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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 18 Recap

When Wanda woke up, he found Lin Tiannuo in the same room with him, pretending to calmly say a few words to him. After Lin Tiannuo left the room, he fled into the locker room, thinking about him last night. Said. Didi said that no matter how you wholeheartedly love someone, you may be disappointed in the end, but you will definitely be rewarded if you work wholeheartedly, and of course you choose to love work. Lin Tiannuo hugged her so that she wouldn’t say that, she would feel bad.

After listening to what Lin Tiannuo said, he said that it was for the boy who was a little girl more than ten years ago, but he didn’t expect to say from his mouth that he still felt like crying. Yo Yo’s work through the International Nail Competition auditions, now officially start preparing the preliminary round, she recalled, and easy to Han shot with magazine covers, think of the new pattern ideas, just brought participate in the competition, will also discuss the good and the manager The entry works as a new item in the store to participate in discounts, the store manager is very supportive. I wanted to use Yihan ’s Weibo to help myself participate in the Nail Contest, but I accidentally saw that there were more than 2,000 comments under my Weibo, all of which were insulting and cracking down on nail art. When Yi Han saw that he never came out in the toilet, he picked up his phone and saw the comments under Wei Weibo, and quickly called his assistant to investigate. The assistant told him that the comments under Weibo were not real actions, and were all machine brushed, but it was not yet possible to determine who was behind the ghosts. Yi Han told him to register a few trumpet to hold those sprays. The assistant wondered why Yi Han suddenly The confrontation game is so heart-warming.

For Yi Han, he wasn’t concerned about the confrontation, but he couldn’t watch his wife being bullied by the spray on the Internet. Yi Han finally saved the blood and finally succeeded in fighting against the dark with the fans. There were a lot of customers in the store who aimed at the new products designed by 呦 呦, and 呦 呦 finally unloaded their sadness. Yi Han personally sent Weibo to support his wife, and there are more and more good comments on the Internet. I and Yi Han agreed to eat together at ten o’clock in the evening. After work, I waited for her in the shop alone. Yi Han is gone. Who knows that Sun Qingqing was watching her outside the door at this time? The navy is also a masterpiece of Sun Qingqing.

Yi Han’s birthday was delayed by the crew of the crew. The assistant won the new script for Yi Han, and Didi and Yihan clashed with a colleague’s wine and Yihan. At this time, Lin Tiannuo’s arrival made Didi feel guilty. She lowered her wine glass and walked away, Yi Han and his assistants felt that Fan Di was exceptionally unusual today. Lin Tiannuo’s move was even more shocking. He even picked up Didi’s wine glass and clashed with others. Yi Han looked in his eyes and was about to startle his chin.

Lin Tiannuo knew that Didi was hiding from him. No matter how he called, Didi would never answer. Lin Tiannuo wanted to tell her that nothing happened that night. He just wanted to find out for him the watch that had fallen to her house, and also expressed his wish to be with him. Li Di deleted it after hearing Lin Tiannuo’s words, and did not know the truth at all. Yi Han noticed Lin Tiannuo’s anomaly. She was worried that Lin Tiannuo’s character would hurt Li Di, and he was even more worried about his misconduct. He was thinking about breaking up cooperation with Lin Tiannuo.

Lin Tiannuo knew that he was unwilling to face himself. He had to come to his home to cook, and he also sent him a video of his circle of friends, pretending to intervene with him and Yi Han, so that he could not see it, and came to stop him, so that he could have An opportunity to meet Didi. Yi Han was a jealous jar. Seeing the two of them were angry, he called Lin Tiannuo to talk about the termination of the cooperation. After his plan was successful, Lin Tiannuo deliberately let him answer the phone. This move completely angered Yi Han.

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