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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 50 Recap

After Chen Wenrong’s men left, people from other clans wanted to kill Zhang Kejian, but also said that it was okay to kill Zhang Kejian, but if the Ming Dynasty sent troops to attack the tile, other tribes would also send troops to resist the Ming army. People from other tribes agreed, and when they saw it, they came to Zhang Kejian and were ready to start.

Zhang Kejian was also very arrogant at first. He was still clamoring that he was the younger queen’s brother, and thought he would not dare to kill himself first. He also ordered the herders around him to kill Zhang Kejian. After Zhang Kejian died, Zhang Kejian’s body was first returned to Datong.
Chen Wenrong quickly returned Zhang Kejian’s head to the palace with an emergency military report. Shuangxi called several times near Sun Ruowei’s bed, and Sun Ruowei woke up from her sleep.

After knowing that Zhang Kejian was dead, Sun Ruowei hurried to the Empress Dowager’s Palace. The queen queen mother knew the news of Zhang Kejian’s death and was in great pain. Zhu Qizhen felt that the Vayu people were insidious and deceitful, robbed the people of their forage, and wanted to send troops to attack. In order to please Zhu Qizhen, the ministers in the army concurred. However, Yu Qian felt that even theories could not be used as an excuse to argue with Zhu Qizhen. Yu Qian believes that the Ministry of Defense has been subjected to non-NC v. Zhang Kejian robbing herdsmen outside the country for three years and injuring their lives. Yu Qian asked Yang Rong if this happened, and Yang Rong acknowledged it. Zhu Qizhen still wanted to send troops to attack, but Yu Qian felt that even the theory was a loss in the Ming Dynasty. Zhu Qizhen felt that there was no reason for sending troops to attack the tile, but Yu Qian said that his name was not regular but that he was unspoken. When Zhu Qizhen met Yu Qian and retorted, he would drag Yu Qian out and kill him.

On the one side, Sun Ruowei listened to the whole process of arguing between the two in the court hall, but saw that Qian Qian was insecure and hurried out to stop. Sun Ruowei excuses that Zhu Qizhen is tired, let Baiguan disperse, and the matter of attacking the tile shall be discussed later. Zhu Qizhen was very upset to see Sun Ruowei embarrass himself in public. In the next dynasty, Sun Ruowei taught Zhu Qizhen. As an emperor, if he didn’t have any elegance, then who would dare to tell the truth with Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen was very impatient and said that Sun Ruowei was not required to teach himself. Wang Zhen knew that Zhu Qizhen wanted to take charge of the probation, so he instructed the officials to write a letter to support Zhu Qizhen to send troops. In order to please Wang Zhen, officials agreed. After Wang Zhen’s rhetoric and buying with heavy money, officials were even more desperate to work for Wang Zhen.

Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qizhen summoned Yang Shiqi to Yu Qian, and Sun Ruowei deliberately rebuked Yu Qian in front of Zhu Qizhen. It was said that when Yu Qian deliberately picked Zhu Qizhen out of Taiwan, he rebuked Yu Qian, and Sun Ruowei taught the three of Yang Shiqi again. The three Yang Shiqi quickly knelt down and thanked him. Sun Ruowei then said that this battle should not be fought. The court’s family could not afford the battle, and asked them if Zhu Qizhen really had a pro-conspiracy, what was the odds. The Yang Shiqi had not spoken yet. Yu Qian got up and persuaded again that if Sun Ruowei waged a war to spoil Zhu Qizhen, then the Ming Dynasty would really be in great trouble. Zhu Qizhen became furious when he heard what Yu Qian said, and threatened to kill Yu Qian. Although Sun Ruowei was angry, he also knew that Yu Qian was a loyal minister, and asked Yang Shiqi to change the place of Yu Qian as an official, so don’t stay in the capital.

Sun Ruowei came to the Empress Dowager’s palace. The Empress Dowager was looking for death for Zhang Kejian’s affairs, and said Zhang Kejian’s death was a national shame. Sun Ruowei said that he should not let Zhang Kejian go to the border to manage the mutual market. The Empress Dowager felt that Sun Ruowei deceived people too much. Sun Ruowei softened his attitude, and discussed with the Empress Dowager whether or not to fight this battle, saying that if this battle is fought, this year’s treasury will fall short again. The empress queen stimulated Sun Ruowei, saying that Zhu Qizhen felt that Sun Ruowei was the emperor. The Daming Dynasty is now a woman’s governing body. If she really wants to be an emperor, she must wait for Sun Ruowei’s death. Tell her what she said, Sun Ruowei was heartbroken.

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