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First Talisman: Crazy Princess

First Talisman: Crazy Princess (Novel)
Other Name: 第一符师:轻狂太子妃

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Zi Yun Xi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The story of the novel mainly tells the genius Talisman, reborn as a seven-year-old girl! Immature appearance, harsh means. In the wilderness, she beat the enemy and was bumped by the prince. Her expression was indifferent, but the prince fell in love at first sight! “His Royal Highness is not good, the Princess of the Crown Prince used a personal charm to place His Majesty in the hall to eat dirt.”

“Isn’t this normal? Who would let the Dog Emperor provoke my wife? It’s a good deal! Give him a bowl of ice. “The water drops and the fire!” “His Royal Highness is really bad this time! The prince threw three Explosive Charms and blown the Empress Zheng into the sky!” A certain prince laughed wildly: “Good job! It’s my wife, it’s so spicy!” “Prince prince, this time is really serious! There is a handsome man in the big house of the prince!” You are green again! The prince suddenly raised the handsome man lying

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Qiao Mu did not refuse when he heard this. It is now mid-June. If the law of the previous life has not been reversed and the time is right, fifteen days later, that is, the first day of July, a terrible outbreak will erupt. Disaster, the disaster of corpse puppets.

At that time, this chaotic world will make survival more difficult than it is now.

The medicine is used by everyone. After applying this ointment, the wound feels no longer painful, the bleeding effect is excellent, and the color of the scar becomes lighter immediately. The effect is very different from the low-grade medicine circulating in the world. It must be an excellent medicine.

Since someone generously gave it to her, accept it.

“Well, the wound will basically be scabs at night, and when you wake up from sleep, your little hands will be restored to the original state.” The boy held her thin wrist and blew gently, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Qiao Mu couldn’t help but roll his eyes sharply at him, thinking he was a pharmacist? Still blowing! She knew that after the corpse puppets of the previous life broke out, a group of people with special abilities appeared besides the profound master, including pharmacists with medicinal powers.

If you are a high-level pharmacist, it is true that you can blow away a person’s wounds with two breaths, but the premise is that you have to be a pharmacist! ! And you have to be a senior pharmacist or above! There are medicinal powers in your breath and inhalation, and you can heal the crowd by blowing two breaths of medicinal power.

But boy, you are not a pharmacist! Qiao Mu drew his little hand, but didn’t take it back, then glared at him. Okay, you! I’ve been bandaged with good medicine, and still don’t let go?

Prince Liansi ignored the girl’s staring eyes, and even squeezed her little puffed face with her fingers, “Why don’t you speak?”

not in the mood!

“Speak when you are not in the mood. People need to communicate to understand each other.”

Who really wants to know you!

A certain child stared at Madoka’s eyes, almost wanting to explode!

Mo Lin chuckled and poked her little fleshy cheek with her fingers, “We are friends!”


Qiao Mu’s dark and waveless eyes faded a little bit, as if a basin of ice water was poured into those beautiful eyes, and it became more and more bone-cold.

“I do not need.”

She doesn’t need such a thing as a friend? friend? What is a friend? Friends are used to sell, but the price is high and the price is low.

The friend she believed in finally sent her to the experimental cage, broke her limbs for life, and let her live a life of crawling in the dark forever.

Use some ancient and weird little hammers and small nails to beat her on her body, looking for clues to enlarge the inner boundary.

In the past, she naively believed that there really is such a thing as true love in the world. and then? Except for her mother who passed away early in depression, no one seemed to have given her such extravagant things.

Later she didn’t need it anymore, she didn’t need anything.

right now? Don’t even need this tacky thing, friend? truth? She didn’t, and didn’t need others to give her alms, because it’s nice to be alone.

Obviously a pair of Shui Ling’s sleek and beautiful eyes, but with such a cold light, this is really uncoordinated.

“Jojo, we will be friends.” The young man tilted his head slightly, with a hint of interest and expectation in his eyes, “Look, even if you don’t speak, I can understand your heart in seconds. What does this mean? This is called fate, right?”

A vigilant light flashed in Qiao Mu’s eyes, and he snatched the ointment from the young man’s hand, and jumped straight under the tree.

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