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Homeroom ホームルーム

Homeroom (2020)
Other Title: ホームルーム

Genres: Dramas, Mystery, Romance
Chiba, TVMBS
Release Date:
 Jan. 24, 2020
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  • Yuki Yamada as 愛田 凛太郎
  • Shiori Akita as 桜井 幸子
  • Miu Tomita as 丸山 のぶ代
  • Mayuu Yokota as 夏目 ゆあ
  • Shieri Ohata as 白鳥 奈々
  • Takuya Wakabayashi as 竹ノ内 忠
  • Keito Tsuna as 矢作 健
  • Tomoya Maeno as 森信 一郎
  • Rio Yamashita as 椎名 恵
  • Erika Toyohara as 山本 星


In the class taught by the refreshing handsome teacher Rintaro Aida, unpleasant bullying continued every day against Sachiko Sakurai, a female student. The culprit is unknown. However, Sachiko is not so painful in those days. Because Mr. Aida, who I admired, will always help me …! Everyone’s popular teacher with a strong sense of justice is a special hero for Sachiko, a bully. But in fact, Mr. Aida was the one who set up the mischief …

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