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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 12 Recap

On the occasion of a stern moment, Yin Shili turned off all the lights in the underground garage, and in the dark called Li Zhenghe to run away. Relying on the location of his voice, Li Zhenghe quickly found the panic Yin Shili. At this time, the garage staff came to check the situation. Zhao Zheqiang realized that he could not succeed today and had to leave unwillingly.

Li Zhenghe was slightly injured, and Yin Shili went to the doctor for treatment. He did not expect that the doctor was bought by Yin Shili’s second brother Eryi and revealed the circumstances of the mysterious man hidden in her home. After this adventure, Yin Shili changed her personality a lot, and she was willing to eat with her assistants. Everyone was very happy about her change. On the other side, Xu Dan and Gu Chengjun walked very close. Xu Dan cooked a bowl of porridge for him. Gu Chengjun was filled with emotion. He told Xu Dan about his tragic childhood. Xu Dan told Gu Chengjun angrily. He should quickly go back to revenge.

On an extraordinarily quiet night, Lee Jung-ho stood alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked outside. Yin Shili drank slowly with him. Li Zhenghe remembered the current situation, and he was inevitably a little heavy. Yin Shili smiled encouragingly and encouraged him to regain confidence. At this moment, the village women in the North Korean village are doing laundry. They are discussing the recent incident, and they feel a little panicked. They do not know when the village will be blocked.

The next day, Yin Shili was preparing to hold a conference speech. She had not stood in front of the palace for a long time. She couldn’t help but feel nervous. Li Zhenghe smiled and encouraged Yin Shili. She stood confidently in front of the microphone and faced everyone in a trembling spirit. In his speech, Yin Shili expressed his gratitude to all those who care about himself. During this period, although some fluctuations were caused, Yin Shili promised to use his own capabilities to make the company better and make everyone more trusting in himself. The subordinates of Lee Jung-hyok made a lot of jokes in South Korea. They not only made jokes in the bath, but also lost money, but fortunately, they finally met Yin Shili, and Yin Shili reunited with each other for a long time. To embrace each other. Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe brought their subordinates back home. The subordinates were surprised when they saw Yin Shili living in such a big house. They first saw the smart combination lock and the first time they saw the outflow. Hot water tap, everything here is full of novelty.

Yin Shili entertained everyone at home to eat fragrant barbecue, everyone was eating hot, Yin Shili was very happy, but when the subordinates expressed their intentions, saying that when Father Li wanted him to return, the smile on Yin Shili ’s face solidified. Is not reluctant to Lee Jung Hyuk. The next morning, Yin Shili was going to go out for a meeting. Li Zhenghe wanted to say a few words to her, but was interrupted by Yin Shili. She was afraid that Li Zhenghe would say goodbye, but she had to accept. If Li Zhenghe was going to leave, she Nor can it be retained.

In the evening, Yin Shili returned home, and found that the house was completely dark. She thought that Lee Jung Hyuk and others had left, and she was so sad that she fell down on her knees and started crying. However, at this moment, Lee Jung He took everyone to turn on the lights. Yin Shili celebrates her birthday. Yin Shili stared blankly at the well-dressed crowd. She didn’t know if she should be happy or sad, and her nose was crying with tears. Li Zhenghe touched her heart and hugged her tenderly. He promised to stay with her for the birthday in the future. Never leave her again.

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