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Linglong Wolf Heart

Linglong wolf heart (Manga)
Other Name: 玲珑狼心

Genres: manga, Antiquity, rebirth
Tianyi Ai Animation
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“Linglong Wolf Heart” is an original web comic on the theme of rebirth of the ancient style produced by Tianyi Ai Animation.

The modern girl was reborn in an ancient mysterious country and became a princess in the attic, giving marriage to all the princes. She thought that her older generations accumulated virtue and cultivated peach blossoms, but she never thought that the handsome princes wanted her “wolf heart”. At the same time, the girl discovered that there was still a soul coexisting with her in her reborn body, and what she was about to face was a world with a human face and a “beast” heart… ·

Princess Linglong: Student (17 years old)/Princess (15 years old) with the same soul.

Lingyu : Smart and smart, bold and full of adventurous spirit since childhood. Her parents worked in the zoo, loved animals since childhood, and knew a lot of animal breeding knowledge. After the college entrance examination, because of naughty, when visiting the forest zoo, he took an adventure alone and got lost in the primeval forest. Suffering unexpectedly.

Linglong : An illegitimate daughter of the South Chu State Emperor. After her mother died in childbirth, she was frail and sickly. She was kept in an outlying hospital. She was kind and cowardly. She was not talkative. She was inadvertently lost by a maid when she was young. His wolf heart renewed his life, and was later bestowed by the emperor as the princess Linglong and sent to the Western Jue country for peace.

The Second Prince of the Western Jue Kingdom: Yan Qing

The appearance is heroic, handsome between the brows, but the eyes are cold.

The mother is a descendant of the wolf clan. She disappeared mysteriously ten years ago. The young Yanqing grew up under the high pressure and violence of his father. He is indifferent and arrogant, with cruel methods. He leads the National Protection Team. People’s news accidentally discovered the legendary mysterious treasure that can be used to power the world, and the way to open the treasure is to obtain Linglong, who has the heart of a wolf. It happened that because of the emperor’s contract with her relatives, Yan Qing pretended to be close to Linglong, but was attracted by the lively and strange Linglong, and gradually began to feel affection.

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