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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 50 End Recap

Wan Wei was arrested, Li Nanen, Zhou Erwen, and the lover finally became a family member.

At this time, Zhao Zhongfei sent a video of Li Nanen’s being tied up. Gao Mu was worried about Li Nanen’s accident and agreed to Zhao Zhongfei’s request, that is, he announced that the research on the healing space had failed and would never restart. None of the people present did not exclaim, and asked Takagi to give them an explanation. The failure of the Healing Space study led to a rave about the launch of Project K. After Liu Rui told Zhao Zhongfei the movement of Gao Mu, Zhao Zhongfei was very satisfied.
Zhou Erwen and Li Nantian rushed to the abandoned factory. When Li Nanen saw the two, they tried to attract Zhao Zhongfei’s attention and let the two quietly approach Zhao Zhongfei. Zhou Erwen and Zhao Zhongfei fought, Li Nanen was worried, and Li Nantian rushed to call Gao Mu.

After Zhou Erwen and Li Nantian subdued Zhao Zhongfei, the police also rushed to the scene and rescued several people, but Zhou Erwen was unconscious because of the heavy injuries. . After Li Nanen was out of danger, he quickly called to inform Takagi to continue the conference of healing space.

Takagi returned to God, and quickly left the people who were about to leave, rounded out the previous words, and introduced the healing space to everyone. At the press conference of Plan K, Wan Wei was reportedly guilty of commercial espionage. The staff of the procuratorate would take Wan Wei to the procuratorate for investigation on the spot. The scene was uproar and the reporters took photos. On the other side, Takagi’s emotional speech at the press conference moved everyone. Takagi turned his head and saw Wan Wei being taken away. Wan Wei did not panic, but smiled at Takagi.

In the hospital, Zhou Erwen woke up from his bed. Li Nanen also knew about Zhou Erwen’s condition and knew the real reason why he refused to propose. Zhou Erwen admitted that he had lied to Li Nanen at the time. Li Nanen comforted Zhou Erwen that his illness could be cured. She hugged Zhou Erwen and told him that he would stay with him in the future so that he would not be allowed to push himself away. Li Nanen was talking, but Zhou Erwen suddenly passed out. Li Nanen quickly called the doctor. The doctor told Li Nanen that Zhou Erwen’s condition was very bad, so that Li Nanen was mentally prepared.

In the evening, Zhou Erwen woke up and found that Li Nanen was lying beside him. Li Nanen also woke up. The doctor said that Zhou Erwen was out of danger, and Li Nanen decided to go home. At the detention center, Gao Mu came to visit Wan Wei and told her that Zhao Zhongfei had been brought to justice. Gao Muben wanted to help Wan Wei to ask the best lawyer to defend her, but Wan Wei refused. Wan Wei felt that the result now was that she deserved it. She also told Takagi not to appear as a witness to testify for herself. She told Takagi that the two of them had already owed each other. Wan Wei was taken away, leaving Takagi alone. Stop crying.

Zhou Erwen sneaked out to find Takagi while Li Nanen was home. Zhou Erwen was worried that his condition would continue to worsen. He was afraid that Li Nanen would not accept it, so he asked Gao Mu to take care of Li Nanen. Zhou Erwen decided to go to the United States for treatment.
For three years, Zhou Erwen’s operation was successfully completed, and he and Li Nanen also had a lover. They chose to marry in Bordeaux, France. When Li Nan’en changed his wedding dress and walked towards him, time seemed to stay in this second. Gao Dong, Li Nantian and others have come to their wedding. Zuma and Wu are not only married, but also the crystallization of their love. And Yu Buzhi and Chen Yan chose to travel around the world, and their relationship is very sweet.

At the wedding, Li Nanen and Zhou Erwen looked at each other, recalled the past, and laughed very sweetly. The wedding of the two was successfully held. The development of the sky garden and healing space is also very good, and Gao Dong has also developed into an enterprise supported by more than a hundred people and the government. After a lot of hard work, several people moved to their ideal appearance. However, in these three years, Takagi has devoted himself to the cause of Gaodong and sealed his future in the bottom of his heart. Zhou Erwen left with Li Nanen, and the two went to the place where Li Nanen planted the pansy. Surprisingly, the pansy was reborn, lush and lush under the tree, just like Zhou Erwen and Li Nanen. The wind and rain finally ushered in this brilliant moment.

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