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Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 1 Recap

Yu Lang admires Yuenu, jealous of Emperor Huayan, and kills Yan Nantian to avenge Yu Lang, regardless of danger. A carriage ran fast in the valley. The young man who stopped the car suddenly stopped and found a rooster standing on a high treetop. The man was surprised. A woman in the car saw the car stopped and asked curiously what happened. I saw him answer that he had gone the wrong way, then turned around and left.

Taibaiju drinking wine, a group of people who are drinking are talking about it, saying that the rivers and lakes are all known as Yuwen Jiangfeng and Yan Nantian. They both want to see Jiang Feng ’s peerless style and Yan Nantian ’s exquisite sword. . A drinker was not convinced, thinking that it was Yannan Tian’s luck, so he got a good sword, but in fact his sword was also very good. A strong man in the neighbourhood thinks that no one can match his sword, and he does n’t know Yan Nantian. The group of knights who are talking about them laughed, and said with a smile that his sword could n’t be compared with Yan ’s sword In contrast, the result did not expect that the opponent’s sword actually cut iron.

The carriage was walking, and a wild boar was encountered. The man in the drive was shocked and said that he had gone the wrong way again. The woman in the car saw that he had something to hide from herself, claiming that she had already guessed it. She had heard the roar in the car just now, and it was the twelve astrology that found them.

The driver, who was described by the woman as Yulang, wondered. The two of them were very secretive in this operation. How did they discover the whereabouts? I was thinking of suddenly seeing six knights falling from the sky. Yulang recognizes Si Chenke and Hei Mianjun, who claim to be nothing more than a chicken and a pig. I came here to get only one thing, knowing that the Yulang River Maple is a rich country, sold all its properties, and bought the rare treasures. When the baby was let out, the road was released. Jiang Feng was furious and slaughtered with Si Chenke. The black-faced prince rushed in, took the carriage straight, and smashed the carriage’s fence with a hammer. The woman inside was shocked and was transported immediately. He worked hard and threw Black-faced Jun to the ground. Heimian Jun was frightened and said, “Move flowers and trees, there is no enemy.” The woman said that he would not kill him because he wanted to accumulate morality for the children in his stomach. Si Chenke and Hei Mian Jun did not dare to mess with him, so he hurried to escape.

Yulang hurried to greet the woman, yelling the name of the moon slave. She had a flat breath and asked him to quickly take herself to the grass, worried that she was about to give birth.

On the other side, the iron-clad warrior promised one of the people who drank. This man was named Boss Lei and bought the sword with 80 silver. But it was pierced by the chief dart who came later, it was just an old sword. The owner of the sword is Yan Nantian! At this point, Jiang Feng’s book boy found him on horseback and told him to go in the wrong direction, because his master encountered twelve astrological signs halfway and had to change his driving direction. Lord Yan hurried to find him, and met the chief dart Shen Qinghong and his disciples. They have an invaluable item to protect, but have been stared at by the twelve stars, hoping he can come forward to stop it. But hero Yan was anxious to see the second brother Jiang Feng.

At this point Yueyu had given birth to two boys and met another twelve astrology, because they saw that the woman was only a slave in the flower palace. After a battle, Yulang and Yuenu were forced to the river. The twelve astrology believes that the two of them have half of the treasure in hand, and someone told them. Another fierce battle, the two were seriously injured.

In accordance with the instructions of the book boy, Yan Yanxia waited for Yulang in the Sansheng Temple, but saw the chief dart leader here. It turned out that they and the twelve stars met to fight the dead. The hero Yan felt strange, thinking that the twelve astrological figures would deliberately attack the west, and hurriedly looked for Yulang elsewhere. At this point, the two were already suffocated. At the critical moment, Li Xing, the second house master of the moving flower palace, stopped the twelve astrological signs and let them break on their own.

The second emperor, Ping Xing, wanted to kill the two children. Yuenu begged to let go of the innocent child. . But he fell in love with his sister’s daughter-in-law, Yu Lang said that he would never forget her sister’s life-saving grace, but this was not love. Lian Xing lamented that he actually loved him, but could not compete with his sister, who had suffered in this regard before. Yue Nu begged her to rescue Yu Lang, but Ping Xing’s sister arrived, saying that no one could save him, and asked Yue Nu to rush to make her own decision. Yulang shouted that this would not stop the two from falling in love, and he committed suicide. The palace owner stated that he hated them both and could only use needle to pierce himself to transfer this kind of pain, and then let his younger sister take action on the children of Yulang and Yuenu. After the two left, Yan Xia Ke arrived and found a child crying and a dart.

The chief dart head and the boss Lei met six other people with twelve astrology signs, saying that the dart had been detained by the deputy chief dart head Song Deyang. Revenge. However, it was difficult to defeat the four hands. At the critical moment, I saw Yan Xia Ke’s shot. The monkey in the twelve astrology was busy saying that there was another person who wanted to kill the second brother of Yan Xia Ke. Who knew it was that little boy Jiang Qin. Yan Xia Ke shouted revenge, but that place was called the Valley of the Evil, a place where the wicked gathered. For many years, someone went in to hunt down the enemy, but none of them came out alive. But Yan Xia Ke was not afraid. The chief dart head just wanted to kill the monkey who disclosed the news, but was moved by the whereabouts of the cargo that the monkey said.

Yan Xiake bought all the spices in one place and used them to enter the second brother and his wife, took them to the carriage, and went to the Valley of the Wicked to avenge them. Halfway they met Kunlun Seven Swords. It turned out that they came to stop a broken-hearted sword, Sima Yan, and they also listened to Jiang Qin.

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