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Under The Power 锦衣之下 Episode 29 Recap

Yuan Jinxia asked Lu Yi ifhe remembered who he poisoned. Lu Yi told Yuan Jinxia the process of being fascinated by Yuan Ming. Yuan Jinxia was urged to catch Yuan Ming and be pulled by Lu Yi. Xie Xiao and beggar t , Lin Ling to send medicine to Lu Yi Lu Yi Yuan let him this summer with the good. As soon as Xie Xiao entered the door, he pinched Luanyi’s face to feed him medicine. Yuan Jinxia snickered aside, silently mourning for Xie Xiao. Lu Yi vomited Xie Xiao’s potion, pretending to hide behind Yuan Jinxia in fear, pouting and let Yuan Jinxia wipe his mouth. Xie Xiao looked angry and wiped his mouth vigorously with his sleeve.

Lan Qingxuan shouted to stop Xie Xiao from being angry with Lu Yi’s child, and asked what to do now to send his master to Beijing. Lin Ling said that finding a poison at the scene of the crime would not only harm the human body, but also refining Yishou Wan As soon as the medicine was introduced, Yuan Jinxia heard that it would not be an elixir of life. Lu Yi held Yuan Jinxia’s hand, Xie Xiao looked angry and reached out to hit him. Uncle Beg said that there are no elixir in this world, it is nothing more than some health supplements, but long-term use does help to extend life. Lan Qingxuan said that his master really did not know where to get a pair of elixir.

The emperor paid so much attention to his master because he was able to make elixir. Everyone said that he was about to disperse. Lan Qingxuan said that he was going to play chess with Yuan Ming. Yuan Jinxia would go with him when he heard it, and Lu Yi rushed to say To go, Xie Xiao was pulled to practice sword. Xie Xiao held a bucket full of water and practiced it for Lu Yi. Lu Yi secretly overturned the bucket with small stones and turned Xie Xiao into a soup chicken. Lu Yi also pretended to wipe Xie Xiao’s face with his sleeve innocently. Xie Xiao chased down and tried to spank him. Uncle Beg asks Lin Ling to hear the elixir prescription. Lin Ling said that if he didn’t guess wrong, the elixir that Yuan Ming got was the remnant of the medicine classics lost by Yao Wanggu.

Uncle Beg said that the master had said that the trace of the remnant had arrived. The capital was broken, and it was related to Yuan and Ming. Lin Ling felt that Yuan Ming would definitely not return the remnants. He was very worried that Yuan Ming would take the incomplete remnants and make a mess. Lu Yi was about to change her clothes and looked at the bracelet on her hands. Yuan Jinxia sent Lu Yi the soup without knocking on the door and went straight in. Lu Yi saw that she could cultivate some better habits and throw her clothes to Yuan Jinxia. Let her help change clothes, Yuan Jinxia obediently whispered in her heart that it was wrong to whisper, and asked him how old he was this year, Lu Yi said that he was 22 years old. Yuan Jinxia murmured that he really had the possession of Yan Wang. No wonder Xie Xiao came to sue her.

Lu Yi counterattacked who told Xie Xiao to play with him while he was unconscious. Yuan Jinxia laughed and asked if he was childlike or narrow-minded. Lu Yi stared at her and said, then took off the ring and brought it back for her. Let her not take it off without his permission. Yuan Jinxia should be shy and should change the subject to let him drink soup.
Lu Yi asked where Cen Fu had gone. Yuan Jinxia said that when Cen Fu came back that day, there seemed to be something important to say. Lu Yi asked Yuan Jinxia to tell Cen Fu to return to normal and let Yuan Jinxia look at Yuan Ming. Yuan Jinxia found Yuan Ming who was meditating, and when he saw him motionless, he planned to sleep next to him. Lu Yi, wearing a black mask, went into the back room again and searched. Yuan Jinxia stared at the burning incense drowsily.

Lu Yi found the second office in the back room. When he entered, he was attacked by a man in black. Lu Yi recognized it as Uncle Beggar, and quickly pulled down his mask to call his senior. Yuan Ming opened her eyes and saw Yuan Jinxia smiling next to her, asking if she was interested in meditation practice. Yuan Jinxia said that she had an uneasy temperament and hoped that she could learn from him a teacher to cultivate herself. Yawn while listening this summer.

Lu Yi told Uncle Beggar and Lin Ling to confess that he had been poisoned by Yuan Ming, and now he has recovered his mind. Uncle Beggar said that the elixir in Yuan Ming’s hands was the remnant of their medicine, Wang Gu, and Lu Yi speculated that the second fat would die. It was because Wu Yuanming’s immortal prescription was talking that Yuan Jinxia broke in, Xie Xiao was unknown, so he came in to play with Lu Yi directly, knowing that Lu Yi had recovered and was looking for him to be pulled out by Yuan Jinxia.

Cen Fu reported to Lu Yi everything that was found in Yuan Ming. Yuan Ming was a river warrior before. After entering Danqing Pavilion, he paid tribute to Yanshoudan, but the alchemy room was not found in Danqing Pavilion. The disciples did not know alchemy. Where the room is located, Lu Yi decided to bet Yuan and Ming into Beijing tomorrow morning. Lu Yi was standing in the yard thinking about things. Yuan Jinxia just went out and saw a dress full of eyes. Lan Qingxuan hurriedly ran to tell them that the three were missing. Yuan Jinxia looked at the closet and found that everything was missing, like himself. When leaving, Yuan Jinxia found several packets of medicinal powder under the cushion, just like what he saw in Lin Ling’s room.

Lu Yi asked Yuan Ming’s whereabouts, and Lan Qingxuan thought he was meditating. Who knew that Yuanming had tied up Sanshou. Sanshou had known his secret for a long time. Yuanming planned to send him on the road. At this time, Lu Yi brought someone in to stop him. Lin Ling confirmed that the prescription was indeed a medicine. Wang Gu lost the missing scroll. San Shou said that he saw Yuan Ming killing himself for fear of being killed. He had never been able to say that Xiaoxin was in trouble. Lan Qingxuan could n’t believe it. Yuan Ming did not deny that he had killed himself. Lan Qingxuan collapsed and fell to the ground after hearing. Yuan Jinxia questioned Yuan Ming’s teacher was so cruel. Yuan Ming’s ghosts fascinated him that as long as he grew up, he would be able to reach more than 10,000 people by himself.

Lan Qingxuan Self-blame Xiaoxin intends to kill herself by Lu Yi. Yuan Ming was still obsessed with immortal elixir. Lin Ling looked at the prescription and said that the elixir was not the elixir of immortality. Lu Yi asked Yuan Ming who had encountered the elixir except him. Yuan Ming was unwilling to explain. Lu Yi threatened to destroy the elixir before letting him recruit Sanshou to touch the elixir. Sanshou admitted that someone had spent a lot of money to pour a packet of poison powder into the elixir. Lu Yi crushed the pills to tell Yuan Ming that there is no elixir in this world. Yuan Ming couldn’t hear it, desperately put pills in his mouth, and finally fell to the ground and died.

Yan Feng came to Hangzhou to find Zhai Lanye and conveyed Yan Shifan ‘s order to ask Zhai Lanye to investigate the whereabouts of Lin Ling. Zhai Lanye doubted that Yan Shifan would value this Lin Ling so much. Lu Yi speculated that the person behind the poison potion medicine wrote a letter for Cen Fu to return to Beijing to give to his father, and his father knew how to report to the emperor. Lu Yi then said that he was going to Hangzhou. Someone told him that Mao Haifeng and Zhai Lanye had something to do. He would also investigate it. Yuan Jinxia said happily that he would go with him.

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