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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 52 Recap

In the first camp, the leader of Wuliangha was whipped. Boyan Timur rushed to persuade him and first asked Wu Liangha’s leader why he did not keep his promise to send troops. The leader of Wuliangha quickly pleaded, saying that the elders in the tribe did not agree. But first said that the emperor who came this time was neither Zhu Xi nor Zhu Zhanji , but a suckling baby doll. First let the leader of Wuliangha rush back to explain the situation to the elders and join forces with himself. I also knew that after the Ming army changed course, they laughed and thought that this was a good opportunity for a century. The leader of Wuliangha was also very happy, and immediately decided to join the army to attack the Ming army.

General Zhu Zhong, led by Zhu Qizhen , called the staff and asked him how the former army was moving so slowly. The staff told him that in order to take into account his reputation and prevent the army from stepping on young crops, Wang Zhen marched slowly. Fan Zhong was furious and was going to talk to Zhu Qizhen himself to persuade him. Fan Zhong came to Zhu Qizhen to persuade him, but was blocked by Wang Zhen. Fan Zhong didn’t even see Zhu Qizhen’s face, so Wang Zhenqi was gone. Fan Zhong and a dozen former generals knelt down in the courtyard to meet Zhu Qizhen in the rain. After Wang Zhen knew it. Ask the eunuch to tell Fan Zhong that the emperor does not see them. If he knelt down again, he would kill the emperor and convict him. Fan Zhong felt helpless. In order to see the emperor, he collected a sum of money to bribe Wang Zhen, and Fan Zhong felt extremely humiliated.

In the palace, Sun Ruowei was awakened by a nightmare. Shuangxi saw Sun Ruowei’s cold hands, and quickly brought her a cup of hot tea. Sun Ruowei said that he felt a palpitations, dreamed that Zhu Zhanji scolded himself, and said that he should not let Zhu Qizhen out. Sun Ruowei felt that if he had been buried with Zhu Zhanji, he would not have to worry about it. Double Happiness comforted a few words, Sun Ruowei even regretted not accompanying Zhu Qizhen to the expedition. After Sun if the micro wakes up, Yang Shiqi the Yu Qian proposal if the micro told the Sun, Yu Qian feel Wala in tribal fighting in the strongest, but only that a force, not enough to fight the Ming army, as soon as possible if sent messengers to befriend and Wu Liang Wei If you disintegrate the alliance, you can win without a fight. Yang Shiqi appealed to Sun Ruowei, hoping to handle the matter in secret. Sun Ruowei ordered Yang Shiqi to do it immediately, whether publicly or secretly. Sun Ruowei knew that Zhu Qizhen was suddenly divorced, and he was very puzzled. Yang Rong hurriedly comforted that heavy rain outside the customs and the warrior’s army would not rush to attack. Closer, follow the route arranged by the military, and then notify Chen Wenrong to take over. As long as Chen Wenrong successfully took over, remember his first achievement.

Immediately after finishing the affairs of Zhu Qizhen, Xu Bin arrived in the palace, and Sun Ruowei rushed out to meet Xu Bin despite the heavy rain. The two met and were very pleased. Xu Bin told Sun Ruowei about her travels around the country. Sun Ruowei listened with interest. Listening, Sun Ruowei suddenly became sad. Xu Bin let Sun Ruowei take a good rest. He waited for a call at Xianliang Temple. He wanted Xu Bin to stay with him, but Xu Bin did not stay, and said that he had already practiced monks. Fan Zhong and others finally met Zhu Qizhen. Fan Zhong persuaded Zhu Qizhen to leave immediately and persuaded Zhu Qizhen to read the military newspaper. Zhu Qizhen read the military newspaper that Sun Ruowei rebuked himself for diversion, and was furious and felt Fan Zhong and other people bullied themselves about their ignorance and decided not to move forward. How did Fan Zhong persuade Zhu Qizhen not to listen?
On the way of the Ming Army, the Vahat Cavalry raided and the Ming Army was caught off guard.

After learning about the news, Fan Zhong quickly led the army to protect Zhu Qizhen. Chen Wenrong took two thousand cavalrymen to rush to protect Zhu Qizhen, and it wasn’t long before the tile soldiers were killed. Fan Zhong was seriously injured and saw Zhu Qizhen. When seeing Wang Zhen still talking aside, he fought and killed Wang Zhen. No one was stopped at the scene. Wang Zhen was killed alive. Zhu Qizhen finally realized that fighting was not a joke, and sat in despair. On the ground. Zhu Qizhen wanted to lead his soldiers to rush out to kill the enemy, but was stopped by Chen Wenrong. Chen Wenrong then survived because of Sun Ruowei and decided to protect Zhu Qizhen’s gratitude.

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