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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 49 Recap

Sun Ruowei teaches Zhu Qiyu how to do the emperor Zhang Kejian and is arrested back to Watanabe by his Mu Ge. Outside the border, Zhang Kejian was chasing a few Arutai people and robbing Arutai people. Chen Wenrong sought Zhang Kejian for the tribe’s robbery, but Zhang Kejian did not admit it. Subsequently also the first men to come to compensate Zhang Kejian, Zhang Kejian see each other look down on themselves, knife to kill people Esen sent.

At Royal Palace, the Empress Dowager gave Zhang Kejian his fur, and picked the best one for Zhu Qizhen . The Empress Dowager said that if it was not for Zhu Qizhen, she and Sun Ruowei would not be together. She persuaded Zhu Qizhen to hurry up with the pro-government, and they would be quiet. Talking, Sun Ruowei came suddenly, Zhu Qizhen quickly stopped and resigned. The Empress Dowager gave the copy of fur sent by Zhang Kejian to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei said that Zhang Kejian had been an official for two years and wanted to find someone to replace Zhang Kejian. Speaking of Zhang Kejian robbing herdsmen at the border, he never paid tariffs, but the Empress Dowager felt that it was not a big deal.

Sun Ruowei took out the discount that Watanabe also took first, and also threatened Daming. If he did not deal with Zhang Kejian, Watanabe would start a war. The Empress Dowager is still upholding Zhang Kejian and does not take the threat of Yixian into consideration. Sun Ruowei became serious, saying that Zhu Qizhen was going to be pro-government soon, and whoever caused trouble would kill anyone. Sun Ruowei asked the empress and queen to tell Zhang Kejian that if he quit his post quickly, he could still save Zhang Kejian’s life, or even the immortal could not save him in the future.

In the palace, Zhu Qizhen listened to Yang Shiqi and others to report the situation at the border. Zhu Qizhen wondered why he should lose money to Wa. The inner official Xining listened to the sudden jump out and shouted loudly that the Chinese who committed crimes would be far away, which was exactly what Zhu Qizhen meant. After hearing this, Sun Ruowei came out from behind the screen and asked Xining to repeat it, asking him where he heard it. Xining said that when he went out to buy things, everyone in the street said so, and felt that Daming apologized for the compensation from Watanabe, which was a shame for Daming, but Sun Ruowei scoffed at the remarks.

After leaving the dynasty, Sun Ruowei and Zhu Qizhen talked about the affairs of the monarchs. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qizhen that before Zhu Zhanji died, he told himself that he could not watch Zhu Qizhen mess up the river. Sun Ruowei knew that Zhu Qizhen was dissatisfied with his political obscurity behind the screen, and persuaded Zhu Qizhen not to use soldiers outside the border easily. Zhu Qizhen agreed, and just wanted to leave, Sun Ruowei urged Zhu Qizhen how to deal with the relationship between monarch and minister. Sun Ruowei seduces Zhu Qizhen in a steadfast manner, so that Zhu Qizhen should think more about the incident and don’t make a decision lightly. Zhu Qizhen listened silently, looking a little impatient. Sun Ruowei feels that as long as Zhu Qizhen can be a good emperor, even if he can’t bear his mother.

He also led the army to approach the border. Chen Wenrong told his grandson that Sun Ruowei was willing to pay according to the order, and he was satisfied first, and said that if he would encounter Zhang Kejian in the future, he would not let him go. On the prairie, Zhang Kejian still did not know how to repent, and continued to rob herdsmen with his men. When Zhang Kejian saw that there was a girl in the herdsman’s car, she became jealous. However, the girl in the car, Qi Muge, shot Zhang Kejian out of the car and fought with Zhang Kejian’s men. Qimu’s martial arts is a strong character on the grassland. Zhang Kejian wanted to escape and was shot by his Mu Ge. Dismounted. Zhang Kejian was returned to the grassland by Qi Mugla. Herders recognized Zhang Kejian and threw stones at Zhang Kejian. Zhang Kejian asked Qi Muge to let him go home, but Qi Muge said that this matter was the first thing to do.

After Chen Wenrong knew Zhang Kejian’s disappearance, he was anxious and didn’t know what to do. Chen Wenrong’s men proposed to find and negotiate the conditions for Zhang Kejian first, but they also looked down on the ransom proposed by Chen Wenrong and proposed to use Datong City for Zhang Kejian.

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