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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 47 Recap

Wan Wei handed over the market monitoring report to Zhao Zhongfei. Zhao Zhongfei was very satisfied and planned to monopolize the market and threatened Wan Wei not to have extra thoughts. She also had the handle of Wan Wei. Wan Wei thought about what she had done. My heart is very complicated.

In the evening, Li Nanen told Takagi that he plans to propose to Zhou Erwen tomorrow night and wants Takagi to help him out. As soon as Takagi was about to confess to Li Nanen, he encountered this incident and was very uncomfortable. So he took out the famous paintings that Li Nanen had given him in the past, and then smashed them.

In the evening of the following day, Takagi delivered Zhou Erwen to Chen Zhou’s shop on time. At this time, the lights in the shop lit up a little. The scenes carefully arranged by Li Nanen also appeared in front of Zhou Erwen. Expressing affectionately to him, and proposing to Zhou Erwen, Li Nanen couldn’t help crying when he talked about the affectionate place, but unexpectedly, Zhou Erwen rejected Li Nanen. The crowds were very surprised, and came out to question why Zhou Erwen didn’t Promised Li Nanen, Zhou Erwen did not explain, and even proposed to break up with Li Nanen. Gao Mu was upset, raised his hand and punched Zhou Erwen, Li Nanen chased out, and asked him why he broke up. Chen Yan hid and listened to their conversation. Li Nanen tried to persuade Zhou Erwen, but Zhou Erwen made a count of Li Nanen. By default, I like Chen Chen.

Li Nanen returned home sadly, with pictures of Zhou Erwen scolding her in her mind. Li Nanen went home alone, not knowing that Zhou Erwen was behind her. Li Nantian saw Li Nanen’s embarrassed face and rushed his sister into his arms, while Li Nanen also wept in the arms of his brother. Zhou Erwen saw that Li Nanen was very upset at heart. It turned out that Zhou Erwen found that he had a blood clot in his brain. He was worried about the danger of his life. He didn’t want to worry Li Nanen, so he decided to deceive her.

The next day, Li Nanen came to Zuma ‘s dessert shop. Mr. Wei visited suddenly and said that he was here to experience the healing space and planned to install the healing space in his home. Yu Buzhi knew that Zhou Erwen was because of the breakup of Chen Ye and Li Nanen, and he rushed to question Zhou Erwen. When Chen Ye arrived, he kicked Yu Buzhi out and said that he would talk with Zhou Erwen alone. Chen Ye investigated the real reason for the breakup between Zhou Erwen and Li Nanen. She did not want Zhou Erwen to conceal the illness from everyone. Zhou Erwen wanted to advance the healing space as soon as possible and was unwilling to undergo surgery in time. Chen Ye wanted Zhou Erwen to tell Li Nanen the truth, but Zhou Erwen did not want Li Nanen to be burdened.

The inexplicable pressure does not want to delay Li Nanen’s work and time. In fact, when Li Nanen proposed his marriage, Zhou Erwen especially wanted to hug Li Nanen and said yes, but in this case, he has no other way to achieve the best of both worlds. He told Chen Ye to hide this secret for him. Chen Kun came to the bar to find Yu Bushu, and found him drunk. Yu Buyin conjured eccentrically to Yang Chen and Zhou Erwen finally. Seeing Yu unruly, Chen Xuan pulled him to kiss him. Yu Yu was a little surprised. Chen Yu said that he was now sure he did not like Zhou Erwen, and the happiness he wanted was always with her. Accompany her, but also encourage Yu Buzhi to confess. Yu Buzhi was very excited and confessed to Chen Ye aloud, and won the blessing of the entire bar. After much hard work, Yu Buzhi finally caught up with Chen Ye. Thinking of what Zhou Erwen had concealed from Li Nanen, Chen Xun told Yu to be uninhibited. In the future, no matter what was good or bad, she could not hide her. Yu uninhibited and agreed to her without hesitation.

Late at night, Yu Buzhi returned to the apartment and found that Wu so-called was dizzy and hot for Zuma. Yu Buzhi feels sorry that Wu is not able to pay as much as Li Nan is around Zuma every day. So-called Wu suddenly came up with an idea, as long as Zuma can be happy, it is not impossible to leave alone. Yu Buzhi was disappointed by what Wu called, so let Wu think about it carefully.

In the exhibition hall, workers are installing a healing space, and Takagi Lee Nanen will visit in the evening.

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