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You Are My Destiny 運命から始まる恋 Episode 2 Recap

Kei mistakes Aya for Anna and Aya misunderstands Kei as Yamaguchi.
Both of them, who are both drunk, will end up in bed … without recognizing each other.

The next morning, Kei proposes a mistake and gives her a wedding ring. It was such a time. Ai’s brother-in-law got into the room with their cameras! Kei is intensely photographed in the bed. It was in opposition to the purchase of a factory in Aya’s local Sumisaki town.

As a result, Kei who could not propose to Anna explodes with anger. However, Kei cannot take patience with Aya, who is good at Yamaguchi who came with her, and takes Aya to the hotel salon. So she turns Aya into a top-notch woman. First-class makeup, first-class hair, first-class dress. Kei is surprised to see the reborn Aya. That sober glasses change so much … Aya and Kei head back to Yamaguchi — they both have a fate of shock!

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