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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 19 Recap

Yi Han angrily to Kan Di phone, and that there is no way to re- forest Tiannuo this character who has a problem of cooperation, so she hastened to make their own arrangements other work, then angrily hang up the phone. Pei Ye was not in a hurry, so that he should not be restrained by wrath. This was Lin Tiannuo’s plan. Yi Han did not understand her at all, and thought that it was all Lin Tiannuo’s fault. Lin Tiannuo kept looking at the mobile phone, and finally waited for the call of Didi, calmly telling her that she did not like Pei Yi, and in order to prevent Yi Han from misunderstanding, she was ready to report to her about the schedule at any time. Pei Yue told Yi Han that Lin Tiannuo did this to pursue Didi. After Yihan heard it, he thought he was a crazy person. Didi was an ordinary woman. Pei Di felt that Lin Tiannuo chased Didi. The possibility is great, rich and nice.

After dissipating, Yi Han told Li Di, saying that she had said nothing before, and asked her about Lin Tiannuo’s views. Li Di was very disgusted with him, but on the surface he praised Lin Tiannuo. Lin Tiannuo called Li Di to report her schedule and deliberately asked to invite Pei Li to dinner. Didi did not hesitate to hear it and decided to eat with him. Pei Wei received the news and successfully entered the finals. The manager and colleagues were happy for her. After work, Lin Tiannuo came to find Di, decided to find her to eat with, but did not expect that the car was an assistant, saying that Di is still in a meeting and will rush over after the end. Ye Zi told Pei Ye that she had made a new boyfriend and planned to find time to eat together. She was surprised when she heard it. After all, she had never heard of it before, but she was happy for her.

After Lin Tiannuo learned that Candi could not make an appointment, he left the hotel angrily, and Dawei sat in a chair with an agitated expression. Yi Han suddenly appeared and recorded a video. He asked Pei to come over in order to stop him. She went to see Lin Tiannuo. Li Di saw Lin Tiannuo called over, but he didn’t want to answer it, but with Pei’s assist, he had to pick it up, and then he said arrogantly about his contract, under Lin Tiannuo’s soft and hard foam , Didi had to go to an appointment. Lin Di came to the restaurant to find Lin Tiannuo, let him have something to say quickly, and he would convey it in the original language. Lin Tiannuo told her that she did not want to pursue Pei Yan, and she really wanted to pursue it. When Pei Yan was drawing, he suddenly came to inspiration and researched new nail styles. When he was at a loss, he sent a message to Yi Han. Lin Tiannuo looked at Lu Ming’s listlessness and asked him what was happening. Lu Ming told him that because the summer vacation was about to end, he was going to Prague and was reluctant to let Ran Zishu decide to do something for her.

Lu Ming came to Ran Zishu and specially bought her marshmallows. Ran Zishu suspected that it was bitter to discard marshmallows. Unexpectedly, Lu Ming was caught off guard by relatives, and the two hugged each other sweetly. After thinking about it for a long time, Pei Yan finally produced the finals. After returning, he happily called Yi Han and decided to bring him something delicious. Yi Han did not tell the truth and lied to her that she was still filming. Pei Ye was behind him and heard what he said. Pei Yan deliberately pretended to be okay, and after he returned home, he cooked a special supper for him. Yi Han couldn’t evade it, so he had to eat it in front of her and kept talking about it. Pei Yan looked at Yi Han, could not help shed tears, and bowed his head to eat alone. Yi Han asked if Pei Ye was upset. Pei Ye didn’t tell the truth, but he also presented works that he planned to participate in the finals. Pei Yan wanted Yi Han to confess, knowing what happened when he and Dawei were eating out, and decided to be themselves under normal circumstances, not to compromise for the other side.

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