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Darren Wang

Wang Dalu (Actor)
Other Name: 王大陆, Darren

Nationality: Taiwanese
May 29, 1991
 181 cm
65 kg
Star sign:
Chinese zodiac:
Talent Agency:
Toko University
Official website:
Music group:

After graduating from Junior High School, Wang Dalu went to the United States for a year of military school. Because of his interest in acting, he returned to Taiwan to seek development.

Wang Dalu has a wealthy family since he was a child. His father is Wang Taiqing, a collector from Taiwan, China and the person in charge of Susbee Art Co., Ltd. Wang Dalu grew up with antiques. Wang Taiqing, who started from scratch, has always hoped that his son can inherit the family. The industry did not approve of his entry into the entertainment industry, until he saw his work slowly coming out, and his attitude towards his career in acting did not turn to support. Wang Taiqing has a wide network of antiques, art and performing arts circles on both sides of the strait, but Wang Dalu’s career has never depended on his father’s relationship. In April 2015, Wang Dalu participated in the opening ceremony of the “Dakewei Gallery” paintings run by his father, and his family situation was accidentally exposed by reporters

TV Drama Series:

  • Wu Xing Shi Jia (2021) as Huo Xiaoxie
  • Quiet Among Disquiet (2021) as Zhou Jiaze
  • The Wolf (2020) as Zhu Youwen
  • Reset Life (2019, cameo)
  • Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi (2017) as Hu Tian
  • Stairway to Stardom (2017, cameo)
  • Tou Kui Xin Shi 偷窺心事 (2015) as Ah Guo
  • High Heels and a Scalpel (2014) as Ke Yuhao (Guest)
  • Bei Ying 背影 (2011) as Da Ying
  • Teenager’s Break Time 下課後的青春 (2010) as Liu Daren
  • Channel-X (2010) as Gu Yongen (Cameo)
  • Gloomy Salad Days (2010) as Xiao Hai (Cameo)
  • Bling Days (2009) as young Lin Guangfu (Li Zhifeng)
  • Mysterious Incredible Terminator (2008) as Yang Shengkai (Cameo)

Movies Films:

  • Super Me (2019) as Sang Yu
  • The Last Wish (2019) as Xu Hao
  • The Rookies (2019) as Zhao Feng
  • Fall in Love at First Kiss (2019) as Jiang Zhishu
  • A Better Tomorrow 2018 (2018) as Ma Ke
  • Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017) as Ni Kongkong
  • Railroad Tigers (2017) as Da Guo
  • Suddenly Seventeen (2017) as Yan Yan
  • 10,000 Miles (2017) as Sean Fang
  • Our Times (2015) as Xu Taiyu
  • A Choo (2014) as Chen Hongyi
  • 7 Love Design (2014) as Ye Jianhan
  • In Case of Love (2010) as Lu Lu

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