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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 59 Recap

Boyan Timur kicked Xining aside, saying that since it had been promised that Daming would have to be honest when he sent Zhu Qizhen back, Mr. Qi flicked his whip regardless of these, and let Xining go and bring Zhu Qizhen to him Come and kill yourself. After Xu Bin knew that Xining took Zhu Qizhen, he quickly ran to find it. When he first tied Zhu Qizhen to a pillar, Xu Bin rushed in. He reprimanded him for not keeping his promise. He was not a hero to protect him in front of Zhu Qizhen. He also said that it was because Daming repeatedly humiliated Watanabe for not being honest, and he wanted to kill him. Zhu Qizhen. When Xu Bin first insisted on killing Zhu Qizhen, he knelt down and begged to beg for mercy, and climbed close to it.

He also took care not to pull out the knife and took hostage to threaten everyone to release Zhu Qizhen. Even if Zhu Qizhen was released, Zhu Qizhen could not escape the grassland. Xu Bin desperately forced him to let him go, but Zhu Qizhen was so ashamed to persuade Xu Bin not to control himself anymore. Can not escape the field, Xu Bin insisted that he hurried away. When the situation was very stalemate, Qi Muge suddenly rushed into the big tent with tears on his knees and begged to let them go first, otherwise he would die in front of him, and he had no choice but to let Zhu Qizhen. Since then, Zhu Qizhen and Qi Muge have had a child, and the family is happy. Xu Bin comforted Zhu Qizhen that he could return to Beijing during the spring. Zhu Qizhen silently went out to strengthen the sheep pen after listening. .

I was also discussing how to seize Xuanhua City in the big account. Xining suggested to go directly through the gate of Xuanhua City. At that time, I falsely thought about the decree of Zhu Qizhen, hid the poisoned dagger in the decree, and then killed the master. To win the gate of Xuanhua City directly, I also decided to give it a try according to Xining’s method.

Whether the Yuan Dynasty can be restored depends on this move. In the palace, Zhu Qiyu invited the drama group to perform a scene of Zhu Qizhen and his Mu Ge shooting cats for fun. When Zhu Qiyu was having fun, Sun Ruowei arrived at Zhu Qiyu and scolded the two actors, pretending to be ignorant. The appearance of love also trained the father-in-law. Sun Ruowei talked about the fact that Wataru sent people to Beijing to offer fur horses. Zhu Qiyu said that he had allowed the Wataru people to come to Beijing and cheated Sun Ruowei. The messenger of Wasao had nothing serious in his mouth. Zhu Qizhen could not return to him. Also very worried, Sun Ruowei turned and left without a word.

Sun Ruowei returned to the palace, and the queen burst into crying and broke into Sun Ruowei’s palace. She cried and told Sun Ruowei to allow herself to become a monk. She had been tortured by Hu Shanxiang and wanted to kill her. She even regretted marrying Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Qiyu did not dare to control the Queen and Hu Shanxiang. In the matter, the queen begged Sun Ruowei to let himself go to the Taoist monk in the palace. Before the maiden came to report that Hu Shanxiang sent someone to urge the queen to return, the queen was shocked and scared. In response, he kneeled and apologized to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei reluctantly said that the country There is a system in place, and she is really powerless to help her, crying and saying that her son can’t return, the queen told Sun Ruowei that every time Zhu Qiyu’s edict, there is an attachment, which reads the redemption of the gold and silver cloth returned by the emperor.

However, this attachment was burned by Zhu Qiyu every time before the envoy set off, and this incident was also directed by Hu Shanxiang. Sun Ruowei could n’t believe it was impossible. The queen said that he had overheard. The son couldn’t come back and asked her to help her. The queen was leaving. Sun Ruowei told Shuangxi to give her the best gold and silver jewelry. In the past. Sun Ruo was slightly paralyzed sitting on the ground and crying. Shuangxi was ordered to send jewellery and clothes to the queen, but was thrown out by Hu Shanxiang.

At the meeting, Zhu Qiyu asked the ministers when the Prince would be set up. The officials of the Ministry of Rites insisted on letting Zhu Qizhen concede the throne. Following the rules of etiquette, Zhu Qiyu’s throne was justified. Zhu Qiyu saw officials of the Ministry of Rites insisting that To follow the etiquette and law, all the ministers said that if they did not follow the etiquette and law, Zhu Qiyu was furious and ordered Jin Yiwei to drag these ministers out to beat the court staff. After Sun Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites was beaten by the staff, Zhu Qiyu killed the chicken and monkey and displayed the body for everyone to see. , Shocked a number of ministers, Yu Qian saw the emperor so heartbroken and tearful.

After Zhu Qiyu went down, Hu Shanxiang hit the queen again, told the emperor to cry, and told the queen to go to Sun Ruowei, and asked Zhu Qiyu what to do. Zhu Qiyu didn’t want to care about this, so he said go with the queen. Zhu Qiyu was pulled by Hu Shanxiang. Entered the room. Zhu Qiyu couldn’t take Hu Shanxiang. The queen was desperate and felt that she was going to die soon. Xu Youzhen took Dim Sum to sacrifice Yu Qian, but gave Yu Qian a gift to Yu Qian but did not accept Xu Youzhen’s affection. He insisted on not accepting Xu Youzhen’s things. Xu Youzhen pleaded with Yu Qian to keep himself in the Hanlin Academy. He could learn something or support his family. Yu Qian doubted him Without being dismissed, Xu Youzhen cried and said that she was assigned to Nanjing by the emperor because she said something wrong, and wanted to ask Yu Qian to say a few words for herself.

On the grassland, Xu Bin returned to the tent but saw that Zhu Qizhen did not return to the tent. Anxious to find out that Zhu Qizhen was lying in the snow, Xu Bin quickly dragged him back to the tent for rescue, and finally rescued Zhu Qizhen. However, Zhu Qizhen said that he did not want to live. In order to stimulate Zhu Qizhen, he told him that he was an orphan, and that he was the one whom Sun Ruowei loved. Zhu Qizhen was so angry that he would kill Xu Bin. Qi Muge quickly stopped Zhu Qizhen and shouted that Xu Bin was here to save him. Zhu Qizhen calmed down and asked Xu Bin whether those words were true. At this time, Xining walked into the tent and said that she also decided to take Zhu Qizhen back to Beijing. Xu Bin quickly told Xining to bring him. Xu Bin asked Qi Muer to convince Xining anyway. Bring yourself, be sure to get rid of Xining for the queen mother, and let Qi Muer not worry that she will come over to pick up their mother and son. Zhu Qizhen asked Xu Bin if he can really go back. Xu Bin told Zhu Qizhen that he agreed After Sun Ruowei, we must take Zhu Qizhen back.

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