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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 41 Recap

When Chen Zhou was young, he was the only survivor in the South African research team, and the one who rescued him silently was his father. Dad valued Takagi ‘s talents, so he secretly hid him in the secret technical consultant of the Euro Group, knowing that the relationship between them is still deep. Chen Zhou had wanted to go to Zhou Erwen’s family in the past , but Zhou Erwen’s mother did not see the news of Chen Zhou, and when he died, he did not look for it afterwards. Chen Zhou saw that they could live well and did not disturb their lives. Chen Zhou and Zhou Erwen haven’t seen each other for many years, and they don’t want Li Nanen and others to reveal his true identity to him.

Zhou Erwen asked Chen Ye to investigate Mr. Wei’s information and found that Mr. Wei’s son had a good personal relationship with Gao Mu. Wei Yuan’s project did not look for Gao Mu but instead sought Li Nanen. Zhou Erwen was puzzled. In the evening, Li Nanen returned home, remembering that Chen Zhou and Zhou Ermingming were father and son, but could not recognize each other and felt sorry. Li Nanen wanted to tell Zhou Erwen the truth, but he still chose to conceal it repeatedly. Chen Zhou’s condition was severe again, and Takagi decided to take him to the United States for treatment. Takagi didn’t want Zhou Erwen to know what he did for his father, or he would deepen his conflict with Zhou Erwen again.

In the nursing home, Takagi and Li Nanen’s chatting topic just happened to be heard by Zhou Erwen. Zhou Erwen was angry that Li Nanen secretly met with Takagi on his back. The couple quarreled because of the third party Takagi again. When the two were in a heated quarrel, Chen Huan informed Zhou Erwen that the processing enterprises of the Euro Group were exposed. At this time, the scene of the Euro Group was chaotic, causing the company’s stock to plummet, and all employees left one after another, which made Takagi very distressed. Takagi took everyone away. At this moment, Wan Wei suddenly appeared, indicating that he was not willing to leave the Ouou Group. Takagi was not touched. After all, he now knew Wan Wei’s purpose well and had to let her leave as soon as possible. Wan Wei asked Takagi to start the K plan, but Takagi rejected it.

Gaodong Apartment, Zhou Erwen was very angry after learning that Yu Buzhi spread the news, and told him that if the Euro Group really went bankrupt, it would only benefit others, and the sky garden would be finished with it. Yu Buzhi did not believe Zhou Erwen’s words. He fell out of the door. Chen Ye also found Yu Bushu and was very angry at him for exposing the news of the Ou Ou Group without authorization. She knew that Yu Bushu did so because of Wan Wei. He was even more sad, and even suspected that Yu Buzhi approached himself for his own news channel.

Chen Ye did not want to listen to Yu Buzhi’s explanation and kicked him out. After a while, Yu Buzhi turned back and exchanged a glass of wine for an explanation, and Yu Buzhi drank a glass and then drank the wine one sentence after another and explained it to Chen Yan, and also took Wan Wei’s face in front of Chen Yan. The contact details have been deleted. Chen Xuan was soft-hearted for the moment and forgave Yu Buzhi this time. Yu Buzhi helped drunk Chen Ye to the hotel. Chen Ye stumbled and said drunk, Yu Buzhi took care of her very intimately.

Dessert shop, Wu so-called intimate cold food for Zuma design products, also named this item Zuma cold medicine. Zuma felt a little embarrassed when she saw that Wu was so stingy. When Zuma was happy, she turned around and saw that Wu was looking for a job, and his temper came up at once. Zuma and Wu allegedly yelled at the scene. The conflict between the two was immediately triggered, and another scolding war broke out.
In the evening, Li Nanen returned home, thinking about the quarrel with Zhou Erwen this day. When she began to miss Zhou Erwen, Zuma suddenly appeared, saying that someone was waiting for her downstairs. Li Nanen guessed that this person was Zhou Erwen, and hurried down the stairs, only to find that the other party turned out to be Takagi. Gao Mu told Li Nanen that Chen Zhou had an accident, and the two quickly rushed to the hospital.

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