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Sufficiency Economy Details

The result of applying the country development approach to modernity. Has caused a great change in Thai society in all aspects. Whether economic, political, cultural, social and environmental The process of change is so complex that it is difficult to explain the cause and the result. Because all the changes are all interconnecting factors.

As for the effects of positive development, it is an increase in the rate of economic growth. Material prosperity And various utilities Modern communication system Or expanding the amount and distributing the education more thoroughly But most of these positive results spread to rural people Or those less fortunate in society. But the process of social change has also had a negative effect, such as the expansion of the state into the countryside. Resulting in the rural weakness in many areas Both relying on the market and middlemen to order capital goods Degradation of natural resources Relative relationship system And traditionally organized groups for resource management that were once broken down The knowledge landscape that has been used to solve problems and accumulate changes has been forgotten and started to disappear.

The important thing is sufficiency in life. Which is a basic condition for Thai people to be self-reliant And live life with dignity under the power and independence to determine one’s own destiny The ability to control and manage themselves to meet the various needs. Including the ability to manage various problems by oneself, all of which are considered the fundamental potential that Thai people and Thai society have in the past Must be affected Which the economic crisis from the bubble problem and the weakness of the countryside as well as other problems that occur, all are proof and confirm this phenomenon very well.

The Royal of Rama 9 initiatives on sufficiency economy

“… national development needs to be done in order The foundation must be built is to have enough to eat enough for the majority of the people first By using methods and equipment that are economical but technically correct When having sufficient basic security And practiced Then gradually build, gradually enhance prosperity And higher level of economic status in the following order … “(18 July 1974)

“Sufficiency economy” is a royal initiative of His Majesty the King. Bestowed on more than 30 years is a concept that is based on Thai culture Is a development approach based on the middle path And carelessness Consideration of moderation, reasoning, self-immunity As well as using knowledge and virtue Is the basis for living Importantly, there must be “intelligence and perseverance” which will lead to “happiness” in living a true life.

“… What other people say Will say that Thailand is out of date That Thailand is old-fashioned That Thailand has no modern things But we live in our lives And would like everyone to have the desire to make Thailand sufficient, to eat, to have peace and to work, to pray, and to make determination In this way, to make Thailand live sufficiently to eat Not that it flourished brilliantly But there is enough to eat and have peace compared to other countries. If we can maintain this self-sufficiency We will be awesome … “(4 December 1974)

This royal speech Saw that the development approach that focuses only on economic growth of the country alone may cause problems Therefore emphasized having the sufficient to consume the majority of the people in the beginning first When having sufficient basic security Therefore creating greater prosperity and economic status. Which means instead of focusing on the growth of industrial sectors leading to national development Should create basic economic security first, that is, most people in rural areas should first Is a development approach that focuses on income distribution To establish the foundation and overall economic security of the country Before focusing on higher level of development Warned about eating enough to eat since 1974, that is, more than 30 years ago But the direction of development has not changed.

“… in the year 2517, that day said that We should make sure that we have enough. Getting enough to mean Sufficiency economy itself. If each person has enough income, then even better. If the whole country has enough And Thailand at that time began to be non-suicidal, some were many, some were none … “(4 December 1998)

Sufficiency economy
“Sufficiency economy” is a philosophy that His Majesty the King has guided to live life for Thai people for more than 25 years since before the economic crisis. And after emphasizing the solution to escape and can sustainably and sustainably live under globalization and various changes.

Sufficiency economy is a philosophy that addresses the existence and behavior of people at all levels From the family level to the community level to the state level Both the development and administration of the country to proceed in the middle path. Especially economic development In order to keep pace with the globalization world, sufficiency means moderation, reasoning, and the need for a sufficiently strong immune system. Any effect Caused by changes both internally and externally. It requires knowledge, prudence and extreme caution in the implementation of various academic Used in planning and implementation at every step and at the same time Must strengthen the spirit of the people in the nation Especially government officials, theorists and businessmen at all levels To have a sense of morality Honesty And to have appropriate knowledge Live life with patience, perseverance, wisdom and prudence To be balanced and ready to support rapid and extensive changes including material, society, environment and culture from the outside world as well.

The meaning of the sufficiency economy Therefore consists of the following features

  1. Modesty means moderation that is neither too small nor too small. By not hurting oneself and others, such as production and consumption at a moderate level
  2. Reasonableness means a decision regarding that level of sufficiency. Must be reasonable By considering the relevant factors As well as carefully considering the expected results of such actions
  3. Immunity means preparing to be affected and affected by various changes. To happen Taking into account the possibility of various situations Which is expected to occur in the future
    With conditions of decisions and carrying out various activities To be in sufficient level as follows 2 reasons
  4. Knowledge conditions consist of knowledge about various academic subjects. All around Prudence to bring those knowledge into consideration to be linked together. In order to plan and exercise caution
  5. Moral conditions That must be strengthened, consisting of awareness of morality, honesty and patience, perseverance, and wisdom in life
    “… Economics is a subject of economy. The need to use a tractor to buy We have to spend money to buy oil for tractors. When the tractor is old, we have to repair it more But when using it, we have to feed the oil for food Finished, it emits smoke The smoke we inhaled and then got a headache As for the buffalo, when we use it, we have to feed Must give grass to feed it to eat But it spit out That it ejected is also a fertilizer And then can be used for our land to not be broken … “
    Royal speech on the Royal Plowing Ceremony
  6. At Dusidalai City Hall, 9 May 1986 “… We are not a rich country. We have enough to survive but not a very advanced country. We don’t want to be a very advanced country. Because if we are a highly advanced country, it will only fall back Those countries that are advanced industrial countries. There will be only a step back and a scary step back. But if we have a management style called a poor person Not too close to textbooks Doing this in harmony is compassion. Will stay forever … “
  7. “… Normally, people like to see the situation in a good way Which he called aiming for excellent results Saw that Thailand We are progressing well. Finance, industry, trade are good. Another way to say that we’re declining. Most of the theory that if there is only money. Only recovery Means advanced economy And then the country flourishes, hoping to be a great power Sorry to warn him that the numbers are true, but if we are not careful with the basic needs of the people there is no way … “Royal speech on the occasion of the King’s Birthday
  8. “… Now, Thailand is still in a good position. Use the word” reasonable “because now there are people who see that there are a lot of poor people who are suffering. But using the word” reasonable “means according to one’s self …”
  9. “… that is concerned Because even in the 2 years that was the Golden Jubilee Year, I saw things that made me realize that The people still have a lot of trouble. And there are things that should be resolved and continue in all aspects There is a disaster from nature. This natural disaster we can probably alleviate or solve. Just need to spend some time There is a danger that comes from the minds of people. Which can be fixed as well But more difficult than natural disasters Nature is something outside of our bodies. But the personality of the person is what is inside This is one thing that I would like to manage to be neat. But don’t despair … “
  10. “… Being a tiger is not important. The important thing is that we have a wealthy economy. Having enough to eat means that you can support yourself. To be self-sufficient Sufficiency does not mean that every family has to produce their own food. Will have to weave clothes by ourselves Like that too But in the village or in the district Must be sufficient Some things can be produced more than the demand can be sold. But sold in a location that is not far away Don’t have to pay much shipping cost … “
  11. “… in the year 2517, that day said that We should make sure that we have enough. Getting enough to mean Sufficiency economy itself. If each person has enough income, then even better. If the whole country has enough And Thailand at that time began to be non-suicidal, some had many, some didn’t … “
  12. “… sufficiency has a broader meaning, that is, sufficiency. Sufficiency is enough. If enough people in need, then there is less greed. When there is less greed, they are less interested in others If any country has this idea Have an idea of ​​what to do to be sufficient Means being modest, honest, not very greedy We are happy. Sufficiency may have There is a lot, maybe there is luxury. But must not persecute other people … “
  13. “… power cut if necessary If the sufficiency economy is not full We have generators that use generators. Or if more advanced Dark, lit a candle Meaning there is always a way to solve the problem Therefore, the sufficiency economy has steps. But will say that this sufficiency economy.
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