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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 43 Recap

At the hospital, Gao Mu came to visit Dad again. Although Gao Dad was seriously ill at this time, he still had the pain to let Gao Mu stop telling Chen Zhou about the Hanging Garden because he would prevent the NCZ plan. Takagi agreed to his father’s request and coaxed him to sleep. Li Nanen came to visit Chen Zhou, at this time Chen Zhou was talking on the bed, worried about the mass production of NCZ. Li Nanen didn’t know it. Seeing his emotions excited, comforting him was just a nightmare, and let Chen Zhou go to bed early. This is Takagi visiting Chen Zhou, seeing that he is asleep, and chatting with Li Nanen outside the ward. Li Nanentold himZhou Zhou and Zhou Erwen ‘s relationship, which led Zhou Erwen to run away from home and not contact her. Gao Mu was afraid that Li Nanen would think more, so he passed her the peace sign that his father gave him. Every time Takagi encounters danger, this peace charm can always make him a danger, and Li Nanen readily agrees.

In the processing plant of Longxi Town, Zhou Erwen came to see the factory manager Li. The security guard at the door saw Zhou Erwen face him and turned him out. Zhou Erwen saw the processing plant restarted from the crack of the door and was puzzled. This time Chen Yu took over unruly just rush to the side, they arrived it was eyeing people, even last up surrounded by people, Yu Chen command to delete the photo. Chen Yun originally wanted to pretend to have a relationship with male and female friends, but Yu Buzhi directly faced their true identity, and then confronted the people in the factory. At this time, Zhou Erwen tried to turn over the wall to enter the factory, and was discovered again by the security. The security guard brought Zhou Erwen to the front of Li. After the director knew that Zhou Erwen was Chen Zhou’s son, he respected Zhou Erwen’s attitude.

The factory manager Li mistakenly thought that Chen Zhou sent him to the factory to help Zhou Erwen. Zhou Erwen then knew that he had misunderstood his father. Zhou Erwen found that Director Li encountered technical problems and decided to stay behind to help. After Zhou Dangerwen resolved the technical problem, when Chen Zhou was critically ill, he quickly bid farewell to Director Li and rushed to the hospital. Director Li gave a bunch of beads to Zhou Erwen and asked him to transfer it to Chen Zhou, hoping to bless him He is safe.

Zhou Erwen came to the hospital, the doctor informed him that Chen Zhou’s condition had deteriorated, and prepared him mentally. When Zhou Erwen saw his unconscious father, he both hated himself and blamed his father for not recognizing him. Li Nanen didn’t want to intensify the misunderstanding between the two, and told him that Chen Zhou missed him very much. Every night, Chen Zhou shouted Zhou Erwen’s name. He even gave up the opportunity of American treatment to stay with Zhou Erwen. After hearing this, Zhou Erwen was even more sad. Zhou Erwen had always accused Chen Zhou of not, not knowing all his reluctance and dissatisfaction. Zhou Erwen told Gao Mu and Li Nanen what they had investigated in Longxi Town. Gao Mu apologized to Zhou Erwen for his father, but Zhou Erwen was very indifferent to Gao Mu and refused to accept his apology. Takagi had to leave.

In the evening, Wan Wei threatened him with surveillance video of Zhao Zhongfei’s life and set fire to his apartment. Wan Wei ordered Zhang Zhongfei to sign an equity transfer agreement. Zhang Zhongfei was reluctant at first, but Wan Wei insisted on this agreement. Seeing that Zhang Zhongfei couldn’t get rid of it, he had better be forced to agree.
The next day, Takagi returned to the company and found that the company’s capital chain was broken and could not operate normally.

After much consideration, Takagi still decided to throw out his own stock to preserve Plan K, but in this way, Gao’s purchase of murder and other things will all be exposed. The share price of the Euro Group plunged again. Takagi suspected that someone was behind the ghosts. When he came to Wan Wei for questioning, he found that Wan Wei had already fled. Takagi was in an atmosphere. At this time, Zhao Zhongfei asked unwillingly, and ridiculed Takagi.

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