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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 47 Recap

Sun Ruowei brought Zhu Qizhen to the Chaotang, but Zhu Qizhen was reluctant to speak, causing the Ministers of the DPRK and China to think that Zhu Qizhen was a fool and insisted on letting Qi Qiyu ascend the throne. Sun Ruowei encouraged Zhu Qizhen to stand up and speak, but Zhu Qizhen still could not speak and walk. Sun Ruowei was so anxious that he almost cried and stopped the quarrel of the hundred officials. Sun Ruowei insisted on making Zhu Qizhen the emperor, and Yang Shiqi hurried to discourage Sun Ruowei, who was still persuading Zhu Qizhen to stand up. Seeing Zhu Qizhen’s reluctance to speak, Sun Ruowei was obviously anxious, and then wept in public. At this time Zhu Qizhen was slowly standing up and gradually running up in the palace. Civil and military officials saw that Zhu Qizhen was gradually recovering, and he did not dare to complain, and bowed down to worship. Hu Shanxiang was unwilling to believe the fact that Zhu Qizhen recovered, and sought power to usurp him again.

Late at night, Sun Ruowei had just planned to leave from Zhu Qizhen’s palace, and Zhu Qizhen noisily asked Sun Ruowei to accompany him. Sun Ruowei urged the emperor to call him lonely, reminded Zhu Qizhen to learn to be alone, and he should use his puppet to call himself. Sun Ruowei just returned from the palace of Zhu Qizhen, and the eunuch next to him arranged Double Happiness next to Sun Ruowei to take care of her. Sun Ruowei did not refuse to accept it. Sun Ruowei saw that there were many discounts, and he insisted on doing everything today.

In the garden, juvenile Zhu Qizhen was splashing people with water, Shuangxi stood up to stop it. At this time Sun Ruowei saw this scene and began to teach Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen argued that he was just playing around, but Sun Ruowei became more angry and scolded Zhu Qizhen for thinking. Zhu Qizhen was a little dissatisfied, and there was nowhere to vent his grievance. Then Zhu Qizhen came to Zhang Yan and sued Sun Ruowei, and the Empress Dowager Zhang Yan was proud of Zhu Qizhen, and scolded Sun Ruowei in the back.

At the archery range, Sun Ruowei was betting on archery with the guards. At this time, Zhu Qiyu was playing with Zhu Qizhen, and Zhu Qiyu accidentally crushed the kite in Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen ordered his beatings. Sun Ruo slightly heard the sound, saw Zhu Qizhen oppressing others, and gave him a slap. Zhu Qizhen was beaten. At this moment, Hu Shanxiang stepped out to protect his son. It turned out that Zhu Qizhen hit his brother Zhu Qiyu. Sun Ruowei was troubled by Zhu Qizhen and Zhu Qiyu, and returned to the palace to visit Sun Ruowei in person. Sun Ruowei apologized to Hu Shanxiang, and was even willing to be angry with himself, but Hu Shanxiang was respectful and very indifferent to Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei hopes that Zhu Qizhen and Zhu Qiyu will become emperors and generals, and they will marry their wives together and have a good life together.

Hu Shanxiang said that Zhu Qiyu would definitely not hate Zhu Qizhen, nor would he hate Sun Ruowei. Sun Ruowei was reluctant to speak with Hu Shanxiang in a mask, hoping that Hu Shanxiang would let down his prejudice. Before Sun Ruowei left, Hu Shanxiang told Zhu Qiyu that the emperor was not a dragon, and he had to be beaten if he made a mistake. When Hu Shanxiang saw Sun Ruowei leave, he immediately came to Zhu Qiyu. Hu Shanxiang questioned what happened to Zhu Qiyu, but Zhu Qiyu couldn’t remember anything.

Zhu Qizhen was worried about being scolded by Sun Ruowei, so he came to Zhang Yan to avoid death. Relying on Zhang Yan’s pet, Zhu Qizhen was unscrupulous all day. Sun Ruowei came to Zhang Yan’s palace to ask someone, but Zhang Yan worried that Zhu Qizhen was beaten again, and decided to leave Zhu Qizhen in the palace. Sun Ruowei said that Zhu Qizhen needs to make rules now, otherwise, after a few years ascending the throne, he would really be uncontrollable. The Empress Dowager Zhang Yan came up with a temper and compared Zhu Zhanji with Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei took Zhu Qizhen on the way home, and educated him well, so Zhu Qizhen smiled.

When Zhu Qizhen was nine years old, he officially succeeded, and Sun Ruowei and the Empress Dowager regent. Zhu Qizhen didn’t ask the government in the Chaotang, but only played with the cymbals. Sun Ruowei summoned General Chen Wenrong and asked about Jingbian. Chen Wenrong told Sun Ruowei that the tile department also rose first. Chen Wenrong couldn’t help putting a fart on the chapel, the queen queen mother was furious, and felt that Chen Wenrong was out of control and wanted to punish Chen Wenrong. Sun Ruowei asked Yang Shiqi to entertain Chen Wenrong, and the empress queen and Sun Ruowei clashed and left the court.

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