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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 45 Recap

Zuma did n’t want to look at Wu’s so-called talent, so he turned him away, but she kept missing him. Zuma came to Li Nanen to have a good talk, Li Nanen persuaded her to learn to let go and comfort her. Zuma remembered that it was Li Nanen’s birthday today, so she closed her home and celebrated in advance.

Zhou Erwen remembered that Li Nanen and Takagi had the same money chain, worried that there was something between the two, and he was always feeling unhappy. Today is Li Nanen’s birthday, but Zhou Erwen did not know. Linan En heard movement downstairs, then went downstairs to see, only to find Li Nan day and Zuma to prepare their own cake, and Li Nanen Zuma had just sat down when ready to eat cake, Takagi suddenly called me and let Li Nanen out, Takagi specifically for Li Nanen I prepared a birthday surprise. To the surprise of Li Nanen, Takagi confessed to Li Nanen. How familiar is this scene, which is almost the same as the scene in which Li Nanen confessed to Takagi, except that the positions of the two were reversed. Li Nanen was a bit lost. She hoped that these words were what Zhou Erwen said to herself. Li Nanen didn’t know, and Zhou Erwen looked at all of them not far away.

Zuma looked at the scene outside the window, and couldn’t bear that Zhou Erwen and Li Nan’en were so separated, and took a picture to make Zhou Erwen feel a little crisis. What was unexpected was that Li Nantian suddenly confessed to himself. In the face of Li Nantian’s confession, Zuma was a little overwhelmed. She felt that she and Li Nantian had not yet reached that point and refused to accept the gift from Li Nantian. Own necklace. Zhou Erwen took the effort to buy a ticket and wanted to see it with Li Nanen, but watching all this, he flinched. He returned to the apartment sadly, drinking alone, and when Yu returned, he saw Zhou Erwen drunk. Seeing Zuma’s photos, you know why Zhou Erwen was sad.

The next day, Zhou Erwen’s research on the new project progressed smoothly. Yu Buzhi proposed to give a new name to the new space. Zhou Erwen said that Li Nanen was the main designer and asked her to pick a name. When Zhou Erwen came downstairs, Zuma was looking at the necklace of Li Nanen and Takagi, and saw that both Li Nanen and Takagi agreed to call the new system a healing space, and the name of the new space was determined. Zuma took the opportunity to propose that he could put the healing space in his own dessert shop for trials, which could be displayed outside and added points to the dessert shop. Zhou Erwen agreed, and Li Nanen originally wanted to go to the dessert shop with Zhou Erwen, but Zhou Erwen refused, leaving Li Nanen to do the design, Li Nanen was a little angry.

In the evening, Li Nanen was revising the design drawings at home. Zuma deliberately photographed her design drawings to Zhou Erwen and asked Zhou Erwen to help her indirectly. After discussing the design, Zuma wanted to go to the dessert shop, but was pulled by Li Nantian to eat in the restaurant. Yu Buzhi and Wu So-called hide in the shadows, and followed them to the restaurant. Yu Buzhi deliberately bought Li Nantian, a waiter at the restaurant. Li Nantian couldn’t understand the English menu and had to order a few on the menu. Wu claims that Yu Buzhi’s approach is not good, but Yu Buzhi feels that this will allow Li Nantian to recognize the gap between him and Zuma, and he will let Wu Sohu hurry up with Zuma to clear up the misunderstanding. At this time, Li Nantian’s order came. It turned out that Li Nantian had just ordered whatever was red wine, and Li Nantian was a little embarrassed. The two came out of the restaurant. Li Nantian thought that he would never be able to meet Zuma again, but Zuma promised that he could date again.

In the laboratory, Yu Buzhi couldn’t help but ask Zhou Erwen what was wrong. Zhou Erwen had to speak out his doubts. He felt that Li Nanen liked Takagi, and Yu Buzhi tried to comfort Zhou Erwen. Li Nanen also unhappy about the Zuma out, she did not understand why Zhou Kelvin recently why their own very cold, just Chen Yu sat behind them hear their conversation, she directly helped Li Nanen a telephone call, to help her to Zhou Kelvin ask.

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