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Secret Zoo 해치지않아 (Movie)

Secret Zoo
Also known as: 해치지않아 / Haechijianha

Genre: drama, pet, Comedy, Anima
South Korea
Son Jae-Gon
Son Jae-Gon, Heo Sung-Hye
Ko Dae-Suk
Release Date:
January 15, 2020
Related Show:
Based on the webcomic series “Haechijiana” by Hun (published from September 20, 2011 to April 27, 2012 via Daum Webtoon Company)


  • Ahn Jae-Hong as Kang Tae-Soo
  • Kang So-Ra as Han So-Won
  • Park Young-Gyu as Director Seo
  • Kim Sung-Oh as Kim Gun-Wook
  • Jeon Yeo-Bin as Kim Hae-Kyung
  • Han Ye-Ri as Min Chae-Ryung (cameo)
  • Kim Ki-Cheon as CEO Ko
  • Park Hyoung-Soo as Lawyer Song
  • Kim Soo-Jin as Lawyer Seo
  • Kim Heung-Rae as Black Nose
  • Yoon Dae-Yul as Section Chief Ha
  • Lee Hyun-Wook as Min Chul-Hyun
  • Jo Min-Kyung as fox zookeeper
  • Ahn Seong-Bong as bodyguard at Chinese restaurant
  • Han Sa-Myung as police officer 1 on the scene
  • Kim Bi-Bi as dismissed employee 1
  • Kim Hyun as dismissed employee 4
  • Park Ki-Ryoong as dismissed employee 5
  • Jang Won-Hyung as overseas Korean man
  • Song Yoo-Hyun as overseas Korean woman
  • Jeon Woon-Jong as police officer goes to scene

Attorney Tae-Soo (Ahn Jae-Hong) takes a job as the director of a zoo. The zoo is facing bankruptcy. All the animals at the zoo have been sold and there are no animals left at the zoo. To turn around the zoo, an extraordinary project is created. Workers are required to wear animal suits and act like animals. Soon the zoo goes viral on social media.

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