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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 61 Recap

In the palace, the funeral of the queen and Zhu Jianji was handled. Due to excessive grief, Hu Shanxiang even turned his head white with a bleak face and a wolf-like look. Zhu Qiyu was unwilling to give money. Sun Ruowei gave his home to Xu Bin and asked Xu Bin to find and negotiate with Zhu Qizhen. Xu Bin asked Sun Ruowei to write a letter to Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei said he wrote the letter himself. But only said two words back. The people in Shuangxi and the palaces also put together some jewellery, so that Xu Bin also brought it as a ransom. Sun Ruowei refused, and Shuangxi had to give up. Xu Bin said goodbye to Sun Ruowei and let her wait for the good news.

Xu Bin took the messenger and the ransom to reach the camp in Watanabe. Boyan Timur greeted Xu Bin with great enthusiasm. Xu Bin was exploring whether the first tone could be let go. Boyan Timur asked Xu Bin to ask himself. Also first. I also looked at the list of ransom, but I was a little dissatisfied. Xu Bin told me that if the amount is not satisfactory, I can talk about it. These money are the family of Sun Ruowei. He was defeated by a woman for the first time, but he felt that Zhu Qizhen’s tenacity was a success. He was afraid that Zhu Qizhen would not be good for Watanabe in the future and did not want to let people go. He even willingly gave Sun Ruowei a bigger gift.

Xu Bin The meaning of Sun Ruowei was conveyed. Sun Ruowei promised that Daming and Watanabe would live together peacefully for a hundred years, and they walked away without a word. Qi Muge and Zhu Qizhen were pleased to prepare wine and meat to entertain Xu Bin. Boyan Timur came in and said that it was the first thing he wanted to do. He was still unwilling to let Zhu Qizhen. Xu Bin asked Qi Muge if he would follow Zhu Qizhen to Daming. All lost in thought, Xu Bin lost his interest in drinking and left.

Qi Muge cried with tears and told Qi Qizhen about his changes. Qi Muge felt that since he knew Zhu Qizhen, he had changed from a wolf to a rabbit. Qi Muge made a decision and wanted to discuss with Qi Qi The town returned to Daming. Zhu Qizhen promised that if he had a proud day, he would definitely not disappoint his Muge. Zhu Qizhen swears in front of Ye Xian and swears to make good friends with the generations of Wah, Xu Bin also swears in the name of Sun Ruowei, three people and several people sacrifice blood to drink the bowl of wine and reach an agreement. Also comfort her first to return to the prairie if she is unwilling. After the death of the queen and Zhu Jianji, Zhu Qiyu was also sullen and unhappy, and even thought that the queen and Zhu Jianji were still alive.

Zhu Qizhen finally returned from Beijing to Beijing. Zhu Qiyu led a hundred officials to welcome him. Zhu Qizhen looked at the strange and familiar Forbidden City with emotion. Zhu Qiyu wanted to return Zhu Qizhen to the throne, but Zhu Qizhen said that his position was fixed. Zhu Qiyu saved the country from fire and water during the crisis. The emperor should have allowed Zhu Qiyu to sit down. Zhu Qiyu shirk a few times before he no longer quits. Zhu Qizhen also said that Zhu Qiyu was better than the emperor himself. Zhu Qizhen announced to Baiguan. He will retire from the Nangong and no longer ask about politics. Sun Ruowei finally waited for Zhu Qizhen to come back. Sun Ruowei looked at Zhu Qizhen and wept silently.

The two knelt against each other. Sun Ruowei was very grateful for his care of Zhu Qizhen. The town’s children showed it to Sun Ruowei. In the evening, the family ate reunion dinner in the dilapidated palace. Zhu Qizhen asked Xu Bin about his whereabouts. Sun Ruowei did not return. Zhu Qizhen asked eunuch Jin Ying to call Xu Bin. Sun Ruowei said that Zhu Qiyu refused to let him. Outsiders enter the forbidden palace. Outside the palace gate, Zhu Qiyu’s eunuch Xing’an was peeking out of the gate. His wooden grid was still used to the prairie habit. Sun Ruowei was ridiculed when eating meat with a knife. Jin Ying was startled. No knife is allowed.

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