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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 10 Recap

In Seoul, the people of Yin Shili’s company were discussing about their company being annexed by the Queen Group, but Yin Shili appeared, let everyone spread the news that they were safe back, and also discounted a scarf to celebrate their return. Yin Shili’s elder brother and grandmother carefully prepared remorse lines at home. The elder brother said that there was no punishment for the second child to be deceived by hundreds of millions of dollars, but he had to face a hurt lawsuit. It was really unfair. came back.

At the insurance company, Park Soo-chan was being reprimanded by his superiors for saying that Yin Shili had made a mistake, but he suddenly saw a message on the computer’s web page saying that Yin Shili had returned, and he couldn’t help crying. Yin Shili’s second concubine is still preparing to annex Yin Shili’s company, and she also promises huge profits to shareholders, so the shareholders approved the proposal in full. Yin Shili returned to the company. Secretary Luo cried so hard that she hugged her. Yin Shili came to the general meeting of shareholders, and the gas field deterred everyone, saying that they would not investigate the person who raised their hands and let everyone go back to work, and everyone quickly evacuated. Yin Shili satirized Eryi’s preference for raw food, saying that she would not let her company be annexed.

The four soldiers performing the emergency shift task patrolled at dawn, singing the songs from the South Korean radio while walking on the show, everyone talked about Lee Jung Hye ’s recent state of tea, and sure enough, he was thinking of Yin Shili by the border hut, Yin Shili once Saying whether the earnest prayer can really wait for the person to wait, Lee Jung Hyuk gave the answer that waiting is desperate, he looked at the bowl on the sauce bowl and was fascinated. When he walked home, the eavesdroppers appeared, and he told Li Zhenghe that he knew someone was smuggling supplies, and he exchanged conditions with that person before he could enter or exit the security department. The eavesdropper said that he had stopped talking to people since the age of 17, but met a person who was willing to listen to his voice and gave his birthday gift a few years ago. He took out the one that had been snatched from the thief by Lee Jung Hyuk. Wallet with birthday greetings written by Lee Wu Hyuk.

Ten years ago, the case of the eavesdropper’s child, he and his wife took the child to the hospital, but they were told that the flu is epidemic and the medicine is in short supply, and the eavesdropper’s wife bought the medicine at the market. No. 11 Army General Hospital has real drugs. The two of them only returned home and hired his son Yu to cool down physically. At this time, Li Wuhe stepped in the door, delivered a medicine and a nurse, and saved their son’s life. The eavesdropper gave all his money to Li Wuhe, saying that he paid for the medicine. Fei He took it. Zhao Zhegang suddenly asked the eavesdropper to listen to Li Wuhe. The eavesdropper did not understand, because on the surface, Zhao Zhegang had a good relationship with Li Wuhe. Zhao Zhegang wanted to send the mother of the eavesdropper to the concentration camp in the name of cross-border trading. The eavesdropper only Can promise this task. The eavesdroppers heard that Li Wuhe said to his men that Zhao Zhegang had done something. He not only could not listen to his own advice, but also digged cultural relics, sold drugs, and even killed his life in order to cover his crimes. Zhao Zhegang was sent to the Pyongyang Pre-Trial Bureau very coolly. His men asked him if he had any evidence. Li Wuhe said that there was a list of people who took bribes from Zhao Zhegang and acquiesced in his crimes, as well as the details of the money in and out of the chip. One chip was carried by him and the other one In the watch. The eavesdropper reported Li Wuhe’s detailed route to Zhao Zhegang. In the end, Li Wuhe was killed by being hit by a truck with a sharp corner sent by Zhao Zhegang.

When the eavesdroppers returned home, his wife told Li Wuhe to come, gave him meat, and gave him a gift to celebrate his birthday. The gift was a wallet. The wallet contained the medicine costs of the eavesdropper to Li Wuhe, and a blessing written by Li Wuhe. I went to Pyongyang to do business myself, came back to celebrate with him, and the eavesdropper Wanfu cried. The eavesdropper said that no matter how he persuaded him, he still felt guilty every day, and he always missed Li Wuhe, his only friend, and said Wanfu kneeled at Li Zhenghe and wept, and took Li Wuhe’s watch and a box. The tape recorder is placed on the table. The tape contains the voice of Li Wuhe during the last period of his life. He is talking with his brother and proud of him, hoping that his brother will be happy, and then there is a huge crash. Lee Jung Hyuk couldn’t help crying when he heard the sound on the tape.

In the winter, the woman captain opened her own rice cylinder and found a pink greeting card inside. In the house of Mrs. Dazuo, two children are teaching at home, and Mrs. Dazuo and a group of women are quietly discussing the greeting card that Yin Shili gave to the women captain. It says that Yin Shili is South Korean, and she is not called Cui Sanshu, but she is called Yin Shili is the president of the cosmetics company selling at the market. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to everyone. She was touched by everyone and understood the shock and fear of Yin Shili in North Korea. She also said that she was immoral. Feeling understandable, Mrs. Da Zuo said that if she did not return for two weeks, it means that she had gone back smoothly, or she had disappeared.

Yin Shili parked on the street while driving, watching the children flying a kite, a little dazed, until the car behind pushed her forward. She returned to Yin’s house. Dasao quickly came to show her affection, but Yin Shili took off her ring from her hand. This was step-mom ran away from the dressing room after her stepmother opened the door. At this time, the stepmother came over, Yin Shili said to her sorry, and also said that her company’s stock fell to the bottom because of her own death. The second wife who bought the shares of her own was the first, and the stepmother was the second. The reason why she apologized to her stepmother was Because he failed to make the other person’s desire not to see him fail.

At the family banquet, the elder brother asked his father when he knew that Yin Shili was not dead. Yin Shili said that when she was in the hospital, she did not remember some things, but she also remembered that her father had told her to inherit the family industry. Against it, Yin Shili said that every time she felt hungry, she wouldn’t feel hungry when she returned home, everyone was still the same, and she left after speaking. She returned to her home and enjoyed a fine wine and jacuzzi. She said that she no longer had to worry about power outages and dormitory inspections. She did n’t need to use a large iron pot to boil water to take a bath. She also applied various skin care products and massaged with a facial massager. Let your skin age. But when she was done lying in a comfortable bed, she couldn’t sleep anymore. When she turned on her mobile phone and watched it was 2:17, she had to take a sleeping pill to help her fall asleep.

North Korean Lee Jung Hyuk was taking apart Lee Woo Hyuk’s watch at home and found the chip left by his brother. He read the chip contents with a computer, and then faxed the contents to his father. Gu Shengjun returned to the hotel and was inspected. He was reported to have suspicious behavior, and the president Qian who was about to greet him quickly covered his face with a newspaper. Fortunately, Gu Shengjun met Xu Dan on the upper floor of the hotel. Xu Dan Calling him Alberto, he was a classmate when he was studying abroad. With the guarantee of a senior official like Xu Danying, only the people who passed the inspection were retired. Gu Shengjun and Xu Dan were chatting on the top floor of the hotel. Gu Shengjun said that Xu Dan had drunk her home safely. He also said that Xu Dan was rolling in the street. Xu Dan said that this time the two of them were evened out. Gu Shengjun asked about Xu Dan’s engagement, Li Zhenghe entered the demilitarized zone, and he should not be able to come out during this time. Xu Dan said that he did not tell Gu Shengjun about this, but Gu Shengjun said that he was drinking. As mentioned, Xu Dan said that he hadn’t learned about it when he was drunk, and asked Gu Shengjun if Li Zhenghe told him. In fact, after Gu Shengjun sent Xu Dan back, Li Zhenghe called him and got from him. Knowing the truth that a brother Yin Shili didn’t want her to go back, Li Zhenghe also asked Gu Shengjun for help. Gu Shengjun said that he would send a message to Yin Shili every holiday, but the other party never returned, and he humiliated himself with a divorce and did it himself. Well, we need to help.

It turned out that Lee Jung Hyuk drove to Go to the checkpoint, and while the guard inspected Go Seung Joon’s passport was blocked, he took Yin Shili out of the inspection area and got in with Go Seung Joon’s car. Yin Shili praised Gu Shengjun in the car, but Gu Shengjun found that Yin Shili had taken off his engagement ring and bought a watch as a gift for Li Zhenghe. At this time, it suddenly rained, and Park Guangfan drove a military vehicle to accept Li Zhenghe and Yin Shili. Before leaving, Li Zhenghe thanked Gu Shengjun. Gu Shengjun confessed this to Xu Dan. Xu Dan knew that the reason why Li Zhenghe would accept the emergency shift is for Yin Shili. And Gu Shengjun said that he wanted to help them because Xu Dan wanted to end his first love as soon as possible. The first love was beautiful but short-lived. It should be neatly understood. Xu Dan retorted, but Gu Shengjun said that Xu Dan’s waiting was humble, but he was persistent. Her love has long gone bad.

Xu Dan’s mother and Ye are talking about Gu Shengjun. The mother thinks that Xu Dan has both wealth and a suitor. It is normal for Xu Dan’s mother to worry about Xu Dan and Li Zhenghe’s marriage, but Xu sees that she is quite happy. Xu Dan’s mother said that it was better to take the initiative to regret marriage than being regretted. Xu Dan’s concubine participated in the trial of the military court. It was Zhao Zhegang who was tried, and Li Zhenghe was present as a witness. Zhao Zhegang was still quibbling, and those who received bribes also gave false testimony for him. Li Zhenghe showed some new armor materials on the truck. He also disclosed the details of the in and out, Zhao Zhegang justified that he found that Lee Jung Hyuk harbored South Korean spies, and Lee Jung Hyuk framed himself, but the military court sentenced him to life imprisonment. Zhao Zhegang said that there was one thing Li Zhenghe hadn’t discovered yet, that was enough to make Yin Shili lose his life.

Sitting at the table, Li Zhenghe was restless and didn’t know what he had missed. He nervously checked the information and found that the quantity of the smuggled steel and the amount of the confiscated steel were different. The prisoner transporting Zhao Zhegang was robbed. The explosion destroyed everything. Xu Dan’s concubine thought Zhao Zhegang had been killed, but Li Zhenghe found that there were five people in the original car, but only four bodies. He suspected that Zhao Zhegang had been rescued by his men, but Xu Dan’s concubine did not agree. At this time, Lee Jung Hyuk found that someone had put an envelope on the table, which contained materials suspecting Yin Shili’s death. At this time, Zhao Zhegang called and said that he went back to South Korea to assassinate Yin Shili, and Lee Jung Hyuk vowed to seize him.

In Seoul, Secretary Luo and Park Soo-chan toasted. Park Soo-chan was in a good mood. He said he must pray and thank him. Secretary Luo said that Yin Shili was a little strange and told himself not to be too hard. Last weekend, he also went to Bukhansan with himself and looked through the telescope When she saw someone on the opposite lake, she cried, and Secretary Luo was at a loss. From the moment Secretary Luo entered the company to the present, what Yin Shili said most was to die and sleep as much as possible. Now, such an abnormal situation makes Secretary Luo tremble. Yin Shili went down from the company’s elevator to the underground garage. Someone followed, and this person was Zhao Zhegang. Wan Fu and Lee Jung Hyuk’s four men were also controlled. At night, Yin Shili still couldn’t sleep. She put on a blindfold, and adjusting the height of the pillow was useless. She took out the sleeping pills, but walked out of the door, remembering on the street that she thought about the definition of love, that is, caring for herself like Lee Jung-hyuk, hoping that Lee Jung-hyuk should not worry about herself, don’t miss herself, and forget herself as love. Is it for the sake of Love has to relive its original experience, is this also called love? On the way, she suddenly noticed that Lee Jung Hyuk was walking towards her on the street, and she couldn’t help but be stunned. Lee Jung Hyuk came to her and said that she had only said the approximate block, not the specific address.

The eavesdropper and four squadron soldiers were taken before Lee Jung Hyuk’s father. Father Lee said that Lee Jung Hyuk had gone south, and he asked these five people to bring him back. These five people went abroad as North Korean military athletes. When they arrived in Seoul, many people welcomed them on the road. After the other athletes got off the coach, the coach told them that the Games would last for two weeks, and they must complete the task and rush back to North Korea within two weeks. Several people in the restaurant expressed their feelings about the variety of South Korean instant noodles in the restaurant. Pyuji Xiu also said that South Koreans eat instant noodles because they do n’t have any food. Wanfu brought a bowl of hot rice and said that there was a meal there. Enjoying food in the supermarket. A group of people were nervous after walking on the street after dinner. Wanfu let them relax, but they encountered a delivery person who claimed to be a North Korean spy. He also introduced the delivery service to five people. Intelligence, eating all kinds of food, will not be suspected, the five-member group is a little overwhelmed.

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