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Crash Landing on You (2019) Episode 7 Recap

Pu Guangfan reminded Yin Shili that the plane was about to set off. Yin Shili headed towards the barricade and finally rushed to Shali Hospital. Lee Jung-hyuk has been shocked due to a large amount of blood loss and must be operated immediately, but the hospital has no blood bag inventory. Yin Shili’s blood type is exactly the same as Lee Jung-hye’s O-type.

Although Park Guang-fan urged her to rush to the airport again, she decided to stay and rescue Lee Jung-hyuk. Yin Shili anxiously waited for the result of Lee Jung Hyuk’s operation. Because of Lee Jeong Hyuk’s mobile phone failure, he couldn’t contact his family. When she waited alone, she found that Lee Jung Hyuk’s blood-stained military uniform had his own photo in his pocket. The surgery is very successful, it is necessary to avoid postoperative infection. Shi Li was talking in front of Li Zhenghe’s bed, but Li Zhenghe let her start a two-person life, protecting her to the end even if she did not promise. Now I’m scared that Lee Jung Hyuk is unpredictable, because Lee Jung Hyuk is already a special person for himself.

Lee Jung Hyuk finally woke up and found Yin Shili staying beside him. He sat up and pushed away Yin Shili angrily and asked her why she didn’t get on the plane. Yin Shili said that the situation was urgent; Lee Jung He said that in order to let her go back, everyone took her life. But Yin Shili made all this a phantom, so staying in the country would cause a lot of trouble and threat to everyone; Yin Shili left the room in order not to let Li Zhenghe continue to be angry; she went to the front desk to tell Li Zhenghe that he had woke up and let them take good care of him I left the hospital. The doctor and nurse came to Li Zhenghe’s room. From them, Li Zhenghe learned that Yin Shili had transfused the blood to save herself, and she cried all day.

Outside the thunderstorm, Yin Shili was standing in front of the hospital, but worried that no car left. And Lee Jung-hye came behind her, making her anxious; Lee Jung-hye apologized to her. Yoon Shi-li said that he was a little bit more than Lee Jung-hye, and forgiving him was just a trivial matter. Lee Jung-hyuk said that Ming Shi-li wanted to leave so much, but stayed; Yin Shi-li said she wanted to leave, but This time I changed to protect Jeong Hyuk-he once. The two had a dispute over whether Lee Jung-hye’s eyes were full of desire, and Lee Jung-hyok suddenly kissed Yin Shili.
Zhao Zhegang confirmed that it was Li Zhenghe who fired on them, and judged that Li Zhenghe might be injured, and he would search the hospital within twenty miles of Fangyuan. Gu Shengjun called Mr. Li and no one answered. He asked President Qian, who told him that Zhao Zhegang had used truck forces to intercept Yin Shili, but Yin Shili had disappeared; Gu Shengjun was dissatisfied with Zhao Zhegang’s attempt to cause Yin Shili to die.

Xu Dan came to the village with her mother, and Mrs. Dazuo decided to take their men to deal with them. Xu Dan’s mother found the woman captain and wanted to buy an apartment here. The woman captain said no, Xu Dan’s mother said that the woman captain was useless and very uneducated; Mrs. Dazuo went out, and Xu Dan’s mother quickly changed her respectful attitude. She She claimed that she wanted to buy an apartment here because her daughter was going to marry Lee Jung-hye; she also said that she had a department store in Pyongyang, and said she would take out the cosmetics in her bag to win over everyone. Mrs. Ozu and others immediately changed their attitude and took them to the apartment.

However, the elevator had a power failure on the 3rd floor, and everyone opened the elevator door and came to the apartment introduced by the women captain. The woman captain said that because of frequent power outages, the refrigerator became a storage cabinet, and a sheep was raised in the bathtub. It was said that the aunt prepared for his son’s college banquet, and chickens were raised on the balcony. Xu Dan couldn’t stand the environment here and decided to go to Lee Jung Hyuk. Gu Shengjun stayed at the entrance of the village and saw that Xu Dan was trimming his hair in front of Li Zhenghe’s house. He said that he was also familiar with Li Zhenghe and invited Xu Dan to sit in his car for a while.

The nurse was taking temperature for Lee Jung-hyok and accidentally mentioned that someone was kissing in the dark. As a result, Lee Jung-hyuk’s blood pressure surged, and the nurse quickly went to the doctor. Yin Shili repaired Li Zhenghe’s clothes, and proposed three ways to get along with the two of them. The first two were when nothing happened, and Li Zhenghe chose the third. Yin Shili thought that kissing was a burden on him, and he said that he would let him Don’t have a psychological burden. When she left the room, Lee Jung Hyuk found that she had embroidered a red heart on her military uniform, and couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Shengjun knew that Xu Dan and Li Zhenghe were politically married, and that their marriage was next month. Gu Shengjun said that Li Zhenghe went to open a house with another woman. Xu Dan could not help but explain that the two people’s rooms were separated; but Gu Shengjun Speaking of confession, Xu Dan couldn’t argue, because Lee Jung Hyuk had never confessed to her. Gu Shengjun told Xu Dan that it was difficult for her and her fiance to feel emotional, because their purpose was to run away from the marriage, and people would always feel excited about others when they did n’t know how the ending would develop. Without seizing the fiance’s heart, Xu Dan called shochu; Gu Shengjun continued to publish his concept of love.

Couples always have to do all sorts of incredible things before determining whether to get married, and political marriages that have set a date for marriage early on There are no more throbbing feelings. Gu Shengjun also told Xu Dan that he almost got a political marriage, but after the failure, he felt moved.

Yin Shili was going to make a floor in Li Zhenghe’s ward. Li Zhenghe was worried that she had a cold and asked her to go to bed. She went to make the floor by herself, but Yin Shili said that his injury was not good, and he insisted that they both go to bed; neither was asleep; Yin Shili Saying hello to Long Zhi, Lee Jung Hyuk intentionally didn’t say a word, making her think the other party was asleep. After Yin Shili fell asleep, Li Zhenghe got up, covered her with a quilt, gently trimmed her hair, and stared at her in the light.

Zhao Zhegang learned that Li Zhenghe was at Shali Hospital and took a group of soldiers to the hospital. Yin Shili called Gu Shengjun and asked him if he had reported to his father that he was not dead. Gu Shengjun said yes. When Yin Shili put down the phone, she found that Zhao Zhegang had brought many soldiers to the hospital, and she quickly hid. Zhao Zhegang sent the crowd out and talked to Li Zhenghe alone, saying that the weapon he obtained was for the engineering forces, and Yin Shili was a spy; Li Zhenghe said that Yin Shili was not a spy, but a woman of her own.

She was only intentionally made for the sake of protecting her own woman. Man in a car accident shoots. Zhao Zhegang said that Li Zhenghe had no evidence. Li Zhenghe said that Zhao Zhegang also learned from the Third Division of the United Front Work Department that Yin Shili was not the eleventh subject. According to the policy, it was necessary to follow the process to confirm Yin Shili’s identity. Taking the investigation away, Lee Jung Hyuk’s father rushed to stop him. In the hospital, the nurses discussed Li Zhenghe’s identity, Xu Dan and her mother arrived, and Yin Shili quickly pushed a patient away.

Lee Jung Hyuk’s father questioned why Lee Jung Hyuk would arrest him, and said that this would affect his status. His trouble was stopped by Lee Jung He’s mother; Xu Dan and his mother also arrived. Xu Dan’s mother asked Lee Jung Hyuk not to As a soldier again, she also said that she likes her mother, Lee Jung Hyuk, so she asked her daughter to marry Lee Jung Hyuk instead of Lee Wu Hyuk. Lee Jung Hyuk apologized to everyone. Xu Dan found the red heart embroidered on the military uniform and knew that someone was taking care of him. Li Zhenghe said frankly that the person who took care of him was Yin Shili, and he liked Yin Shili himself.

Xu Dan thought that he had not been fooled. Li Zhenghe said that he didn’t like Xu Dan and could marry her, but it seemed wrong. Xu Dan thought that because Yin Shili was leaving soon, Li Zhenghe would reluctantly resign to her because he was afraid of He did n’t see her, he took that feeling as throbbing; and the marriage date of the two of them was set early, so he lacked the feeling of throbbing, but the marriage would go on as usual, and Lee Jung Hyuk ’s likeness would disappear after Yin Shili left. . Xu Dan left the ward and went to see the wedding with her mother.

When Zhao Zhegang left, Yin Shili talked with the patient one by one. The patient asked her who she likes best. She said it was Lee Jung Hyuk. Gu Shengjun came to the hospital entrance and Yin Shili got into his car. Gu Shengjun took Yin Shili to his residence in North Korea. Yin Shili was anxious to know if Gu Shengjun had contacted his family. Gu Shengjun said he had contacted them, and his family was very happy. Yin Shili did not believe in himself. The elder brother will be happy for this, but in the final analysis, Gu Shengjun is a family member and is always better than a stranger. Gu Shengjun said Yin Shili’s family would pick her up in secret.

In Seoul, the members of the Yin family attended the shareholders’ meeting. Yin Zhengping announced to the shareholders that Yin Shili’s disappearance, and they have searched for one month without success, so they have completed Yin Shili’s death registration. Park Soo Chan also learned from Secretary Luo that the Yin family announced the death of Yin Shili. At the shareholders’ meeting, the second son, Yin Shiheng, finally became the chairman.

Yin Shengli wanted to say hello to Lee Jung Hyuk’s family, but Gu Shengjun said that she does n’t need Lee Jung Hyuk if she has her own. Today ’s situation is also dangerous for Lee Jung Hyuk, so Yin Shili must leave as soon as possible to prevent Lee Jung Hyuk ’s death. . Li Zhenghe was preparing to leave the hospital to find Yin Shili. Xu Dan brought the magazine to inquire about the crime. Li Zhenghe told her the truth. Xu Dan also thought that Yin Shili might kill him and asked if he would still like Yin Shili.

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