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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 57 Recap

Sun Ruowei reminded these Vaughan captive soldiers to let them go back is the kindness of the Central Plains dynasty. After returning, they must tell their children and grandchildren to be friendly with the Central Plains from generation to generation. This is not only their wish, but also the desire of these Vatars. When Watson again attacked the Central Plains with a machete, they would not be able to go back alive like they are now. After listening, Watson soldiers were grateful to embrace each other and kneeled down to thank Sun Ruoweitian for kindness.

In the Wah Camp, Zhu Qizhen was desperately begging for mercy to let him be held hostage. When the legitimacy first started, there was a sound outside the door. Boyan Timur came in and told Ye Ruowei to release all the prisoners. I could n’t believe it, but when the soldiers outside the tent were embracing each other, he had to believe it, and first asked Boyan Timur to take away Zhu Qizhen, and told Zhu Qizhen not to join Qimu again. Ge stayed together, otherwise he would be killed. Sun Ruowei returned to the palace and watched the palace maid set off firecrackers and eat dumplings, but he was worried about his son.

Early in the morning, Yang Ye analyzed the current situation of the war, and the Wa soldiers would leave before the beginning of spring. They felt that the situation is good. Beijing is now very strong. Yu Qian suddenly mentioned what to do with the emperor Zhu Qizhen. Swallowing an appetite that didn’t make the Vaili people kill Zhu Qizhen, how to explain to Sun Ruowei, Yu Qian suggested sending an envoy to the Wajing camp to talk about the conditions, as long as the Varay people were willing to let Zhu Qizhen, Daming I rewarded some gold, silver, and silk to let them withdraw from the Great Wall. I felt that this battle would definitely cause Watana to have a great deal of vitality and a short-term counterattack is impossible.

Zhu Qiyu, on the pretext of being cunning of the Watan people, only agreed to send an army ambassador to discuss the conditions. Yang Shiqi suggested that the Ministry of Rites choose people to negotiate. The military envoy did not pay enough attention. Zhu Qiyu shouted no, and ordered Yu Qian to step up the attack of the Watan army. The strategy is to only defend and not attack, and if the sword and gun hurts Zhu Qizhen, it will be irreparable.

Zhu Qiyu was furious, Yang Rong hurried out to round the field, in order to let Zhu Qiyu feel relieved that Zhu Qizhen is now the emperor, as long as Admire Zhu Qizhen to comfort Sun Ruowei ’s kind mother, so do n’t worry, Zhu Qiyu is getting more and more angry and questioning Yang Rong’s reassurance in saying this, saying that he is not a rare emperor, it is Baiguan and Sun Ruowei who forced him Sitting on this throne, Zhu Qiyu took off his hat angrily and questioned the minister to provoke his relationship with the Queen Mother to leave angrily.

Everyone was shocked when they saw the emperor really gone. Yang Shiqila asked Qian Qian what he wanted to do, and said that if he took Zhu Qizhen back, then Yu Qian would have no way to go. Yang Shiqi persuaded Yu Qian. Now everyone is just afraid of Sun Ruowei, who will do it? The emperors are the same. If Zhu Qizhen returns, it is not good for Qian and Zhu Qiyu. Yu Qian was angry and made him act prudently. Yang Shiqi told Yu Qian that the three of them were going to return to their hometown after the battle and had the intention to push Yu Qian to the position of the Cabinet’s first assistant, so that Daming could thrive for another 30 years. Let him think about it.

The army envoy came to the camp and proposed to reward the gold and silver satin and take back the incident of Zhu Qizhen. At the same time, it was also ironic that the emperor Daming despised that they sent such a small broken officer out, and Watanabe issued 50 million gold and silver. condition. After the army envoy left, he also told the people of the various tribes that there were more and more soldiers in Beijing. He also ordered to send light cavalry from tomorrow to harass Beijing. The main force retreated. Some people raised different opinions and guessed first. It is Zhu Qiyu who does not value Zhu Qizhen and feels that Zhu Qizhen is already a wasteless person.

Yu Qian begged to meet Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Qiyu asked about how Yu Qian had previously burned lime kiln in the suburbs of Beijing. Zhu Qiyu asked Yu Qian whether he was going to burn lime or be a prince to protect him. Zhu Qiyu asked what to do with the Wadi army. In time, Watanabe will retreat by himself, and Zhu Qiyu will not be able to take the initiative in the counterattack. Zhuqizhen is still in the Battalion camp. If the counterattack hurts Zhu Qizhen, why should he face Sun Ruowei, Zhu Qiyu will be angry and let him kneel.

Yu Qian was arranging a cannon car brought in by the army. Zhu Qiyu suddenly passed on the order to let Yu Qian counterattack Watanabe. He also said that he was unfaithful when he waited in the palace for the gun to fire. When Yu Qianzheng had a headache, he was afraid to go to the emperor. At this time, the gun on the tower had already rang. Zhu Qiyu directly lowered his will to the tower. Yu Qiannian was afraid that the emperor would die slowly. Sun Ruowei heard the sound of gunfire in the palace. Inquiring thought that it was Watanabe siege, and knew what Zhu Qiyu asked for a counterattack. He was also attacked first, so that Boyan Timur tied Zhu Qizhen to his horse, and the camp retreated fifty miles. Sun Ruowei sent Xu Bin to rush to find Yu Qian and let Yu Qian send troops. If Yu Qian could not stop the guns on the tower, Yu Qian had to order troops.

When Zhu Qiyu was anxiously waiting for the news in the palace, Sun Ruowei came to Zhu Qiyu. Zhu Qiyu turned a little guilty. Sun Ruowei looked a little funny to him and lamented that the children of the Zhu family always killed each other. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qiyu that he was the emperor. Guo Lai Changjun, as a mother, just wanted to get his son back. As long as Zhu Qizhen can come back safely and alive, everything is good to say. Zhu Qiyu complained that the following ministers did not listen to himself. Sun Ruowei was angry and said that the march to go through the various procedures, even if It was Zhu Xi who led the soldiers to fight the war that year, and he could not be willful, and the following soldiers would not agree. Sun Ruowei was a little disappointed. She originally wanted to find time to teach Zhu Qiyu how to be an emperor. Now he seems too impatient.

The father-in-law reported that the warrior had retired and that the emperor Zhu Qizhen had no dragon body. Zhu Qiyu was relieved when he heard it. Zhu Qiyu relieved and quickly apologized to Sun Ruowei, and proposed to wait for Zhu Qizhen to return, or let Zhu Qizhen continue to be the emperor. Sun Ruowei regretfully asked him if such a troublesome situation would still allow Zhu Qizhen to come back, sighing that Zhu Qiyu and Zhu Qizhen originally had no resentment. Now that this is a gunfire, the two brothers who come back in the future have a misgivings, and the ministers will also have Zhu Qiyu Views, unfortunately, if his mind and vision can be bigger, he can really become a good emperor.

Sun Ruowei thanked Xu Bin, and Xu Bin asked her to reward him for an official job, and proposed that she go to take care of Zhu Qizhen in the Wa Ying camp, knowing that Sun Ruowei was worried about Zhu Qizhen’s safety, but Sun Ruowei was reluctant to leave and asked Xu Bin to leave Xu Bin said that he is an adult who can take care of himself and swears with his life that he will protect Zhu Qizhen. Xu Bin entered the Waying camp as a gift of the Ministry of Rites. First, he bowed respectfully and respectfully to Zhu Qizhen. This was the first salute. Xining saw that Xu Bin did not kneel before he tried to solicit, and called So let Xu Bin kneel.

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