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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 20 Recap

Pei Yue came to the company happily to work, and was preparing to send out the elaborate samples for the finals. But she didn’t expect to see all of them destroyed, and quickly called Ye Zi to come. After Ye Zi’s anxious investigation and monitoring, his expression changed greatly, and he found that it was actually destroyed by his boyfriend. He quickly called and asked him what was going on. Ye Zi learned that he accidentally encountered it and decided to delete the video to hide things.

Pei Yan quickly remade the sample armor, but without Opal, nothing could be wrong. Yi Han was reminded by Dawei that he misunderstood the reason why Pei Yi was crying for no reason because he was pregnant and asked him to buy some pregnancy supplies. Dawei suggested that he go to the hospital for a checkup. Han had determined in his heart that he didn’t need to check. Lin Tiannuo brought water to please Yi Han, but he didn’t accept it, and he let Baidi stay away from Lin Tiannuo. Lin Tiannuo invited Di to chat with him, saying that he would like to talk about the progress of filming.

At home, Pei Yan planned to take money to buy opal stones. She didn’t want Yi Han to find it. She hid in the toilet to find it. Yi Han was more convinced that she was pregnant. She also bought a necklace for Pei Yan. Pei Min used the necklace sent by Yi Han to create a good final work, and then sent it smoothly. Yi Han kept pouring tea at home to keep her in a good mood. Pei Min answered the phone nervously, thinking that it was called by the organizing committee of the competition. I did not expect it to be a leaf, reminding her not to eat . Yi Han accompanied Pei Ye to go with her. She was absent-minded during the meeting. When she heard the phone rang, she ran out to answer. Ye Ziye ’s boyfriend took advantage of Pei Ye to answer the phone and deliberately said about the nail contest in front of Yi Han. If he won the championship, he would need to go to other places for further training.

After eating, Yi Han and Pei Yan walked together on the street, and deliberately let her choose between nail art and herself. He did not make a choice, and then hurried to find Ran Zishu . Yi Han received the courier after returning home. He thought it was an invitation letter from the brand and tore it up without looking. He just threw it into the trash can and found that he had done something wrong. When she was about to call Li Di, she was worried that she would go elsewhere for a long time, and she was thrown away while Pei Li was not careful. Pei Yan watched the live broadcast of the nail contest and was very heavy. Ran Zishu came to comfort her and let her stop thinking about it. Lu Ming came to help them translate. I did not expect that the entries in it were her own. The old man looked for it and thought it was the wrong address.

After Yi Han finished filming, she hurried to find Pei Yan, and went to comfort her, expressing that she would stay with her no matter what the situation was. After Yi Han picked Pei Ling home, she specially prepared her bathing stuff. She didn’t give up to investigate the relevant surveillance video, but did not expect to find that the recipient turned out to be Yi Han. Xu returned home with a cold face, hiding in the bathroom and crying, Yi Han knocked at the door constantly, saying that she had done something wrong, and let her come out and talk. Yi Han said that she wanted to confess to her, thinking that she was pregnant and would go to France for three years after winning the award. Pei Yue asked him angrily, feeling that he always thought he was right and he would always be a child who didn’t grow up, saying that he didn’t want to see him for the time being, and left the house sadly.

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