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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 49 Recap

Zhao Zhongfei had also asked Mr. Li to cooperate with him on plan k. However, due to the recommendation of Mr. Wei, Li Zhong and Zhao Zhongfei’s cooperation collapsed. Zhao Zhongfei was a bit uneasy and asked the driver Liu Rui to check Li Zhong’s schedule. Tell him that the people around Li Zhong and Gao Dong people are very close. Liu Rui told Zhao Zhongfei that Mr. Li intends to cooperate with Healing Space. Zhao Zhongfei was very angry when he heard the news. It was not a misfortune. After several investors received the news, they also wanted to withdraw their capital. Zhao Zhongfei called Wan Wei , Wei was furious, Wan Wei argued a few words, and Zhao Zhongfei slap her impatiently.

Gao Mu encountered Wan Wei and saw the scar on Wan Wei’s face. He guessed that Zhao Zhongfei had done it. He was distressed. He wanted to persuade Wan Wei to leave Zhao Zhongfei, but Wan Wei didn’t appreciate it and was very indifferent to Gao Mu. Speculative, when Wan Wei was about to leave, Gao Mu caught up with Wan Wei and held her, trying to say something to Wan Wei, but looking at Wan Wei’s indifference, Gao Mu still let go of her hand and let Wan Wei leave. .

Several people in Gaodong are celebrating the cooperation with President Li, and the healing space has gone through all kinds of sufferings, and it will finally be released tomorrow. In the distance, Zhao Zhongfei looked very annoyed when Gao Dong was happy in the distance. When he saw Zhou Erwen leaving the toilet, he followed. In the bathroom, Zhao Zhongfei and Zhou Erwen had an argument. Zhao Zhongfei only pushed Zhou Erwen, and Zhou Erwen couldn’t stand on the ground. Zhao Zhongfei saw that Zhou Erwen had a problem and asked Liu Rui to investigate Zhou Erwen. Gao Mu saw Zhao Zhongfei come out of the bathroom, hurried in to check the situation, and sent Zhou Erwen to the hospital. Gao Mu was very angry when he knew the real reason for Zhou Erwen’s rejection of Li Nanen . Zhou Erwen told him that he had arranged it and would fly to the United States for treatment after the press conference. Gao Mu turned his head and saw Liu Rui spying outside the ward. Liu Rui got Zhou Erwen’s medical record and gave it to Zhao Zhongfei.

Immediately after the press conference, Li Nanen was very nervous and wanted to send a message to Zhou Erwen to talk, but hesitated for a long time without sending the news. At this time, Zhao Zhongfei suddenly sent a message to Li Nanen, telling her that she knew the real reason why Zhou Erwen broke up with her. Zhao Zhongfei called Wan Wei and instructed her to preside over the tomorrow’s press conference. She had more important things to do. Wan Wei saw Zhao Zhongfei going to the old factory, but Zhao Zhongfei refused to let Wan Wei take charge. After Chen Ye returned home, Yu Buzhi suddenly gave Chen Ye a surprise, telling her to take her to travel around the world regardless of her success tomorrow, and Chen Ye agreed.

The next day, Zuma came to the conference site, but I couldn’t contact Li Nanen. Takagi was setting up in the exhibition hall. Zhou Erwen didn’t want to be absent from the conference and came out of the hospital to the exhibition hall. Zuma hastily came looking for Takagi and Zhou Kelvin, told a few people Linan En lost contact thing, Li Nan day in Wu called brings Linan En computer under a reminder, a few people trying to find information on Linan En computers, peripheral Kelvin look When Zhao Zhongfei sent a message to Li Nanen, he hurried to find Li Nanen according to the address on the message.

At the press conference of Plan K, Wan Wei was preparing to take the stage to host, and Liu Rui followed the instructions of Zhao Zhongfei and planned to go to the healing room to watch the movement of several people. Chen Zheng received Zhou Erwen’s phone call and began to check the phone number that sent a text message to Li Nanen. Takagi saw Liu Rui appear at the scene. Recalling that he had also seen him in the hospital at the time. She went to a press conference of plan k to tell Wan Wei that Li Nanen was abducted by Zhao Zhongfei, but Wan Wei said that she did not know their whereabouts, and Takagi pulled Wan Wei out. She persuaded her, and Wan Wei told Zhao Zhongfei to go. Takagi was told about the abandoned factory of the Dahe Group.

In the abandoned factory, Zhao Zhongfei tied Li Nanen to a chair and made a threatening video to make Gao Dong give up the healing space in exchange for Li Nanen’s safety. Takagi returned to the exhibition hall and informed the whereabouts of Zhao Zhongfei and Li Nanen. Several uninhibited people immediately set off to rescue Li Nanen, and Takagi began the introduction of the conference.

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