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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 8 Recap

Squadron members came to visit Lee Jung-hyuk, and Lee Jung-hyuk said that Yin Shili had seen the Security Section and left to avoid suspicion. At this time, Gu Shengjun called him, telling Yin Shili to be safe and comfortable with herself, to stop Lee Jung-hye from looking for her, and then hang up the phone. When Lee Jung-hyak called, he was unable to connect. Biao Zhixiu was very happy about the disappearance of Yin Shili, but Li Zhenghe repeatedly argued that Gu Shengjun was not Yin Shili’s boyfriend. Even if they had a marriage contract, they were angry at Biao Zhixiu.

At this time, the patient from the ward next door came over and told them that their voices were too loud. The patient couldn’t help but get excited when he saw the name posted in front of Li Zhenghe’s ward, because Yin Shili said that Li Zhenghe was her love before leaving, and after interpreting Jin Mozhu, Li Zhenghe understood Yin Shili also loved him deeply. Biao Zhixiu found that Lee Jung Hyuk was laughing, and Lee Jung Hyuk sent the team members away. Biao Zhixiu didn’t understand why Li Zhenghe suddenly got angry and laughed suddenly, thinking that he was sick, and Jin Mozhu joked that he was ill.

President Qian saw Yin Shili in the room, and Gu Shengjun introduced to her that he was the housekeeper. President Qian raised the risk of bringing Yin Shili here. Gu Shengjun said that if Zhao Zhegang stepped in, he would take 50% of his income. Their current task is to dismantle Li Zhenghe and Yin Shili. Xu Dan suddenly met with Yu Shengjun, saying that he would report Yin Shili, and did not care about his fiance’s accident. Gu Shengjun speculated that Xu Dan’s intention was to dismantle Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe. Sure enough, Xu Dan began to listen to his plan.

In order to show the performance, the president personally delivered medicine to Lee Jung Hyuk, but when he arrived in the ward, he did not see Lee Jung Hyuk. He had already been discharged from the hospital. Lee Jung Hyuk went to visit the store supervisor and said that he had something to ask him to find out the secret guest house in Zinan Shanli. The supervisor stated that he was at position 30. Lee Jung Hyuk found No. 30 along the power line. Yin Shili suddenly remembered that Li Zhenghe had found a lot of monitoring equipment in the hotel, and she immediately began to find these eavesdroppers.

Yin Shili placed the eavesdropper in front of Gu Shengjun and President Qian, and then asked them what plans they had to send themselves back as soon as possible. President Qian said that this was a secret and could be smuggled from the sea. Yin Shili told them that because of maritime supervision and the new maritime police officials did not enter the oil and salt, this plan would not work. Gu Shengjun said that she would use her British identity to let her take home in a comfortable business class on the condition that she marry him. Gu Shengjun prepared the marriage documents. Yin Shili browsed through the fake marriage documents, and Gu Shengjun told her that it was Christmas today, only to find out that it was snowing outside.

In the blizzard of the sky, Lee Jung Hyuk looked for Yin Shili’s residence. Gu Shengjun prepared a rich dinner for Yin Shili, but she remembered the dinner with the team members and the smile of Li Zhenghe at that time. Gu Shengjun mentioned the fake marriage at the table. He took out the ring to propose to Yin Shili, and Yin Shili felt uncomfortable. However, Gu Shengjun said that her relationship with Lee Jung Hyuk was just an illusion of loneliness and helplessness, and she put on a ring after speaking. At this time, Li Zhenghe outside the villa was going to power off the camera, but closed the main gate. Gu Shengjun instructed the bodyguards to check the line. Lee Jung Hyuk was fighting with the bodyguards. Yin Shili found Lee Jung Hyuk and thought he was crazy. He wanted to rush out to stop the fight.

But Gu Sheng Jun said that even if she went out, she could n’t take Lee Jung He back to Seoul. , And Lee Jung Hyuk could n’t keep her with him, because Xu Dan knew the truth of the whole thing. If Lee Jung Hyuk resettled Yin Shili, he would also be reported; so even if Yin Shi Li can return to South Korea, Lee Jung Hyuk will pay a lot. Big price. Yin Shili stepped out of the door and first accused Lee Jung Hyuk of not taking good care of her body. She also said that she didn’t believe that Lee Jung Hyuk could send her back, and Gu Seung Joon had a way, so she would marry him, get a foreigner’s passport, and leave here.

Let Lee Jung-hye no longer meet with himself, because it’s illegal to be alone. Now Lee Jung-hye is looking for herself to make himself feel burdened and disgusting; Lee Jung-hyuk asked her to be serious. Yin Shili affirmed this statement. Let Yin Shili stop crying, walk to the snow, Yin Shili could not help crying after he left. Yin Shili was still worried that Lee Jung Hyuk would fall on the side of the road, and she was in a dilemma. In the end, she still drove to find Lee Jung Hyuk. She let Lee Jung Hyuk get in the car, but Lee Jung Hyuk pulled her into her arms. Although Yin Shi Li said he was not looking for him, the two Hugged tightly in the snow.

Yin Shili told Li Zhenghe in the car that he was afraid that his body had not recovered. He would split up after sending him, but at this time Yin Shili found that there was no gasoline in the car. Lee Jung Hyuk said that there are schools nearby and where to light a fire. Yin Shili took out his flashlight and went to school with him. Zhao Zhegang got on the line of the Central Military Minister, who needed a weakness in the minister of politics, Li Zhenghe’s father, to put him to death. Zhao Zhegang reported to the military ministry that Li Zhenghe was sheltering Yin Shili, and proposed to put a spy hat on the two of them and step down the political minister. The military ministry asked Zhao Zhegang to bring Yin Shili to the front. Zhao Zhegang called the listener and the listener reported that Li Zhenghe had not yet returned home, but the squadron members had visited his home at noon. Zhao Zhegang watched the surveillance video from the hospital. Gu Shengjun called Xu Dan and said that it was not easy to break up Li Zhenghe and Yin Shili.

Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe set fire to each other. Li Zhenghe asked if she really planned to get married. Yin Shili said that it was just the identity on the file, and Xu Dan also knew her identity. She might report to herself. Li Zhenghe’s life might fall apart because of herself. . Yin Shili asked Li Zhenghe that Xu Dan was his first love. Li Zhenghe said that the two did not know him at school. Yin Shili believed that Li Zhenghe was a long-time bachelor. Although Li Zhenghe did not know the meaning of the word, he knew it was a derogatory term.

The eavesdropper was drinking drunken outside the house. His wife came out to see him and asked him if he was worried about Lee Jung Hyuk. His wife thought he was only performing the task entrusted to him by the motherland. Even if something happened, it was not his fault. The eavesdropper asked his wife if he remembered Lee Woo-hye. The wife said that he remembered it because Lee Wu-hye was so good to them. The eavesdropper told his wife that Lee Woo-hye was killed by himself, and Lee Jung-hye was Lee Wu-he’s brother. Know how to live. He didn’t want to harm anyone who respected himself and loyal to those who looked down on him. He felt that it would be too sad if this was his own life, and he could not help crying, and his wife took his hand.

Yin Shili found that Lee Jung Hyuk had a fever and fell asleep when she was sitting. She rested Lee Jung Hyuk’s head on her shoulder and held his hand. Li Zhenghe dreamed of seeing his brother Li Wuhe. He gave his brother a watch before going abroad. The brother liked it very much, and the two reluctantly parted. But after a while, he found that it was getting dark and he couldn’t find his brother, so he woke up. Yin Shili knew she had to go home or go to the hospital. Xu Dan found Li Zhenghe’s father and told him about Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe. Gu Shengjun and President Qian waited for their cars to come back, but waited for Zhao Zhegang. Zhao Zhegang not only hit him, but also took out a gun to aim at him. Gu Shengjun threatened that Zhao Zhegang could not get the money, but Zhao Zhegang said He was not interested in money, but was very interested in rights. He asked Gu Shengjun about Yin Shili’s whereabouts.

After the show was drinking, Xu Dan’s mother disclosed a lot of things about Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe, and now she regrets drinking. He asked other team members not to tell Li Zhenghe that the other team members will immediately arrange the tableware. Xu Dan’s mother came home and told Xu Dan that she had gone to Li Zhenghe’s house, and then set the information, but she couldn’t remember it. Xu Dan found that her mother had a handwriting, which turned out to be the focus. But it’s some secret words. My mother still can’t remember what she heard, but her mother is still worried about whether there is any problem between Xu Dan and Lee Jung Hyuk, and whether she will be happy. Will marry Lee Jung Hyuk and will be happy.

Yin Shili and Li Zhenghe returned home. She gave him medicine and asked him to go to the hospital, but Li Zhenghe refused. Zhao Zhegang took the soldiers to the officer’s residence. The women’s captain and Mrs. Dazuo are checking the papers of the children in the village. The children of the women’s captain have passed the final test, which makes her furious. Madam Dasuo said that she needs help, and she asked the child Nanzhi herself Jin Zhi ’s tutor, Nan Zhi reported that her score was 100 points, which made Madame Da Zuo happy, but in fact Nan Zhi scored 100 points by adding homework together.

When Mrs. Dazuo was about to teach her child, she encountered Yin Shili. Everyone was a little embarrassed towards Yin Shili. There was a long-term description of how luxurious the wedding room and appliances that Xu Dan prepared, and the people next to her covered her mouth. Yin Shili said that this time will prepare gifts for everyone, everyone was surprised, because Yin Shili is the poorest of them. Yin Shili could not help showing her diamond ring. Yin Shili took the ring to the pawnshop, and Mrs. Dazu also gave her a guarantee. Yin Shili asked for 5 million won, but the pawnshop owner only had 140,000 North Korean won. The woman captain whispered to the pawnshop owner, and he agreed to take the ring and the pawnshop’s contents In exchange, everyone got a gift, and Yin Shili got a watch from Li Wuhe.

In Seoul, Park Soo-chan and Secretary Luo reconfirmed Yin Shili’s speech on the walkie-talkie, but her elder brother Ai refused to acknowledge it. Secretary Luo knew that such a wealthy thing, shares are more important than family relationships. Park Soo-chan wanted to find Yin Shili’s mother, but Secretary Luo said that it was a stepmother. Park Soo-chan wanted to find Yin Zhengping. Together, Yin Shiheng let his men control them, leaving them no chance to talk to Yin Zhengping. But Secretary Luo still shouted, Yin Zhengping got off the elevator and met with Secretary Luo.

Lee Jung Hyuk was wearing a wet towel at home. When he woke up, he found that there was a Christmas tree in the house with a heart-shaped card hanging from Yin Shili, wishing him a Merry Christmas. At this point, he received a call from Yin Shili. Yin Shili said that she would leave with Gu Shengjun. The car was already far away, so that Lee Jung Hyuk would not go to her again, but Lee Jung Hyuk said that he had said goodbye many times, and this time was no exception. In fact, Yin Shili was caught by Zhao Zhegang’s people and pointed at the gun by her gun. She wished Lee Jung Hyuk to be happy and forget about them. Lee Jung Hyuk walked on the phone, but heard “I love you” and gunshots coming from the phone. The truck carried Yin Shili to the distance. Li Zhenghe picked up the phone and wept while crying, but there was no reply.

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