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Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo Episode 3 – 4 Preview

Episode 3

Four people, Anzu Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka), Tetsuya Kuroda (Takumi Kizu), Yuka Negishi (Yuka Suzuki), and Sho Ando (Hiroki Nakahara), who were unexpectedly put into a private room at an in-house social gathering. Only awkward air flows through the room. Moreover, Kyou, who is swayed by Tetsuya’s whimsical behavior, involuntarily hits Tetsuya, who behaves like a guess in front of Yuka and Sho, with anger! Sho chases after Kyou who jumps out of the room …

Meanwhile, under the direction of his boss, Shinji Gen (Ryohei Odai), Kyou decides to work with freelance designer Tamaki Maruyama (Riho Takada). Sho, who saw the ring through the window, stood stunned with surprise. Tamaki notices Sho and gives a bow with a strong expression. In addition, Sho hurriedly moved away from Tetsuya who was approaching …!

Yuka finds out that there is something in the unnatural behavior of Sho and asks Sho. What is the relationship between Tetsuya, Sho, and Tamaki, spoken from Sho’s mouth ?! ?? where the past is revealed!

Episode 4 where “love triangle” is extremely confusing!

Asked by Yuka Negishi (Yuka Suzuki), Sho Ando (Hiroki Nakahara) confesses his relationship with Tetsuya Kuroda (Takumi Kizu) and Tamaki Maruyama (Riho Takada). “Tetsuya and myself have changed their lives because of that woman,” Sho reveals his shocking past.

Tamaki, who disappeared from Tetsuya and Sho five years ago, now happens to be working with Anzu Kawakami (Makoto Okunaka) as a freelance designer. Knowing the past of the three, Yuka plans to reunite Tamaki and Tetsuya, who were once related, in an attempt to separate Tetsuya and Kyou.

Due to Yuka’s strategy, Tetsuya and Tamaki meet in a room in the company. Tamaki tells Tetsuya, who is surprised, that he was looking for you, and kisses him unintentionally. Kyou came over there …!

Kyou is confused and wanders around the crowd. Sho rushes in anxiety and tells everything that happened between Tamaki and Tetsuya and his friends. Sho hits the shocked Kyou again! Around that time, Yuka also confessed to Tetsuya …!

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