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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 11 Recap

How much time and time it took Li Zhenghe to meet Yin Shili, he drilled all the way through the narrow and wet mine, and after many sleepless hours, he successfully “crossed” it. Li Zhenghe told Yin Shili that he was in a hurry because he was afraid that Zhao Zheqiang would harm Yin Shili. On the other side, Lee Jung Hyuk’s father found that his son was missing. He had to call his subordinates and begged as a father, hoping that everyone would go to South Korea to bring his son back. Yin Shili bought fried chicken and ate with him at home. She was very happy. For a long time, she always wanted to tell her about her current situation, but she could n’t get in touch. Now she finally met Li Zhenghe and she was so happy. At this time, Yin Shili’s second brother and Eryi suddenly came to visit. Yin Shili didn’t want to deal with the hypocritical men and women. In addition, Lee Jung Hyuk was also here, she didn’t plan to open the door for them. Yin Shili was very angry, but he had no choice but to quickly hide Li Zhenghe.

The second elder brother of the Yin family ridiculed Yin Shili, and wanted to find out where she was hiding during this time. Yin Shili didn’t mention it behind closed doors, and the three broke up, but Eryi saw the men’s shoes at the door before going out. She was thoughtful. At this time, Li Zhenghe’s subordinates had already come to South Korea. They were amazed by the night view of the car and horses. They also did an exfoliating massage at the bath center. However, they were dumbfounded when they checked out.

Li Zhenghe’s parents were very worried about her son’s safety. Mother Li was crying very sad. She had lost a son and could not bear the pain of losing her son. Yin Shili changed the password for the door lock, and added her fingerprints. Later, she took Lee Jung Hye to the mall to buy clothes, and Lee Jung He changed into a smart suit. She looked extraordinarily handsome. Many girls saw the handsome Lee Jung Hyuk and took out their mobile phones to take pictures. They felt that he looked like a star. On the other side, Gu Chengjun warmed up to the frustrated Xu Dan. This scene was also seen by Xu Dan’s uncle and informed Xu Dan’s mother. Xu Mu happened to have heard some rumors recently, and she asked her daughter side by side if Xu Dan went to the class meeting to see if a man drove to pick her up. Facing his mother’s question, Xu Dan left without answering a word. Mother Xu looked helplessly at the back of her daughter’s departure. She made up her mind that if her daughter really fell in love with others, she would support her in the end.

Yin Shili’s elder brother and sister-in-law found her whereabouts during the disappearance, and could not wait to report to her mother, a villain’s face. Li Zhenghe was ambushed by Zhao Zheqiang. Fortunately, he was so agile that he subdued his opponent three or two times. On the other side, Yin Shili met Zhao Zheqiang in the underground garage. She struggled to get away, but her phone landed on the ground. Li Zhenghe called Yin Shili, but no one knew that Zhao Zheqiang answered, saying that Yin Shili was in his own hands. Li Zhenghe desperately hurried to meet Zhao Zheqiang’s request to meet him, but then he was exposed to Zhao Zheqiang’s muzzle, and at this time Yin Shili appeared .

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