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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 58 Recap

Xu Bin stood and also said that when Yongle was 21 years old, Zhu Xi and Alutai had a treaty. The title of the Yuan Dynasty could be retained, but Daming must be regarded as the mother country and Emperor Daming as the co-owner. Zhu Qizhen is here. Then Xu Binhe was a courtier who could n’t be more courteous. Xu Bin explained his intentions. He also felt that it was enough to send a gift from the Ministry of Rites, but Xining stepped forward and seized Xu Bin to say that he was false. Yes, the Book of Rites is Yang Rong and Xu Bin is just a priest of the former division. Xu Bin did not hesitate to talk about the changes in Beijing officials who rebuked Xining, and did not ask him to sit down and drink again. Xu Bin Toast Zhu Qizhen, don’t worry, everything is with him.

After exiting the Great Wall first, Hu Shanxiang also returned to Beijing. Sun Ruowei came out to greet him. Zhu Qiyu said that the queen queen specially set up a banquet to greet him. Hu Shanxiang pretended not to hear it. At the dinner table, Sun Ruowei said that the Ministry of Rites had proposed the name of Kang Mu to Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang asked Sun Ruowei what it was The title said that the defender has not yet honored the title. Zhu Qiyu quickly toasted and relaxed the atmosphere. At the dinner table, the queen quietly proposed to Zhu Qiyu to move out of the Sixth Palace while Hu Shanxiang and his queen mother spoke. Zhu Qiyu couldn’t stand himself.

However, she said that the queen wanted her mother to live in the world, and to see her more often. Hu Shanxiang said that he was going to become a monk in Taoist temple. Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qiyu were a little surprised. Hu Shanxiang was called spiritual practice, but in his words, he wanted to remind Zhu Qiyu of his political affairs and asked Sun Ruowei if he wanted to go to a monk together. Sun Ruowei declined and the atmosphere on the table changed. Somewhat awkward, Hu Shanxiang asked the queen to take Zhu Qiyu’s child, Zhu Jianji, and asked Sun Ruowei to be the empress, and proposed to establish Zhu Jianji as a prince. Zhu Qiyu quickly stopped, and Sun Ruowei sank a bit, and toasted a drink after leaving the banquet Zhu Qiyu hurried to catch up, vowing that Hu Shanxiang was totally unaware of what he said today.

Sun Ruo slightly thought about it and did not continue this topic. He only said that Sanyang had submitted his resignation to return to his hometown, and asked Zhu Qiyu to banquet them well. As an example of respect for the people in the world, Sun Ruowei also said that he would send an ambassador as soon as possible to take Zhu Qizhen back to Beijing. Zhu Qiyu quickly promised that he would pick Zhu Qizhen back. Sun Ruowei told a few words and then left.

Zhu Qiyu returned to the palace and asked Hu Shanxiang aloud why he had n’t told the Prince in advance, but Hu Shanxiang said that Prince Qi Qi ’s throne was unstable. The queen reminded him not to give the child so much meat. Hu Shanxiang’s backhand was to give the queen a slap. Hu Shanxiang gave Twenty Gongmeis to Sun Ruowei’s palace. Sun Ruowei asked Shuangxi to reply to Hu Shanxiang and thank the concubine. When Zhu Qizhen came back, he went to Daoguanli to accompany Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Qiyu banqueted Yang Shiqi in accordance with Sun Ruowei’s instructions.

At the banquet, Yang Shiqi pleaded with Zhu Qiyu to be used for moderation, and asked him not to be a loyal minister. Zhu Qiyu agreed, and asked them if they had anything to teach him. Yang Rong stepped forward and knelt down and asked Zhu Qiyu to do everything possible to bring Zhu Qizhen back, otherwise he would face his emperor without a face in the future. Zhu Qiyu was aggrieved and said that he had really sent someone, but there was no permanent residence in the Waqiang. Difficult to contact.

Yang Shiqi also whispered that Zhu Qiyu should not be indifferent to Sun Ruowei and not listen to the auspicious words of others. Zhu Qiyu talked about the concubine’s proposal to establish the prince, and asked the three how to be good. Yang Shiqi persuaded them immediately, and it was urgent to return to Zhu Qizhen. After listening, Zhu Qiyu didn’t snap the table and said that the concubine couldn’t leave in peace. Everyone tried to persuade Zhu Qiyu, but Zhu Qiyu ignored it.

After the war ended, Sun Ruowei planned to do a ritual for the dead and let the people who lost their loved ones bring the list to pray for the soul. In the matter of law, the magistrate of Fanling County met with Sun Ruowei. Speaking of the influence of the warrior soldiers, the people in the suburbs of Beijing could not spring plough. Sun Ruowei prayed incense before the idols, hoping that Zhu Qizhen would return safely without illness and disaster. The envoy minister Li Shi sent by Zhu Qiyu came to the Wah Ying camp to welcome the emperor Zhu Qizhen back to Beijing. After seeing it first, he was angry and lost his pass. He said that there was no mention of letting Zhu Qizhen go back. He also told Li Shi to go back and tell him.

Queen Mother Zhu Qiyu, if Zhu Qiyu still does not feel shameful with this attitude, then take Zhu Qizhen’s body back next time. Xu Bin accompanied Zhu Qizhen to tell him the story of Taizu that year, so that Zhu Qizhen realized the intention of Taizu himself. When Li Shi was about to leave, Xining asked him about who was in charge in the palace. Li Shi told Xining that Zhu Qiyu now respected Sun Ruowei, but some things were up to Hu Shanxiang. Li Shi bribed Xining and wanted to meet Zhu Qizhen. Xining showed him the way. Several people went up to salute Zhu Qizhen, and Zhu Qizhen asked the situation in the palace.

In the palace, Zhu Jianji has grown up a lot, and Zhu Qiyu made psychological preparations before going to eat with Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Qiyu called Yu Qian to pretend to be ill. Zhu Qiyu once again talked about the concubine’s need to set up a prince. Yu Qian said that the matter was inappropriate and let Zhu Qiyu discuss it with the Ministry of Rites. Zhu Qiyu saw Yu Qian’s disapproval. It ’s uncertain, let Sun Ruowei be the emperor, all the ministers listen to Sun Ruowei, Zhu Qiyu said nothing, Yu Qian advised Zhu Qiyu to be generous, let Zhu Qizhen and Sun Ruowei mother and son reunite, at that time, it will be very important to talk about the Prince Smoothly, Zhu Qiyu was annoyed and asked Yu Qian what would happen if he insisted on setting up the Prince himself. In the Great Wall Camp, Xining Zhenghe also talked about the situation in the court first, and proposed to kill Zhu Qizhen, so that Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qiyu would fight desperately, and then the court would take the opportunity to fight back.

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