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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 51 Recap

The Empress Dowager was seen by Sun Ruowei during the late-night worship. The Empress Dowager felt that Sun Ruowei had the power to usurp the throne and asked the ancestors to punish Sun Ruowei. The Empress Dowager thought that when it rained, her ancestors manifested. Sun Ruowei asked the palace maid to raise an umbrella for the queen queen queen and lifted her up. Sun Ruowei ordered the temple door to be sealed. The queen queen was caught in the rain, and Sun Ruowei stood by her bed all night. When she saw the queen queen woke up, she tried to persuade her not to fight this battle.

The Empress Dowager said that Zhu Qizhen would not let Sun Ruowei go. Sun Ruowei thought that Zhu Qizhen was still a child, but the Empress Dowager said that Zhu Zhanji had been out of customs twice when he was so old, and the child would always be a child without going out. The empress queen asked Sun Ruowei if she wanted to be the emperor. Sun Ruowei was shocked and asked who she said this. The Empress Dowager said that many people were saying this, and the crying ancestral temple was also Zhu Qizhen’s idea. The Empress Dowager thought that her only relative, Zhang Kejian, was dead, and went crazy, and provoked the relationship between Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qizhen, and said that Zhu Qizhen would kill Sun Ruowei in the future. Sun Ruowei did not believe that the empress queen was lying to herself, but the empress queen waited confidently to watch the big show between Zhu Qizhen and Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruo slightly walked out of the Empress Dowager’s palace, and looked at Zhu Qizhen for a while.

Zhu Qizhen was listening to Yang Rong’s lecture, arguing with Yang Rong, and seeing that Sun Ruowei was here, he quickly reconciled with Yang Rong. Zhu Qizhen learned to lie in front of Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei questioned him if he had affected state affairs because of personal issues. He asked Zhu Qizhen how he was young and provoked on both sides. Sun Ruowei wanted Zhu Qizhen to tell him the truth. Sun Ruowei rebuked Zhu Qizhen and told him not to take the emperor seriously. If he had defeated him, he would have fallen into isolation in no time. Sun Ruowei worked hard, but Zhu Qizhen still couldn’t understand. He also said that Sun Ruowei’s love for himself was like a wet jacket, heavily dressed and cold.

Sun Ruowei was sad when he said this, crying helplessly in the rain. Sun Ruowei had a hallucination in the mid-dream and half awake, and saw Zhu Zhanji’s figure. Sun Ruowei let Zhu Zhanji help, Sun Ruowei saw Zhu Zhan Ji did not speak, so angry that he got out of bed and wanted to hold him, only to find that he had his illusion.

Sun Ruowei had a fever, but did not improve for a long time. Sun Ruowei invited Yang Shiqi to ask them if there was any way to ensure the safety of Zhu Qizhen. Yang Rong suggested that the British public Zhang Fu lead the 500,000th Army of the Third Division of the Beijing Division and assist Zhu Qizhen. Watanabe would not easily fight with the 500,000 troops. Sun Ruowei changed his mind and decided to let Zhu Qizhen go out for insights and asked Yang Shiqi to formulate a detailed plan for Zhu Qizhen’s royal drive. Zhu Qizhen knew that Sun Ruowei was sick, so he had to cut the meat and treat Sun Ruowei with medicine. While Wang Zhen was dissuading Zhu Qizhen, Sun Ruowei sent a word of mouth to let Zhu Qizhen and the Cabinet Minister discuss the specifics of the royal drive, and Zhu Qizhen was very happy. Sun Ruowei personally took Ma to see Zhu Qizhen off. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qizhen to use his heart to Zhu Qizhen to treat the people in the world.

Wang Zhen went with Zhu Qizhen, and also brought two carts of gold and silver jewelry. Sun Ruowei came to the Ministry of Defense to check the military newspaper. He knew that Zhu Qizhen had reached Fenghuang Ridge, but he was still worried about Zhu Qizhen’s safety. Yang Rong promised that as long as Zhu Qizhen followed the line of the Ministry of War, nothing would happen. Zhu Qizhen marched out and was dreaming of killing the tilers this time and sealing the land outside the customs to Wang Zhen, but Wang Zhen proposed to let Zhu Qizhen go to his hometown. Zhu Qizhen beloved Wang Zhen and immediately preached a diversion. When the road was in heavy rain, Wang Zhen’s carriage with gold and silver treasures was stuck on the muddy road. Several eunuchs took a lot of effort to push the car out.

Yang Shiqi personally sent Yu Qian to the lime kiln on the outskirts of Beijing to let Yu Qian live a good life. Yu Qian sigh up and say that those three Yang Gelao original top was Zhu Di rage, today was a child Qizhen top speechless. Yang Shiqi said that these things are equivalent to understanding after he entered the court. Yang Shiqi let Yu Qian live alive, and has high hopes for Qian, hoping to wait until the country reuses Qian.

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