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Under The Power 锦衣之下 Episode 23 Recap

After hearing the idea suggested by Uncle Beggar , Yuan Jinxia’s face was so ashamed that she felt so embarrassed to do so, but then she saw that Lu Yi ‘s condition was really impossible, so she had to gather courage and face her mouth Mouth, help Lu Yi take the medicine. Yuan Jinxia, ​​because he had previously accepted the bite of the golden poisonous snake, the poison began to start, and his hands were shaking. At this time, Shang Guanxi came, and in order to cover up her illness, she secretly hid her hands behind her back. That morning, Lu Yi finally woke up from bed. Uncle Beggar and Yuan Jinxia discovered this scene, and they were all excited. Yuan Jinxia happily said to Uncle Beg, now Lu Yi has finally been saved.
Yuan Xiaxia filled a bowl of porridge with excitement and let Lu Yi drink it. Soon after Doctor Lin came, she checked Lu Yi and said that Lu Yi would be cured soon. Yuan Jinxia continued to feed Lu Yi with excitement, and she couldn’t like it anymore. On the other side, Yan Shifan asked his men and wanted to know what happened to the Qingming Shanghetu bribe they received last time, and his men told him that someone had found a problem in it.

Yang Yue made some dim sum and wanted to give it to Shangguan Xi, but at this time she met Yuan Jinxia. He told Yuan Jinxia that she had made some dim sum for her, so she should go and taste it. Yuan Jinxia was very touched to see how he cared about himself. Later, Yuan Jinxia came to the forest alone and spit out blood. It turned out that she had been poisoned quite deeply because she had been bitten by a golden snake. Doctor Lin found her and asked her why she didn’t explain her situation to Lu Yi. Yuan Jinxia couldn’t bear to say this to Lu Yi, so he rejected Doctor Lin. Seeing that Yuan Jinxia had stained her clothes due to vomiting blood, Dr. Lin invited her to her room, changed her into a new dress, and gave her a potion she used to wash her hair. . After finishing her grooming, she sat in front of the mirror, and Doctor Lin glanced at the image in her mirror and said unconsciously, how could she be so old as an old lady of her own.

Yuan Jinxia’s body has gradually become dying due to the use of her body as an antidote. She asked Doctor Lin what was going on with her body. Doctor Lin was worried that she was worried that her life was only three days away. Yuan Jinxia came to the yard and regretted her previous job for Lu Yi Pharmaceutical. She was worried that she still had a lot of things to do, but she died so soon. But having said that, she still put aside everything for the time being, and planned to use her blood to make a bowl of antidote no matter how much she did. Later, she came to Lu Yi and wanted to persuade him to drink his antidote. Yuan Jinxia asked Lu Yi if he would miss him if he was gone someday. Lu Yi asked why she asked so, puzzled. Yuan Jinxia was busy covering herself up because she didn’t want Lu Yi to know her own affairs. Lu Yi said, maybe it will. Yuan this summer is gone. Lu Yi thought by herself that Yuan Jinxia’s performance during this time was so strange that she shouldn’t hide something from herself.

Yuan Jinxia stayed in the courtyard and was attacked by the poison in her body. Xie Xiao came at this moment, and she hurriedly covered up her illness. Yuan Jinxia inadvertently asked Xie Xiao what would happen to a person after his death. If he had a next life, what would he do? Xie Xiao teased her and asked how she could talk to herself about such a sad topic. Yuan Jinxia didn’t want to let him know that he was about to die, so he pushed him up and gave him away.

Uncle Beg came to Doctor Lin and asked her if she had any confidence in rescuing Yuan Jinxia. Doctor Lin said that before Yuan Jinxia accepted the poisonous snake bite, she was very confident to save her, but she did not expect that Yuan Jinxia’s blood flow was too fast, causing the toxin to spread in her body. Moreover, Yuan Jinxia was still using her blood to make an antidote to Lu Yi. She was worried that after she cured Lu Yi, she would save her again, but it was too late. Yuan Jinxia wrote several testaments in her house. She decided that she was about to die, so she wrote the testaments to Xie Xiao and others and left. Xie Xiao, Yang Yue, and others discovered the suicide note on the table, and then they learned about Yuan Jinxia. Uncle Begger told about the use of his body by Lu Yi to make an antidote to Lu Yi, but then stayed secretly Lu Yi aside, they all listened to their words.

Xie Xiao vented in front of Uncle Beg, accusing him that he should not hide everything from himself and others, and Shang Guanxi persuaded him. Xie Xiao rushed out madly, trying to find Yuan Jinxia. Shangguan Xi and Yang Yue followed closely. Lu Yi was in the woods and kept looking for Yuan Jinxia. Yuan Jinxia was no longer able to do so. She spit out a few mouthfuls of blood in a row and refused to show up. Yuan Jinxia came to a broken house and saw the desolate scene in front of her. She couldn’t help saying something, how could she wait to die here.

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