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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 63 Recap

Xing’an questioned Zhu Qizhen’s knife and who it was brought in. Xing’an’s attitude was wild and people searched the house. He searched Zhu Qizhen himself, and his wooden grid came out holding the crying child. Zhu Qizhen said yes His, Qi Muge rushed to say that the knife was his own, Xing’an said that the emperor ordered that if the knife was from Zhu Qizhen, he would move to another place, but if it was Qi Muge, he would grab them, and Zhu Qizhen madly asked them to let them go. Qi Muge, but Zhu Qizhen was controlled by the guards. Qi Muge struggled to give the child to Zhu Qizhen and was taken away. In front of Sun Ruowei, Zhu Qiyu deliberately pretended that he was killing Jin Ying and arrested his Muge for the sake of preserving Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qiyu asked Sun Ruowei to tell Zhu Qizhen not to hate him. At this time, it is most important to protect himself. Go to persuade Zhu Qizhen. Qi Qige was killed by Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Qizhen cut down a tree in the yard and was going to bury him. When the snow fell, Zhu Qizhen knelt beside his Muge corpse.

Sun Ruowei came to Nangong to visit Zhu Qizhen and his son. Zhu Qizhen took care of his son by himself, and asked Sun Ruowei to bring some goat milk the next time he came. Sun Ruowei agreed, and said that he would find a good day to move his wooden grid out. Find a burial site, Sun Ruowei is very grateful for his Muge to take care of Zhu Qizhen. He wanted to repay Qimuge, but Qimuge died because of protecting Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen said that Qimuge liked the tree. Just let her sleep there, Sun Ruowei carefully persuaded Zhu Qizhen not to hate Zhu Qiyu, and now the most important thing is to protect himself. Zhu Qizhen agreed, and Sun Ruowei went back to thank Qi Qizhu. Zhu Qizhen said he thought he would return to Beijing. Later, you can live a peaceful life. Qi Muge’s death and Zhu Qiyu’s persecution awakened Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei was worried that Zhu Qizhen was looking for shortcomings, but Zhu Qizhen said that he would be fine, even if he was an unlucky one. The dog lived the same.

Shi Heng, Xu Youzhen, and others quietly came to Zhu Qizhen late at night. Now the soldiers guarding Zhu Qizhen have been replaced with Shi Biao’s confidante. Xu Youzhen said that he had discovered an extra star in his stargazing, and Zhu Qizhen dropped His blood and Shi Heng’s blood were allied, and Zhu Qizhen conspired to overthrow Zhu Qiyu, and promised that if the three of them were done, Jiang Shan would sit together, and if it failed, let Shi Heng find a powerful ministry to hand over the child. Raising Boyan Timur, and avenging him when he grows up, Zhu Qizhen asks Sun Ruowei’s recent situation, knowing that Sun Ruowei is seriously ill, he feels guilty and feels infidelity.

Yu Qian found Sun Ruowei’s resignation. Yu Qian was angry that he could not do anything in the cabinet. Sun Ruowei did not understand Yu Qian’s meaning. Yu Qian told Sun Ruowei that the vitality of the Watanabe Department had not recovered and could not pose a threat to Daming. The former cabinet went on to ask for troops to be sent to the army, but Zhu Qiyu ignored it. Yu Qian even felt that Zhu Qiyu was dragging Daming to bury him. Sun Ruowei asked Yu Qian to go out, but he did n’t have to say that. Yu Qian also hoped that Zhu Qiyu would come sooner. Coming out of the pain of the bereavement, Yu Qian wanted to resign and go around Zhejiang, but Sun Ruowei said not to go as a commoner, but to inspect and supervise as a cabinet minister.

Sun Ruowei gave Yu Qian a discount and let Yu Qian handed it over to Zhu Qiyu after the Yuan Festival. Yu Qian copied a self-portrait of Wen Tianxiang and gave it to Sun Ruowei as a New Year gift. Sun Ruowei said that Wen Tianxiang had died, and Sun Ruowei did n’t pay for Qian ’s kindness. Sun Ruowei read Wen Tianxiang ’s poem and said that Yu Qian ’s portrait of Wen Tianxiang was not a good omen.

When the prince hosted a banquet in the palace for the New Year, Shi Heng and Xu Youzhen took the army to prepare for death. Shi Heng entered the palace gate, but Shi Heng forgot that he was a double post today, and the palace had 2,000 guards. People, Shi Heng was a little scared. Xu Youzhen shouted rebelliously and took the lead and rushed up. Shi Heng was forced to follow his soldiers. Cao Jixiang was delayed for a while, and Shi Heng made people take the ladder to enter. Cao Jixiang came to tell them that Zhu Qiyu was asleep. Xu Youzhen told Shi Heng that he must bring Zhu Qizhen into the palace before dawn. Shi Heng sent two people. Going with Xu Youzhen to cope with Zhu Qizhen, he led his soldiers into Zhu Qiyu’s palace, Shi Biao killed Xing’an and rushed into the palace. Seeing Zhu Qiyu’s mad appearance, some were afraid to leave two people to keep staring. Shi Heng broke into the forbidden palace of Empress Dowager Hu Shanxiang, and Hu Shanxiang, who was old-fashioned and not afraid to raise a knife, walked out of the palace.

Xu Youzhen took someone to take Zhu Qizhen back to the palace and re-enter the throne. The civil and military officials were forced by Xu Youzhen to take the guard to kneel Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei saw that Zhu Qizhen was re-elected to the throne. He was very surprised and heartbroken that he finally left. At this step, Zhu Qizhen was very proud to say that these were all done by himself. Some ministers were unwilling to accept the restoration of Zhu Qizhen and were cut by Shi Heng. Sun Ruowei wanted to stop but was caught by Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen rushed into Zhu Qiyu’s room. Zhu Qiyu woke up in his dreams and was very surprised to see Zhu Qizhen appear.

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