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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 46 Recap

Zhou Erwen silently jealousbecause Takagi and Li Nanen have the same necklace. Zuma and Li Nanen discovered this and decided to talk with Zhou Erwen. The next day, Zhou Erwen came to the dessert shop to find Li Nanen, and found that Zuma also wore the same necklace as Takagi. After investigation, Zhou Erwen found that he had misunderstood Li Nanen, and everyone had a Takagi gift for them. At this time Li Nanen just came to the store, Zhou Erwen just planned to explain, Li Nanen stepped forward to stop. Li Nanen took the initiative to resolve the embarrassment, explained to him the origin of the necklace, and finally gave him the share Takagi gave him. Zhou Erwen reconciled with Li Nanen and walked out of the dessert shop happily.

Zuma’s dessert shop was successfully completed, but the customers were few. Because Zuma’s dessert shop owner has a cure space, some people think that the shop has misappropriated the products of plan k, which is difficult to accept. Zhou Erwen thought of a way for Takagi to help propagate, not only to help Zuma vigorously, but also to make the dessert shop right.

In the evening, Zhou Kelvin night did not sleep, morning came dessert was wanted to give Li Nanen breakfast, Zhou Kelvin tired collapsed to the ground, but also with a bloody nose, Li Nan Tien and Wu called a few people deeply concerned, the week Kelvin pulled the hospital. Li Nanen rushed to the hospital in worry, and Zhou Erwen was preparing for a medical examination on the advice of the doctor. Li Nanen decides to propose to Zhou Erwen, Zuma is very surprised, and finally Li Nanen asks her to help her organize the proposal. Li Nanen wanted to ask Zhou Erwen to come out for dinner, but Zhou Erwen said that these days are very busy, and he will talk about it later. Zhou Erwen came to the nursing home to find Mr. Wei Lao for Li Nanen and introduced him the design of the healing space. Mr. Wei Lao was moved by Li Nanen’s design and agreed to cooperate further with Li Nanen.

Li Nantian was going to propose to Zuma, so he asked Yu Buzhi for reference. Yu Buzhi thinks that their relationship is as unknown as Schrödinger’s cat, but Li Nantian mistakenly thought that he was going to give Zuma a cat. Yu Buzhi deliberately didn’t tell him that Zuma was afraid of furry animals, in order to tame Li Nantian, he encouraged He went to the pet store to buy cats.

In the evening, when Zuma and Li Nantian were dating, Yu Buzhi also called Wu to watch a joke together. When Li Nantian gave the cat to Zuma, Wu allegedly rushed up and took Zuma to the hospital. Li Nantian learned that Zuma was allergic to cat hair, and Yu Buzhi deceived himself.

In the hospital, Zuma was out of danger. Yu Buzhi came to her to apologize in time, hoping that Zuma would give Wu a chance. So-called Wu stood in front of Zuma, but hesitated to speak. Zuma was frustrated, so she scolded Yu Buzhi and Wu for not being allowed to take a step closer to her, and took Li Nantian straight away. Li Nantian felt guilty, but Zuma was not angry with her. Li Nantian asked Zuma to have a good talk with Wu so-called, and did not want her to regret it. The bar Yu Buzhi told Chen Ye the news that Zhou Erwen and Li Nanen were going to get married, and left a letter to Chen Ye . In the letter, Yu Buzhi seriously confessed to Chen Ye , and in order to follow Chen Ye’s footsteps, became Qualified journalists.

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