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You Are My Destiny 運命から始まる恋 Episode 1 Recap

Aya Sato is a casual dispatch OL with no special features. He lost his father at an early age and dreamed of Cinderella, but in reality, his colleagues always pressed a chore with a single sticky note, and he worked overtime alone. It was called a “sticky note woman” that was convenient and discarded at any time. But Aya was more beautiful than anyone else. Just beside her–a man in a white suit was in a pool at a luxury hotel. Kei Ichijo (Takumi Gizu) is the young president of Manrei-do, the leading daily necessities maker in Japan. Kei is always cool, but suddenly shouts and jumps into the pool. What a lover, Anna Shiraishi (Ishikawa Koi) will return to Japan from NY where she studied ballet.

Aya has a lover for the first time. Attorney Yamaguchi (Mitsuishi Ahimu) works for the same office. Aya is invited one night to a reunion at Seiji University, a famous school where celebrity children attend at Yamaguchi’s alma mater. Kei, also from the Holy King, was there. Kei intends to propose at this party to Anna, who is also a college classmate.

Aya is drunk by her classmates in Yamaguchi and gets drunk and hits a mysterious handsome guy, Hayato Okamoto. Immediately after that, between Aya and Kei, a “fate incident” finally occurs.

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