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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 56 Recap

Zhu Qiyu was scolding and preaching the eunuch. The eunuch knelt down and tried to persuade Zhu Qiyu. He felt that whoever became the empress was a queen queen. Now the grand minister of Yu Qian holding the soldiers is also a queen. Zhu Qiyu, the emperor, has no such thing. The real power is indistinct. Zhu Qiyu became more and more sad when he listened to him, complaining that Sun Ruowei had to make him emperor, and the eunuch provoked the relationship between Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qiyu.

In Sun Ruowei’s palace, a group of maids and Sun Ruowei were wrapping dumplings happily. When the atmosphere was happy, Zhu Qiyu arrived, and the maids hurried back aside. Zhu Qiyu laughed and said that he would come with him. He wrapped dumplings with Sun Ruowei and told Sun Ruowei that he was a child. Hu Shanxiang Always worried that someone would poison him, and always forced him to cook himself, Zhu Qiyu also proposed to cook a few dishes for Sun Ruowei, but Sun Ruowei said that he would cook after Hu Shanxiang returned from Nanjing.

Sun Ruowei cleaned up and told Zhu Qiyu that he had the veteran official open the vault today, and gave the people in the city of Shoucheng the soldiers of the year, and the soldiers who were killed or injured were also given care. The palace on the other side of Nanjing was also rewarded, afraid he would be busy with these little things I helped him, Zhu Qiyu thanked Sun Ruowei and offered to wait for the battle to win. Then he brought Zhu Qizhen back and made him emperor. Sun Ruowei said that Zhu Qizhen was not a good emperor. If Zhu Qizhen was a good emperor, How could he spend the New Year in the Wah Ying Camp, Sun Ruowei sighed and asked Zhu Qiyu not to say these in front of her in the future. Do n’t think about it in the face. She is to make Zhu Qiyu the emperor for the country. Zhu Qiyu was only a little relieved that the mother-child relationship turned out.

For the New Year in the Wajing camp, singing and dancing around the bonfire for the New Year, Zhu Qizhen and his Muge dance and dance happily, but the people of the various tribes in the Wajing first camp were frustrated because of the defeat. Some people started to get drunk because of drunkenness. Boyan Timurid got up and raised his knife to talk to each other first, and quarreled with people from other tribes. People from various tribes had no intention of fighting, and they yelled to retreat to the grassland. They also looked at Zhu Qizhen who was happy outside, and let the tribes The person put away the knife and listened to him, even if they could not enter the capital and told them that there were not so many fire cannons in those places in Xuanhua and Datong.

They attacked again and made a commitment first. If they had not received the news of Tuotuo not breaking through Xuanhua before Huaxue, they would withdraw their troops. After the people of other tribes left, they also rebuked Boyan Timur, who drank several times with Zhu Qizhen, and became friends with Zhu Qizhen, but first felt that Zhu Qizhen was a violent self-abandonment. The waste of this battle is still to fall on Zhu Qizhen. Let Boyan Timur cut off Zhu Qizhen ’s head first. He will pick Ming pole on the pole to provoke the Ming Army tomorrow. We must force the Ming Army. send troops. Boyan Timur took the command and got out of the tent and pulled Zhu Qizhen who was dancing aside.

In the palace, Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qiyu were eating New Year’s dinner to accept the Chinese women’s New Year’s greetings. Sun Ruowei praised his mother to do anything better than her, and let Zhu Qiyu finish eating and play cards with the eunuch eunuchs. Zhu Qiyu suddenly proposed to find an army ambassador to Zhu Qi. When the town sends some dumplings, when Sun Ruowei hears this, chopsticks are unstable and fall to the ground. Sun Ruowei can’t help crying, Zhu Qiyu tells Sun Ruowei by the spirit of wine, the Vaili people will surely send Zhu Qizhen back, crying to himself Wearing a big hat is really tiring.

He asked Sun Ruowei to make a decision to give everyone a peace of mind, and also gave him a peace of mind. Zhu Qiyu asked Sun Ruowei to give him and Hu Shanxiang a way to live. Sun Ruowei questioned whether Zhu Qiyu really didn’t take her words seriously, and made him the emperor to show him to Wa? Sun Ruowei was furious, and Zhu Qiyu and the eunuchs of the palace hurried to kneel. Zhu Qiyu begged for mercy to say that her mother had sent him a letter saying that she had resorted to tricks to make him a prince, crying and begging Sun Ruowei to show him a way of life, Sun Ruowei Disappointed and silently walked away without answer.

Boyan Timur told Zhu Qizhen that his elder brother wanted him to kill him. Boyan Timur held Zhu Qizhen to get started, but Zhu Qizhen asked Boyan Timur to give himself a knife. Counting his death with dignity will not allow Boyan Timur to kill Emperor Ming on his back. Boyan Timur released Zhu Qizhen and gave him the knife. Zhu Qizhen held a dagger and shouted a good knife to blame the country. Thinking that he was ridiculous, when he was about to make his own decision, Mu Mu appeared to rescue Zhu Qizhen with a bow and arrow. Sun Ruowei took a sigh of relief, strolled aimlessly with Shuangxi, and suddenly saw the captured Vajra soldiers, and called Shi Heng to ask the prisoner of war. Shi Heng planned to kill all these Vajra soldiers after the war.

Boyan Timur returned to Yexian’s camp in a gloomy way, and was a bit disappointed. Boyan Timur replied that he would kill, but he would not kill unarmed people. He also took the knife and prepared to do it himself. Mu Gezheng was chatting with Zhu Qizhen in the tent. Zhu Qizhen promised to take her to Beijing in the future. Qi Muge said that his aunt died when he was born and asked curiously about Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei was What kind of person, Zhu Qizhen said that Sun Ruowei must be an emperor if he is a man. Zhu Qizhen confided that sometimes he didn’t even want to go back to the palace, and felt that he was in trouble and didn’t know how to face Sun Ruowei. When Qi Muge and Zhu Qizhen exchanged each other with sincerity and settled for life, they also broke into the camp to kill Zhu Qizhen. Qi Muge protected Zhu Qizhen and pulled the knife. He also called Zhu Qizhen first, and also Frustration had to leave.

Sun Ruowei got out of the car and looked at the mixed feelings of the captured Wading soldiers, intending to say a few words to those Wading soldiers to make Shiheng find some people with a loud voice. He was also sent to arrest Zhu Qizhen, and then let his Mugla go. He also stepped on Zhu Qizhen’s hand and said that he was a dog. Zhu Qizhen threatened that if he died first, Daming would surely work with Watanabe. The army battled to the end. Shi Heng looked for some Han people who could speak Mandarin and told them to repeat. Sun Ruowei decided to release these prisoners of war.

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