure.”

Qin Chuan said coldly: “Come today, I’m afraid it’s not just drinking and watching the moon, right?”

Too lazy to play with them, she simply went straight.

But Ting Yuan didn’t say a word, poured a glass of wine and pushed it in front of her, and raised it to herself: “I will respect Emperor Ji a glass, Di Ji is clever, act swiftly and decisively, with amazing courage, I really admire me.”

Take a look at the contents of the cup, its color is purple and red like blood, but it is full of fragrance. It should be a fine wine made from grapes. Tan Chuan covered the cup with his hand, and refused: “Sorry, I’m not good at drinking, I have to live up to the second prince’s kindness.”

The prince sat opposite like a wooden man, motionless. It’s really weird, didn’t he ask himself to come out? Why only let the second prince speak?

Ting Yuan followed her gaze and glanced at the prince, with a little shyness, and said softly: “Now think about it, the national teacher has gathered the ghost to fill the prince’s head, and the plan to draw the snake out of the hole is really boring. Di Ji You must be confident in doing things. How can you be confused by these ghost tricks? I guess, if you don’t have the clothes of God Ji’s deceased in your letter, you would not come today? Since it’s here, Ting Yuan can only ask about one thing, the prince’s head Where are the souls and souls now? I beg Diji to tell them.”

The wine glass under the sleeve suddenly turned over, and the wine splashed on her white dress like a pool of fresh blood. Tan Chuan slowly raised his head, staring at the strange-looking prince, repeatedly hit by the storm in his heart.

Is it true or not? The prince had his head cut off when she didn’t know, and even his soul was taken away?

What a shocking fact! She was deliberately deliberate, but it fell short. She planned to stay still and settle down for a period of time. Who knows that things are fickle, but the enemy who should have died under her hands was completely killed by others. Should she be happy now, or should she regret it?

Seeing her frowning, Ting Yuan said again: “The national teacher meant the same as me. As long as Di Ji is willing to hand over the prince’s soul, your deceased will return it to you. We don’t want to embarrass you.”

Tan Chuan moved slightly, pointed at the prince, and whispered: “He is really dead?”

Ting Yuan did not answer. He raised his hand and patted the prince’s back gently, and the big head that rested firmly on his shoulders rolled onto the table in a moment, smashing the wine utensils to pieces. Rolling to Tan Chuan’s hand, she realized that it was just a hollow head carved out of wood. Many ghosts were sealed in the wood with charms so that the corpse of the prince could speak.

The restaurant suddenly became extremely quiet. After an unknown period of time, someone suddenly screamed, “Head off!” Everyone just woke up like a dream, crying and crawling to the door. .

Ting Yuan sighed and smiled, complaining a little: “Look at you, this time the trouble is big.”

He took out a piece of talisman paper folded into a square win shape from his arms and threw it lightly on the candlelight. The talisman paper flipped and circled on the tiny flame, but did not fall. The next moment, the darkness of ignorance shrouded, and the darkness passed in an instant, but in the blink of an eye, the vision disappeared, and the noisy restaurant suddenly became extremely quiet, extremely quiet.

The flowing things hovered in the Haotian Building and there was a cold sweat on Tan Chuan’s back. He subconsciously looked out, and saw that everyone maintained a running posture, and was set in place like a statue. Her throat couldn’t help but tighten, and it seemed that she not only underestimated the Tianyuan State Master, but also the second prince, who was inscrutable.

Ting Yuan grabbed the wooden head and put it back on the prince’s shoulder, warmly saying: “I hate these gods and strange things, but there is nothing I can do. Nail them for a while and wait until the national teacher comes to deal with it. Up.”

Tan Chuan rubbed her palms on her clothes without leaving a trace. There was sweat all over her face. She realized that she had encountered the most severe test in her life. Before coming, she still had a fluke mentality. Zuo Zichen was a person who cultivated immortality from an early age, so she wouldn’t be held hostage so easily, but now it seems that it is really a fluke.

Suddenly, I thought that Fu Jiuyun would bet with Lord Meishan and won the origin of the national teacher. This act seemed abrupt at the time, but now the reflection has made her feel thrilling. Did he do the death of the prince? Cutting off the head and taking the soul is too extreme. In addition to lighting the soul lamp, the human soul is of no use. Only Fu Jiuyun knew about the soul lamp on her body.

He killed the prince, maybe he thought about dealing with the national teacher, but he found that the other party was not easy to deal with, so he approached Lord Meishan to ask for the source of the national teacher? The origin of the national teacher is definitely not simple, so he gave up the assassination in the dark and tried to approach the Tianyuan imperial family by Minglu?

He is… Is he really taking revenge for her?

The wrist was trembling slightly, and she tried her best to keep herself still, her voice calm: “Before that, I want to see the old man first.”

Ting Yuan smiled and stood up: “Please follow me.”

There is a secret underground palace five hundred feet underground in the Haotian Tower. It descends along the slender and curved stone steps, and the deep unknown darkness in front is frightening.

Ting Yuan handed the candlestick in his hand to Tan Chuan, and said, “Mr. Qi, the world-famous son, suddenly came to Gaodu, is it because of you? The father sent two hundred people to encircle and suppress them, but nothing was achieved. This person is really amazing. Very. I boldly guess whether Mr. Qi Gongzi helped you with the Prince’s affairs?”

Tan Chuan said indifferently: “Who knows? The second prince can think of as many possibilities as possible. Anyway, this road is empty and boring.”

Ting Yuan smiled and didn’t take it seriously: “The deceased of Di Ji missed and was captured when he assassinated the national teacher. Although he was a bit reckless, he was really courageous and had a stubborn temper. I didn’t expect it. All the royal families of the Great Yan Kingdom are very spineless and admirable.”

Tan Chuan’s hand holding the candlestick suddenly tightened. If that person is really Zuo Zichen, do you want to save it? How to save? There is an unpredictable national teacher, and a very clever prince, who is several times better than her. All she can do is delay as much as possible, hoping to find their weakness in a moment.

Ting Yuan suddenly stopped in the middle of the steps. She looked back at him without knowing it, but saw that he was smiling a little strangely, so she looked up and down carefully. Qin Chuan’s heart was fluttering, and his face was still calm, and asked him: “Does the second prince have anything to say?”

He lowered his head and said calmly: “No, I’m just thinking, Di Ji has a thorough plan, but because of his lack of strength, he failed to kill the national teacher, which is a pity.”

……What does it mean?

Tan Chuan only felt that a heart was beating hard, and deliberately smiled and said, “Perhaps not necessarily. Are you afraid that I will not keep my promise?”

He also smiled: “Who knows what’s next?”

No one spoke anymore, and when the steps came to the end, it was the gate of the underground palace. In front of the door, there was a group of fierce monster beasts sleeping on their stomachs. Seeing that the two of them were coming, they staggered to their feet, and tilted their heads stubbornly, not putting them in their eyes.

Ting Yuan arched his hand: “Di Ji, please come in. The old man and the national teacher are waiting inside the door.”

She bypassed the monster, and just as her fingertips touched the stone gate, it opened silently, which surprised her. Ting Yuan frowned and smiled: “So, I am most impatient with these gods and strange things. Di Ji takes care of herself.”

The underground palace is brightly lit, stone beds and chairs are readily available, but there is a cold air in the luxurious style. Tan Chuan watched as she walked, and subconsciously pinched a cowhide universe bag with the soul lamp inside. This might be her only chance of winning. She wants to irritate him. People are most likely to expose their weaknesses when they are angry. As long as the national teacher can show their weakness, then she still hopes to light his soul lamp.

A heart-piercing scream suddenly sounded not far away, reverberating in this empty underground palace, Tan Chuan’s heart seemed to be pinched by something, and his face instantly turned pale.

A rough and hoarse voice said coldly: “Where is the prince’s soul? Tell me?”

The scream gradually weakened, and finally turned into sobbing. It didn’t sound like a man’s voice, but it was a woman. Tan Chuan ran away, uncovering the layers of cold gauze tents, and saw a human-shaped stone platform in the middle of the hall with a purple-clothed woman tied to it. Opposite the stone platform sat quietly a man with silver hair, holding a group of bright red beating hearts in his hands, tight and loose. The woman’s scream was also strong and weak with his movements, as if she was about to die.

When Xu heard someone coming, he slowly turned around and faced Shang Tan Chuan’s eyes. His long hair was as white as snow, and his face was unexpectedly young, with ordinary features, but his brows were filled with gloom and indifference, which made people shudder.

He looked up and down, and his hoarse voice sounded again: “Dai Yan Di Ji?”

This person must be Tianyuan’s national teacher. Tan Chuan will have time to speak in the future. The man in purple clothed on the stone platform trembles when he hears the word “Di Ji”, struggling to raise his head, staring at her with hatred Muttered: “The one who came… how could it be you?”

Qin Chuan’s heart suddenly loosened, and then he was mentioned again. For a moment, he was a little dizzy. How could it be Xuanzhu? How could it be Xuanzhu? ! Thousands of counts, even if the intestines are broken, the person locked here will not be Xuanzhu!

“Please sit down.” The national teacher slowly got up, and gave her her seat calmly and politely. “I can’t imagine that Emperor Yan Di Ji is so young, but she behaves harshly at a young age, which is admirable.”

Tan Chuan glanced at Xuan Zhu, said nothing, and sat silently on the stone chair. Seeing the beating heart in the hands of the national teacher, the sleeves were all stained with blood, this scene was really strange. She only felt that her chest was blocked by something and it was difficult to breathe.

The Chinese teacher sat opposite her, with a calm expression: “I have been thinking these days, maybe I should change my view of the Dayan imperial family a little bit. Your father, Emperor Baoan, is cowardly and selfish, but unexpectedly gave birth to several spine-hearted children. Even the princesses of the princes. They are all so hard-hearted, and they can still be hard-headed for so many days after being hit by my heart-cutting technique. The Dayan royal family deserves the title of’Iron-blooded Ruiyan’.”

Tan Chuan couldn’t say anything. The person sitting opposite her was Tianyuan Guoshi, a man completely different from her imagination. I have heard of the prestige of Tianyuan Guoshi a long time ago. She once thought that this person should be a vicissitudes of life without leaking his face. Who knows that although his head is full of white hair, his appearance is very young, and he can only feel unpredictable, no joy or anger, and it is really frightening.

The national teacher didn’t mind her silence, and continued: “The heavens destroyed the big swallows, and the unification of the Central Plains is the general trend. Di Ji can’t let go of the hatred of the country and the family. It’s also common sense. Seeing you are young, I can’t bear it. Prince Soul, I will let you live without further investigation.”

Tan Chuan took a deep breath, and then whispered after a while: “You put her down first, she doesn’t know anything.”

The national teacher raised his hand and threw the heart away, and it instantly sank into Xuanzhu’s chest. Probably because of the extreme pain, Xuan Zhu fainted after a few breaths. The iron ring on the stone platform dinged her limbs back, her body fell limply to the ground, embarrassed to the extreme.

Tan Chuan straightened his clothes, thought for a moment, and said: “Before I came to Tianyuan, I had made preparations for death, and never thought of leaving alive. You just believe that I will be willing to surrender the prince’s soul and seek a way to survive. ?”

The national teacher took a deep look at her and suddenly said, “Di Ji, even if you kill the Zuoxiang, kill the prince, or even kill me, kill the emperor, the situation in the Central Plains will not change. My heaven The royal family has the blood of ancient monsters and is destined to dominate the world and create a more powerful Central Plains land. Your Dayan’s leftist is a person who knows current affairs, understands the corruption of Dayan, and understands the power of Tianyuan. He is just doing The most correct choice is not even greedy for fame and fortune. What position do you have for killing him for private enmity?”

Tan Chuan smiled and whispered: “I don’t need to explain to you, just as you don’t need to explain to me why you respect the demon. What’s your position to blame me?”

“There is no mutual suspicion and calculation between the demons.” The national teacher took out a piece of silk and wiped the blood on his hand carefully. “The prince has followed your way because of his simple belief in people. Now the trend is over. Yes, even if Tianyuan’s royal family is killed by you, the world is still Tianyuan’s. What you do, but adding pain to yourself and others is meaningless.”

She nodded and said indifferently: “Yes. I hope you Tianyuan will achieve your great aspiration as soon as possible, and there will be no peace forever after the demons are rampant.”

The national teacher’s eyes flashed slightly, seemingly angry.

“You raise your head,” his rough and hoarse voice was like rubbing sandpaper on the ground, which was so painful, “you raise your head and look at me.”

She raised her head in anger without fear, and as soon as she paired his cold and mysterious pupils, she felt a slight chill in her heart, like a knife made of the thinnest and most profitable ice was gently inserted in. There was no pain, and before she had time to feel pain, she only felt that her chest seemed to be empty, and one very important thing was missing.

And that thing is being held in the palm of the national teacher alive at this moment-her heart, beating violently, bloody heart. He stroked it lightly with his nails, and Tan Chuan felt a tearing pain in his heart, almost fainting, cold sweat ran down his forehead.

“Di Ji, I don’t like arguing with children. Now, you tell me honestly, where is the prince’s soul?” He breathed into the heart, but to her it was like a million pieces of cold The blade stuck in his chest. I have never experienced such unheard of pain in my life, but I still can’t faint. The more pain, the more clear I am.

Qin Chuan clenched the corners of his clothes tightly, his nails cracked one by one, and exhausted all his energy to resist the terrible pain, suddenly sneered, and said in a trembled voice: “Okay! There is a prince of a country buried for me. No loss anymore!”

Guo Shi was silent for a while, and suddenly raised his hand and threw the heart back into her chest, with a hint of admiration in her cold eyes. There are not many people who can carry it under the heart-cutting technique and can speak. There are even fewer women.

“I know you know Young Master Qi and he is very capable, so you are not afraid of anything, and believe that he will come to help.” He smiled hoarsely, “Why don’t we make a bet before he can break into my palace.” Before saving you, I will ask you about the whereabouts of the Prince’s soul.”

Tan Chuan slowly licked the blood on her lips, all of which had been bitten by herself. She laughed weakly: “Then, I’ll win.”

The national teacher left, the stone gate of the underground palace was sealed by a special seal, and everything returned to death. Tan Chuan collapsed on the stone chair weakly, turning his neck stiffly to look around. It was fine, no windows, no doors, no water or food, and it was as quiet as a tomb. Ordinary people were kept here for three days without any torture. I was afraid that even the eight generations of their ancestors would be recruited.

Fortunately, she has a baby cowhide bag.

Tan Chuan took out two quilts from Qiankun’s bag, one mattress on the stone bed and the other on the body. Then take out the pastry water sac, eat a little bit less, and think carefully about what to do in the future. After Xuanzhu woke up from a coma, she saw her half lying on the stone bed with her mouth full of cakes.

Seeing her eyes were particularly fierce and resentful, especially when she was drinking water, Tan Chuan kindly handed her a water pouch: “Would you like to drink it?”

Xuanzhu grabbed the water bag without saying a word, raised his head and drank most of it, choked with a cough, and his hair and clothes were soaked, even more embarrassed than before. When she gradually stopped coughing, Tan Chuan said, “Okay, Xuanzhu. Tell me why you are here.”

The corners of the clothes attached to the letter made her think it was Zuo Zichen, because only he would wear purple clothes. Who knew that this elder sister loved Wu Jiwu and even put a purple clothes on her body. If… if she had known it was her, she might not have come to suffer this sin, it would be better to let her fend for herself.

Xuan Zhu said coldly: “Then why are you here?”

“I heard that you were going to assassinate the national teacher. Could it be that you suddenly became aware of the hatred of the country and the family, so you want revenge?” Tan Chuan ignored her and said a reason that he felt ridiculous.

“What kind of country haters and family hate!” Xuan Zhu sneered, “Where do I have any country or family! I am no better than you when you were a kid, and my family was destroyed, and my parents died before I clap my hands and cheer! “

Tan Chuan said sternly: “Then I will guess. It must be for Zuo Zichen. He killed the prince? Then he wanted to kill the national teacher? So you also came and failed deliberately, just to ask him to accompany you to a hero Save the beauty?”

“No! Shut up!” Xuan Zhu suddenly raised his head, bloodshot in his eyes, looking haggard and cold. She stubbornly, even looked at Tan Chuan with bitterness, but after a while, she turned her face away.

“I know what he was thinking in his heart. He was depressed all day long and often wrote the names of the national teacher and the prince on paper. I also know that he always felt in his heart that he owed you and failed to catch up to kill the prince. If someone kills, then at least kill the national teacher. In fact, he doesn’t have to pay the bill, he has nothing to owe you! I will fulfill his wish for him, he will always know who is best for him What’s more, Tianyuan destroyed Big Yan, and I am more plausible than him to kill the national teacher. What do you know, it is not your turn to speak out!”

Tan Chuan looked at her silently, his eyes lingering from her stubborn and straight shoulders to the corners of her blood-stained purple clothes. The purple dress on her was exactly the same as Zuo Zichen’s style, except that she was wearing a women’s waist. As if feeling her gaze, Xuan Zhu shrank: “What are you looking at? You haven’t said why it is you who came here!”

Tan Chuan suddenly laughed and said in a low voice: “Well, Xuanzhu, you will always be able to work harder than I thought. If I am Zuo Zichen, it will be impossible for you to tolerate it.”

“You don’t need to comfort me!” Xuan Zhu turned her back fiercely, but the next moment she burst into tears. She waited for three days and was tortured by life and death for three whole days, calling Zuo Zichen from the bottom of her heart every moment, expecting him to save herself. But the door opened, and the person who came in was the woman she wanted the least to see.

She has never been so desperate and helpless as she is now. Always fighting, always robbing, self-deceiving Zuo Zichen should have some position in her heart. This self-deception was almost exhausted in three days, and was completely crushed the moment I saw Tan Chuan.

In the bottom of his heart, she could not even leave a single strand of hair.

I don’t know how long it took, Xuan Zhu sat with her legs numb, stood up and walked a few steps. Seeing that Tan Chuan looked calm and didn’t panic, he couldn’t help but ask: “Why are you here?”

Tan Chuan smiled slightly, his eyebrows were a little gloomy: “I’m here to die. As for you, you can die with me.”

Xuan Zhu’s feet softened and fell to the ground again.

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