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Thief family (2018)

Thief family (2018)
Also known as: Shoplifters / Une Affaire de Famille / Manbiki kazoku / 小偷家族

Genre: Drama, Family, Crime
Hirokazu Kore
Hirokazu Kore
Release Date:
2018-08-03 (Mainland China) / 2018-05-13 (Cannes Film Festival) / 2018-06-08 (Japan)
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  • Lily Franky
  • Sakura Ando
  • Mayu Matsuoka
  • City officials juniper
  • Sasaki US knot

In the middle of Tokyo’s urban jungle, there is still an old shabby old house. Here, Shibata’s family of five lives awkwardly. Aji (Lily Franky), a man who works as a temporary worker on the construction site, often takes his son Xiangta (played by the city cypress) to the supermarket to steal daily supplies. Ri (Sasaki Miyuki ornaments). His wife Shindai (Sakura Ando) initially strongly advocated sending the girl back to her parents, but she felt compassionate when she saw the situation of the girl’s native family. Originally, Shibata’s family relied on the pension of the old grandmother Hatsue (played by Shu Xilin), but now that there are more people, it is naturally more difficult. Including Shindai’s younger sister Aki (Matsuoka Moyu), although the family wanders on the edge of poverty and illegality, their deep fetters bind them tightly, so that their hearts will not become cold.

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