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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 9 Recap

Yin Shili was caught and she threw away the gift she was preparing to give to Li Zhenghe, the watch that Li Wuhe had worn. In the car of the robber, she called Li Zhenghe according to the robber’s intention. When she finished saying I love you, the robber came to fight for the mobile phone.

During the fight, Li Zhenghe heard the gunfire. He stayed in the woods until dark, and received a call from the women captain. It turned out that Zhao Zhegang’s people were searching his house, and even the tomato plants that Yin Shili had sent him overturned to the ground. Zhao Zhegang said that Yin Shili was not the subject of 11 subjects, so the resettlement of Yin Shili would bring destruction to his family, and said that torture was his own specialty. As long as he used electric torture on Yin Shili’s skin … Li Zhenghe finally couldn’t help but hit Zhao Zhegang. Zhao Zhegang’s men knocked him to the ground and tortured him.

Yin Shili was trying to think of some beautiful things in the car of the robber. It turned out that Li Zhenghe cared for her and took care of her with the two, but she was sad again when she thought about her. Yin Shili wakes up and finds that she has been placed in a hut. The door is locked. She feels that she is being monitored and asks who the other person is.
Lee Jung Hyuk was thrown into the cell, and five of his squadrons came to see him. They thought it was the big mouth of Buji Jisu that led to the calamity of Yin Shili and Lee Jung Hyuk. Li Zhenghe remembered Xu Dan’s warning to himself, and ordered his men to help him do things. Xu Dan came to visit Li Zhenghe. Li Zhenghe asked questions about Yin Shili, which made Xu Dan very dissatisfied. She said that Li Zhenghe would be trapped until the wedding day. Li Zhenghe asked Xu Dan if he had found his father to catch Yin Shili, so that he regretted it. Xu Dan affirmed this statement. Li Zhenghe told her to tell his father that if there was something about Yin Shili, he would lose the only one left.

Xu Dan’s uncle was very worried about Li Zhenghe’s condition, and was planning to ask Li Zhenghe’s father to solve this matter, but Xu Dan told him not to step in and wait until the wedding day to release him. The eavesdropper’s child witnessed the arrest of Yin Shili, and picked up her dropped watch and gave it to the eavesdropper. The eavesdropper could not help thinking of Li Wuhe again; he asked his son not to tell anyone about it. The son asked Will his arrested sister be fine?

The five squadron members were shocked to learn that Li Zhenghe was the son of the Political Secretary, but Li Zhenghe kept them secret. They came to the open area to spread rumors about Lee Jung Hye’s family, and let this rumor spread to Da Zuo’s ears as soon as possible. Sure enough, Mrs. Da Zuo got the news. After analysis by the women’s captain and other women, Mrs. Da Zuo was somewhat convinced. At night, another soldier fled. Da Zuo was going to deal with this matter, and Zhao Zhe just went to Pyongyang. Da Zuo was dissatisfied with Lee Jung-hyok’s style of being indifferent to his subordinates, but Mrs. Da Zuo told him that Li Zheng-he was the son of the Chief Political Officer and kept teaching him.

It was getting dark and Yin Shili was taken by soldiers to Li Zhenghe’s father. His father asked Yin Shili to drink matsutake tea, but Yin Shili said she would not obey. Yin Shili felt that the other party was Xu Dan’s father, and mistakenly thought that she had delayed Xu Dan’s marriage before doing so. The Chief Political Officer asked Yin Shili to approach Lee Jung Hyuk ’s purpose. She tried to explain that this was an accident. She also emphasized that her company in South Korea had 14 branches. She was a wealthy and kind Seoul citizen, and Lee Jung Hyuk only treated herself based on humanitarianism. He only offered a helping hand; originally, he wanted to report himself. He threatened to report to him and his negligent negligent officials before agreeing to temporarily settle himself.

She likes Lee Jung Hyuk, but Lee Jung Hyuk has no feelings for herself. She asked the director to return her to Korea safely, and she will give him a generous reward. But she was taken to the house under house arrest and wanted to go on a hunger strike. Lee Jung Hyuk’s mother came here and said she was helpless. Yin Shili was very worried about Li Zhenghe’s situation. For fear of any punishment for him, Li Zhenghe’s mother saw that Yin Shili liked Li Zhenghe very much, so she took her into a prepared room with heating. This room was Li Zhenghe’s study. Yin Shili recognized the place. The book is similar to the book in Lee Jung-hyok’s dormitory. She finally realized that the other person was Lee Jung-hyuk’s mother.

Lee Jung Hyuk ’s father guessed that Yin Shili was close to Lee Jung Hyuk ’s purpose, and his men reminded him that it ’s an eventful season, and the military minister is staring at the movement here, so he should let him take Yin Shili away and dispose of it as soon as possible. Yin Shili stayed one night, so watch it tonight. Yin Shili browsed the diary written by Li Zhenghe. He had determined to become a famous pianist, but now he is a soldier. Sitting in front of the piano, Yin Shili played the song dedicated to her brother, which Li Zhenghe heard at the beach. Lee Jung Hyuk was walking in the cold cell, welcoming the sun the next day.

Da Zuo found the director of the detention center, and the director refused to bail Li Zhenghe because Li Zhenghe beat Shangguan. Da Zuo told him the identity of Li Zhenghe’s father. The director immediately changed his attitude and said that fisting was the only assault, and Li Zhenghe was with the palm of his hand. Hit, so it does n’t count as a beating. Da-zuo and the released Lee Jung-hyuk made friends with each other and asked him to enjoy his wife’s banquet at his home. Lee said he had something to ask Da-zuo. Li Zhenghe drove to Dazou’s car and rushed to his home. Yin Shili drank the soup made by Mrs. Li, saying that Li Zhenghe inherited her mother’s good skills and also inherited the warmth from her mother. Mrs. Lee said that Lee Jung Hyuk was a warm child, but at a certain moment changed, he became indifferent and no one was allowed to come near him. But now Shilin says it’s great that he is warm.

Li Zhenghe returned home and asked his father where Yin Shili was. Yin Shili said not to meet with Lee Zhenghe because Li Zhenghe’s life has deviated too much because of meeting, and she also cried while meeting. She wanted to hide but was caught by Mrs. Li. Lee Jung Hyuk said to his father that he didn’t want to regret his life because he couldn’t save Yin Shili. He could hardly breathe on the road because he had been worried that Yin Shili would suffer accidents because of himself. Mrs. Lee said she couldn’t let Lee Jung-hyuk breathe, and she pulled out Yin Shili. Yin Shili said in tears that it was rare to hear him say such a long paragraph. She looked at Li Zhenghe’s injuries with distress, saying that everything was her fault. The intimate performance of the two made Dad look bad. Dad asked Li Zhenghe, and Yin Shili asked him to apologize to him. Lee Jung Hyuk said to his father that he did not believe in the security department. Yin Shili might be injured or disappeared inexplicably when he went there. Dad could not stand the dog food sprinkled between the two, but his mother asked them to have dinner together.

Wu Gusheng Jun and Xu Dan met at the bar. Xu Dan drank a glass of blue flame wine and said that he had met Li Zhenghe for the first time at the age of 17 at the school. Li Zhenghe was a famous school grass and a famous piano player. She recognizes Lee Jung Hyuk, and believes that the other person will also recognize herself. After signing the marriage contract, she went to Switzerland where Li Zhenghe studied in Switzerland to see him. She thought they had met in middle school, but Li Zhenghe obviously did not remember her in middle school. Xu Dan was talking and getting excited. He first met Yin Shili and liked Li Zhenghe first. Why can’t she compare with her. Xu Dan drank a bit and started to despise Gu Shengjun.

Gu Shengjun said he couldn’t understand why Xu Dan was so attractive and Li Zhenghe didn’t like her. He also said that Xu Dan was the type he liked. Xu Dan first said that Gu Shengjun had a good vision, but immediately laughed at him being dumped by Yin Shili. Gu Shengjun came home with drunk Xu Dan on his back, and Xu Dan’s mother gave the elevator operator a sealing fee. Xu Dan drunkenly asked Gu Shengjun to spend the night here, but Gu Shengjun had already left.

Yin Shili couldn’t sleep on the bed. Li Zhenghe came over. She said she was uncomfortable in other people’s homes and couldn’t sleep. Li Zhenghe said if she couldn’t sleep all night playing the piano. Yin Shili asked him if he was determined to be a pianist. Yin Shili bounced the song that she had heard and said that she had asked other musicians, but no one knew about it. Li Zhenghe found that it was the song he wrote to his brother, and he asked Yin Shili where he had heard it. Yin Shili said it was in Switzerland. Li Zhenghe sat down and played the full version. Yin Shili was busy asking him what name it was. Li Zhenghe told her that it was written for his brother. It was the first and last time by the lake in Switzerland. Human fate.

In the snowy days, she had the idea of ​​not wanting to live. She heard the song at the bow, and the world of the two of them was different. Yin Shili felt incredible, because she had that idea at the time, but because Li Zhenghe played there without knowing it, he saved himself. Lee Jung Hyuk said she could go home the next day. Zhao Zhegang found the Minister of Military Affairs, and took the fake decked car and drove to the house of the Chief Political Officer, but he did not come out. He said that if the other party passed by now, he would definitely get a lot of handles. His military minister and Zhao Zhegang came to Li Zhenghe’s parents’ house and said that a dangerous person might be hiding in his house. Zhao Zhegang also issued a search warrant. Biao Zhixiu and other soldiers in the squadron discussed Li Zhenghe’s identity. Biao Zhixiu believed that Li Zhenghe could not be the son of the Chief Political Officer, otherwise he would not be shot and detained. Only Park Guangfan would not send a Yes, because he knows the identity of Lee Jung Hyuk is true; and now the emergency shift is also to send Yin Shili away.

Zhao Zhegang did not search the Li family and the military ministers were very dissatisfied. Zhao Zhegang questioned Li’s father, Li Zhenghe, if he had returned to take away Yin Shili. Father Li answered that an emergency shift was performed because soldiers on the front had fled, and Li Zhenghe went there to perform the task. His men rebuked. Li Zhenghe and his men took Yin Shili to a house in the frontline demilitarized zone. Yin Shili found a sauce bowl with a bowl of simmering water. It turned out that there must be a child in the army. The son will only use the bowl to drink water when he returns. , Most people will not go to that bowl.

Pointing at the opposite hill, Qin Yindong told Yin Shili that it was Beihan Mountain, and Seoul was there, and said that she was envious of her going home to see her mother. Yin Shili said that she was not very close to her mother, but Qin Yindong could see her mother after she retired. Piao Zhixiu said that Qin Yindong had more than nine years to retire. Qin Yindong said that she was very worried about her mother, and she often worried Weak body of cold, worried that brothers and sisters would not eat, Yin Shili ordered everyone to eat well, Piao Zhixiu asked her not to talk nonsense, hurry back, otherwise it is not good to see her in the river or where she is buried, also Feeling how the sky has not darkened, only Yin Shili can escape.

Yin Shili’s mother came to her home with her grandmother Eryi. Her door was locked with a code. Yin Shili came back to open the code door and told her that the password was her birthday and the day she escaped. The mother came forward. The door was opened after pressing a few numbers, and Grandma thought that her mother was very good, and she knew the password. Yin Shili entertained her mother for coffee. Mom said that her brother’s career was not going well, and her company heard that it was going to go public. Yin Shili said that the company did not rely on the power of the family to start its own business, but her mother said that she wanted to behave in front of her father. Although Yin Shili said that the company was her dream, her mother said that she dared to have a dream, and her existence was her biggest nightmare. Dasao took a leather bag made by a famous artist in Yin Shili’s collection and did not let go, Er Er found that Yin Shili’s family had a picture of her mother.

Li Zhenghe sent Yin Shili. Yin Shili said that after she went back, she would do a lot of things, make a lot of money, spend a lot, and even date a man. Li Zhenghe was jealous. Yin Shili said that waiting for six months would mourn the gathering of the two. In fact, there is a lot of fate. Lee Jung Hyuk said that Yin Shili can go on a date with other men and live well with others, but stop thinking about being lonely and go to a beautiful place to end her life, because she has herself and she will look forward to her happiness.

This time, Lee Jung Hyuk sent Yoon Shili across the river in a small boat, and then sent her across the border of North Korea. The road is granite. There will be no mines along this road. It ’s almost dawn. He seemed to be lost. He said that his eyesight and sense of direction were not good at night. In fact, he wanted to accompany Yin Shili for a while. The two finally came to the military demarcation line, and Lee Jung Hyuk asked her to walk to the southern tree and ask for help from the search team at dawn. Yin Shili asked Li Zhenghe to take her there. Li Zhenghe said that he could not go and asked her to walk along the granite.

Yin Shili told Li Zhenghe not to forget himself. Li Zhenghe said that the woman who fell from the sky would never forget. Yin Shili was crying as she walked, and Lee Jung Hyuk pulled her from behind, saying that there should be nothing further. The two hugged and kissed warmly, and snowflakes were falling in the sky. Yin Shili sighed at the bookcase by Li Zhenghe, feeling the book was dark and obscure, and then began to organize the bookcase. Li Zhenghe went home to see her finishing. The title of the book was “I love you, Li Zhenghe”.

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