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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 62 Recap

Zhu Qizhen took his Muge’s knife and told Jin Ying that the knife was worn by him when he was captured. Now he returns when the knife is useless, so he rewards the knife to Jin Ying. Qi Mu Although Ge was unwilling, Zhu Qizhen insisted and had to give up. Sun Ruowei gave the two men a bowl of soup. Qi Muge said that it was delicious and he thought about leaving a bowl for Xu Bin. He told Sun Ruowei that Xu Bingan ’s happiest thing was to kill Xining and said that Zhu Qizhen ’s life was Xu Bin. He tried to save it, and Qi Muge cried as he said.

Zhu Qizhen asked her to see the child, leaving her mother and son to talk to each other. Sun Ruowei lamented the growth of Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen said that he and Xu Bin talked very much. Huan, if you are in power, you must reuse Xu Bin. Sun Ruowei is worried about Zhu Qizhen’s safety, so he should stop saying such things. Zhu Qizhen drank, danced in the yard, and thought about what happened on the grassland. Qi Mu Ge also smiled at him next to him.

Sun Ruowei came to Xu Bin with the moon cake sent by Zhu Qizhen. Xu Bin asked her if there were any changes in Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei thought that things would be better after Zhu Qizhen came back, but he didn’t expect to be more worried now. Sun Ruowei didn’t want to let Zhu Qizhen knew the killings, but Xu Bin said that he didn’t want to teach himself, but Zhu Qizhen wanted to listen. These things are already in the blood of Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei told Xu Bin that Zhu Qizhen wanted Xu Bin to become Zhang Liang’s idea, and Sun Ruowei made Xu Bin absolutely unacceptable.
Xing’an reported to Zhu Qiyu what he had peeped in the Nangong. Zhu Qiyu always felt that Sun Ruowei had already been prepared to take precautions and had a rebellious heart.

Since the death of his wife and child, Zhu Qiyu’s temperament has changed and he feels that Jin Ying must know something Let East Factory move Jin Ying. The next day several eunuchs stunned Jin Ying, and brought Jin Ying to the cell for torture. Xing’an found Jin Ying’s dagger which was given to Jin Ying by Xing’an, and Xing’an fabricated a charge of rebellion for Zhu Qizhen. He also said that Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qizhen were plotting a mutiny, and Xing’an used the fabricated confession to persecute Jin Ying and press his handprint.

Shi Heng came to Zhu Qizhen with a confession made by Xing’an. Zhu Qizhen was worried about Jin Ying’s safety, but Shi Heng said that he did not know. Zhu Qizhen questioned Shi Heng that he was so shabby now that he looked like a rebel. Shi Heng suggested that it was Jin Ying’s nonsense. He was anxious to kill Jin Ying by killing his Mu Ge. Zhu Qizhen was not allowed to kill innocent people. Zhu Qizhen tried to save Jin Ying’s life but could not do anything. He borrowed from Shi Heng. For the money, let Shi Heng help himself to buy a secondary coffin for Jin Ying. After handling Jin Ying ’s funeral, Shi Heng agreed with Zhu Qizhen ’s request. Zhu Qizhen thanked Shi Heng gratefully. Shi Heng hurriedly bowed down and worshiped Qi Qi. Town, Zhu Qizhen is grateful for Shi Heng’s contribution to the defense of Beijing. Shi Heng was so moved that he shouted to the Supreme Emperor Shengming.

In the evening, Zhu Qizhen lamented to his Muge that he would not return to Beijing since he knew it. His Muge was very simple. He suggested that Zhu Qizhen go to Zhu Qiyu to plead with him, and said that he did not want to be the emperor, and he wanted to let them go. Regardless of cattle, Zhu Qizhen said that Zhu Qiyu would not believe in himself. Now Zhu Qiyu has no power over Sun Ruowei. If he asks Sun Ruowei for something, it will only make Sun Ruowei embarrassed. Sun Ruowei found Zhu Qiyu aggressively, and asked Zhu Qiyu what he wanted to do. Sun Ruowei saw Zhu Qiyu’s sluggish appearance and awakened Zhu Qiyu with water. Zhu Qiyu is now obsessed with taking the medicine, and eats it for a month. Sun Ruowei thinks To persuade Zhu Qiyu to become immortal is deceptive, but Zhu Qiyu did not think that he laughed wildly. Sun Ruowei gave Zhu Qiyu time to see Hu Shanxiang, but Zhu Qiyu laughed wildly, and Sun Ruowei left disappointed.

When Zhu Qizhen was sweeping the yard, Qi Muge suddenly looked at the trees in the yard and said that if he died, he buried his body under the tree. Zhu Qi Zhen knew that Qi Muge was homesick and proposed Go to them to discuss and let Qi Muge return to the grassland alone, but Qi Muge is unwilling to be separated from Zhu Qizhen, saying that even if he died, the body could not be transported back to the Waji.

Sun Ruowei held Jinying’s paper and asked Zhu Qiyu why he should be charged by Zhu Qizhen. Their mother and son could even go to Nanjing. Whatever Zhu Qiyu would do, Zhu Qiyu felt that he had no home. What is the reason for Qi Qizhen and his wife? The son ’s family is full of joy, Zhu Qiyu is full of jealousy, his heart has been twisted, he feels that Hu Shanxiang should have been the queen, and he should have been the emperor. If Hu Shanxiang was not abolished, his wife and children would not die. Zhu Qiyu felt that Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qizhen stole what should have belonged to him, and Zhu Qiyu was determined to kill Zhu Qizhen. Xing’an led the soldiers into Nangong, saying that Zhu Qiyu had a mouthful and asked Zhu Qizhen why he brought a knife into the palace.

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