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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 48 Recap

Yu Buzhi helped Takagi decorate the exhibition space of the healing space, and then informed Chen Ye of the incident. Suspecting that Gao Mu intends toconfessto Li Nanen ,Chen Kun deliberately amplified his voice so that Zhou Erwen heard the incident. Yu Buzhi and Chen Ye came to the street and met a few girls whom they knew at the bar. Chen Ye was a bit angry. In order to calm Chen Ye, Yu Buzhi let her take her cell phone and delete the contact information of several people. .

In the old Mr. Wei’s home, Li Nanen was talking to the workers about the transformation. At this time, Zhou Erwen also came to Mr. Wei’s home. The first meeting between the two was a bit awkward. Li Nanen deliberately avoided Zhou Erwen, but Zhou Erwen watched her quietly, and when he saw a piece of wood was about to hit Li Nanen, he rushed forward to support the wood. Li Nanen knew that Zhou Erwen had some surprises after persuading Mr. Wei, but Zhou Erwen only said that he wanted to make the healing space land earlier. Li Nanen planned to go to Takagi to make an appointment, and Zhou Erwen suddenly proposed to ride Li Nanen by himself. Li Nanen sat behind Zhou Erwen and told Zhou Erwen not to care about himself anymore, stiffly saying that he could live well without him. Zhou Erwen sent Li Nanen to his destination, but Li Nanen was unwilling to leave. She looked at Zhou Erwen in silence. When the two were silent, Takagi just came out to pick up Li Nanen. When Zhou Erwen saw Takagi coming out, he left.

Gao Mu took Li Nanen to visit the arranged healing space exhibition hall. He hoped that Li Nanen would let Zhou Erwen down. He knew that Li Nanen still had Zhou Erwen in his heart, but he was willing to wait for Li Nanen. As long as Li Nanen would, Li Nanen refused Gao Mu. Takagi did not give up, he still chose to continue to pursue Li Nanen, intending to continue to take care of her and protect her beside Li Nanen.

After Li Nanen returned home, she kept thinking about what Takagi had said to her. Zuma came to Li Nanen with her newly developed dessert and interrupted her thoughts. It turned out that Zuma received what Wu said was secretly sending her a notebook, opened it, and looked at all about the innovation of desserts. Zuma was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to experiment. Zuma’s new product was very successful. Li Nanen and Zuma talked about Takagi. Zuma hoped that Li Nanen could agree to Takagi’s pursuit, but Li Nanen said that if he agreed to Takagi’s pursuit, he would sympathize with Takagi. Such a hasty decision would make him regret it. Zuma was very relieved to see that Li Nanen was able to analyze the problem so maturely. Li Nanen asked her if she could clearly distinguish her likes and sympathies.

Zuma found that her dessert was shortlisted for the International Creative Dessert Contest, but found that she had not registered. Li Nantian speculates that Wu so-called secretly helped her sign up, and hopes that she will not escape the relationship between her and Wu so-called. Li Nantian knew that only Wu could bring happiness to Zuma, so he decided to withdraw.

Yu Buzhi wanted to take Wu So to go to the healing space to see, but Wu So urged that he was uncomfortable and stayed in the apartment. He wrote a farewell letter to Gao Dong people. Zuma came to Gao Dong to find When Wu called it, he had already left. Zuma saw the letter left by Wu so called and hurried up. Zuma saw that Wu had decided to return to the Bordeaux Institute, but she did n’t say what she wanted to leave. After saying goodbye to Wu, she wanted to leave. Wu So called Zuma and told her that in addition to scientific research, Zuma is also very important in his life. He just felt that Zuma would be happier after leaving, and the two of them talked to each other in the rain, and then they understood each other’s intentions. The two hugged tightly and were unwilling to be separated from each other. Zuma returned to the dessert shop with Wu’s so-called. Several people looked at the two and knew that they were reconciled. Zuma thanked Li Nantian silently.

Zhou Erwen has prepared the healing space, but the plan is still not better than the k plan. When several people were planning to eat, Mr. Wei brought his father to thank everyone. The effect of the healing space was very significant. In order to make the healing space benefit For more people, Mr. Wei gave Zhou Erwen the business card of Li Li, the owner of a private winery, and told him that Li wanted to integrate the healing space into his own winery. Zhao Zhongfei had also asked Mr. Li to cooperate with him on plan k.

However, due to the recommendation of Mr. Wei, Li Zhong and Zhao Zhongfei’s cooperation collapsed. Zhao Zhongfei was a bit uneasy and asked the driver Liu Rui to check Li Zhong’s schedule. Liu Rui Tell him that the people around Li Zhong and Gao Dong people are very close. Zhao Zhongfei found Li Nanen and wanted to buy Li Nanen to abandon the cooperation with President Li. Li Nanen was not at the dessert shop at the time and did not know about Li Zhong and Gao Dong. She was a little confused, but she still accused Zhao Zhongfei and said that she was unwilling to Zhao Zhongfei cooperated and left.

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