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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 60 Recap

Shuangxi was ordered to invite Hu Shanxiang, saying that Sun Ruowei wanted to invite Hu Shanxiang to sit in the Danfang room at night, and whispered a few words with her alone. Hu Shanxiang came to Danfang as agreed, and Sun Ruowei pleaded with Hu Shanxiang to let Zhu Qizhen come back, saying that he would take him far away, but Hu Shanxiang did not agree that he wanted to see Sun Ruowei live and suffer. Sun Ruowei wanted to get Zhu Qizhen back. He whispered to Hu Shanxiang for mercy, but Hu Shanxiang mentioned that Zhu Zhanji was unfair to herself.

She should have been a queen mother and still tangled in this matter. Sun Ruowei persuaded her that such a thing had passed, but Hu Shanxiang was reluctant to let it go , Threatening Sun Ruowei, stay away from their family.
On the grassland, Xu Bin pulled Boyan Timur to drink in the tent. Zhu Qizhen and Qimuge respectfully worshiped Boyan Timur, and Xu Bin said that he could stand it, thanks to Boyan Timur. Zhu Qizhen said that he asked for a letter today and asked Boyan Timur to help send someone to shoot the letter into Xuanhua City. Boyan Timur agreed. Xu Bin asked Boyan Timur whether he really wanted Zhu Qizhen to return to Beijing. Boyan Timur saw that he suspected that he was very angry. Xu Bin said that he would also send a messenger to Beijing first. Did he really want to send Zhu Qizhen back to Beijing? However, Boyan Timur was in a dilemma, and Xu Bin followed the instructions to persuade Boyan Timur to send a letter to Xuanhua City in secret. The faithful sent by Boyan Timur sent the letter into the city, and the letter was successfully received by Luo Tong, the general of Xuanhua City.

Xining and Xu Bin arrived at Xuanhua City. Xu Bin called and opened the gate. As soon as he entered the gate, Luotong was very attentive and charming to Xining. Let Xining declare at the gate of the city. The dish was cleaned by him. Xining had no doubt about him, and he began to declare the beginning. After reading the beginning, Luo Tong controlled Xining to close the city gate and separated the army of 100,000. He surrounded the tiled soldiers who entered the city. In his head, Xu Bin told the remaining soldiers of the Watanabe to ambassador Daming with himself, all rewarded, otherwise he would die today. I also knew that after my 100,000 troops could not enter the city, I came to Zhu Qizhen’s tent and asked what his Mu Ge did. Zhu Qi Zhen and his Mu Ge pretended to be unknowing. Nothing said he was cunning and had to leave.

Xu Bin led the ambassador into Beijing, and Sun Ruowei saw Xu Bin returning innocently. He was very excited and hurried to meet him. Sun Ruowei cried in pain when Xu Bin looked like a wolf howling. Wei said he was back. Xu Bin went to Chaotang to meet Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Qiyu heard about Xu Bin’s self-protection of Zhu Qizhen in the Waying Camp, and said he wanted to be rewarded and asked what he wanted, but Xu Bin said he would resign as long as he could bring Zhu Qizhen back to himself. Zhu Qiyu asked Xu Bin to take good care of his body. He wanted to let Xu Bin go down, but Xu Bin said that Wa Yi was very sincere and promised to return to Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qi Yu interrupted him aloud and said how he heard from him There is a knife in the fur.

Xu Bin said that Zhu Qizhen had a good time in his hometown of the Wajing camp, and missed his hometown. He brought back the Zhu Qizhen Zen scriptures and told Zhu Qiyu to set up Prince Edward early. Zhu Qiyu laughed and ordered him immediately. Go to prepare the ceremony of registering the crown prince, let the eunuch show the eunuch to the concubine, pleased to instruct the ceremony department to send someone to pick up Zhu Qizhen, and Yu Qian took the pleasure of the emperor to talk about collecting the corpse for the ceremony book, and to help Xu Youzhen enter the speech and help Xu Youzhen When he stayed in Beijing, the emperor agreed to say yes when he was happy.

Zhu Qiyu was able to set up his prince smoothly and went to a palace with a heartache. He was happy to entertain the ministers. The banquet was not long after the eunuch hurriedly whispered to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei changed his face. Zhu Qiyu wanted the Queen and Zhu Jianji to call out to meet Seeing the ministers, Sun Ruowei hurriedly said that the queen and Zhu Jianji were still changing clothes, and uietly told the queen Zhu Qiyu and Zhu Jianji to commit suicide by toasting. Zhu Qiyu and Hu Shanxiang were hit hard. Hu Shanxiang did not want to believe why the queen did not die on his own. She wanted to go in and ask, but was stopped by Zhu Qiyu and said she didn’t want to see her. Zhu Qiyu spit her anger on Hu Shanxiang and pushed her down, and ordered the palace maid to send Hu Shanxiang away. Zhu Qiyu fell down and slumped and took off her emperor hat and wept.

Xu Youzhen yelled at the stargazing on the roof in the middle of the night and screamed that he had been arrested with a weapon and was caught in the door. Shiheng saw Xu Youzhen in the door. He laughed at him and let him roll back to his hometown. Xu Youzhen was very unconvinced. Saying he would be in great trouble, Shi Heng asked Xu Youzhen to make it clear. Xu Youzhen said that he would ally with his blood. God secretly said that only when the emperor and queen died would they have a chance. When Shi Heng was about to choke Xu Youzhen, Cao Jixiang entered the door. Telling that something happened in Shiheng Palace, the queen and prince killed themselves by poisoning him, and asked him to close Jiumen quickly. Xu Youzhen met Cao Jixiang and hurried forward to compliment Cao Jixiang. Shi Heng brought the soldier to prepare to close Jiumen patrol.

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