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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 42 Recap

At the hospital, Chen Zhou was successfully rescued, but failed to escape. Chen Zhou repeatedly told Takagi and Li Nanen that they had to ensure that the Hanging Garden proceeded as planned . Takagi returned to the company and announced to his colleagues that he would start working on carbon technology, and that he would start to invest in Plan K. This is a life-and-death for the Euro Group. Only in this way can Takagi and others go all out.

In the dessert shop, Zhou Erwen suddenly came to the Zuma shop to help, hoping that Zuma could help him to say a few words in front of Li Nanen. Zuma was very jealous, so she took advantage of something to go out to deliver things, and made time for the two to stay in the store. Zhou Erwen wanted to apologize to Li Nanen, but Li Nanen ignored his love and kept explaining. On the other side, Li Nantian could not walk away, he called Li Nanen to help him run. Li Nanen came to the refrigerator alone to pick up the goods, but Zhou Erwen had secretly followed. When Li Nanen ordered the goods, Zhou Erwen was worried that she would catch cold, and he brought her jacket to put on her.

At this time, the circuit of the electric door in the refrigerator was suddenly broken, and the two were trapped in the refrigerator. Zhou Erwen found a place with a signal, just called Li Nantian, and lost the signal again. Li Nanen shivered in the cold, Zhou Erwen held Li Nanen to warm her up, Li Nanen took the opportunity to apologize to Zhou Erwen. Zhou Erwen lost his temper and held Li Nanen tightly in his arms. The two kissed. At this moment Li Nantian rushed to the refrigerator and saw this scene. It was a little embarrassing and Li Nanen ran out shyly.

After Li Nanen and Zhou Erwen left the cold room, Li Nanen questioned Zhou Erwen who he wanted to see at the last moment of his life. Zhou Erwen said that besides Li Nanen, it was Takagi. Although Zhou Erwen and Takagi have always been in conflict, because of this, Zhou Erwen has no idea what Takagi’s approach is white, and he does not understand whether Takagi has really changed. Although Takagi wanted to use the sky garden to rescue the group, this would not complete the high-movement wish, so Zhou Erwen always had a deep feeling for Takagi. Li Nanen didn’t want to keep hiding Zhou Erwen, so he told him that Chen Zhou was his father. Zhou Erwen was unwilling to accept such a father and was even shocked by the matter. Li Nanen didn’t want Zhou Erwen to regret and took him directly to the hospital to visit Chen Zhou.

At the hospital, Li Nanen also told Zhou Erwen about Dao Gao and Chen Zhou. Zhou Erwen felt that Chen Zhou was not a qualified father, and he still refused to accept his existence. After Zhou Erwen left, he walked to Chen Zhou’s antique shop and accidentally discovered that Chen Zhou’s letter box had a letter written to him by the director of Longxi Town Chemical Plant Li. In the letter, Zhou Erwen suspected that Chen Zhou indirectly used himself, and Directly instructing the start of the processing plant, Zhou Erwen was unwilling to let Chen Yi’s tricks succeed and decided to stop it by himself.

Zuma took some desserts to Chen Yi, and revealed to her what she called Wu . Zuma was worried that Wu ’s so-called staying at the dessert shop would only affect his scientific research career, but Chen Yan did not intend to question their feelings, and naturally he would not reply. Chen Ye casually mentioned that Wu had a recent interview. Zuma was worried that Wu was supposed to come to interview the Chinese Academy of Sciences and hurried to stop it. At this time, Wu called out for an interview and told Zuma a lot of thoughts. If he succeeded in the interview, he would go abroad, which means that he would not be able to meet Zuma for a while. Zuma didn’t take it to heart, and joked that Wu asked not to leave.

Late at night, Zuma returned home and told Li Nanen what Wu called an interview. At this time, Zuma suddenly remembered that Wu Wu, who she liked in the past, was a researcher who was serious about scientific research, but not Wu who was sitting in a dessert shop all day. Zuma found that she had been delaying him and decided to let go of Wu’s pursuit of her life.

The next day, Zuma deleted all the so-called group photos with Wu, and informed Wu so-called two people not to meet again, so that he would not come to the dessert shop again, and there was no need to help himself and take care of himself.

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