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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 17 Recap

When Ran Zishu woke up, he found that he was sleeping on the sofa and didn’t know what he had done. Lu Ming was side by side drunk for her. He also warmly deliveredhot water. Ran Zishu was very embarrassed. I thought I was going to deduct points again. Lu Ming didn’t think so. She felt that she could get to know her better this time and bought breakfast for her. Lin Tiannuo went on a blind date under the arrangement of his parents. The parents of both sides kept complimenting Xueer. Lin Tiannuo was very embarrassed at the side, and hurriedly sent a message to Didi , asking her to come and rescue herself.

After seeing the client, Di Di simply dressed herself and drove to his destination to find him. After Lin Tiannuo saw her, he invited her to sit down for dinner as if he grabbed a lifeline. During the feast, Di Di quickly accompany Lin Tiannuo’s father to drink. Xueer’s parents were jealous when they saw it, and pulled Lin Tiannuo’s mother to speak. In order to promote the connection between the children of the two parties, we intend to add WeChat to each other, and Didi keeps destroying and successfully angers them.

Lin Tiannuo’s father was not unhappy. He felt that there was someone who could accompany him to drink, and then he asked to drink together. Lin Tiannuo’s mother knew his son very well, knowing that he couldn’t let Pei Yue down , and hoped he could have more Serve snacks. After dinner, Lin Tiannuo and Di Di sat in the car and admired the scenery of the city. Lin Tiannuo brought water to her intently. Didi hoped that no matter where he went in the future, he would not have to just rush to the notice. Able to travel well. Suddenly that she got stomachache, Lin Tiannuo hurriedly gave her stomach medicine, and after that she felt bad that she had a bad stomach, and accompanied her father to drink so much alcohol. Didi felt that the old man was so happy that he couldn’t bear to refuse him. He hadn’t contacted his family for a long time because of his failed marriage. Bian Di told him not to like Pei Ye, but rather to like herself, because she and Yi Han are very happy, I hope he does too.

Yi Han sent Pei Ye to work, and told her when she left, that Mom ’s money did not need to be shared with her, because it belongs to the premarital property. After hearing this, Pei Ye was excited to invite him to dinner. I did n’t expect to know what he liked, Yi Han was jealous and angry when she heard it, and felt that she was not attentive, and asked her to think about it when she was at work, or she was not polite to her.

At work, Pei Ye kept searching the Internet about Yi Han ’s preferences, and suddenly thought of Yi Han ’s assistant Zhang Dawei, asking him what he liked to eat. After Da Wei thought about it, he sent the address of Yi Han ’s favorite restaurant to she was. When ordering, I found that a set of meals cost three thousand yuan. Yi Han saw his wife’s concerns, took the initiative to take the menu, ordered some affordable dishes, and even drinks and drinks were eliminated. After the last blind date incident, the friendship between Lin Tiannuo and Pu Di is one step closer. The two talked about many things about each other. On this day, Lin Tian Nuo invited Pu Di to eat. Unfortunately, Di Di’s ex-husband, Gao Yaowen, appeared. Didi said that he was having dinner with friends and told Gao Yaowen not to disturb, so he left in a humble way.

Lin Tiannuo drove Li Di home, Gao Yaowen followed him like a dog skin plaster, Lin Tian Nuo had to return to Li Di’s home together. Lin Tiannuo wondered how Didi would marry such a person at the beginning. Didi said of course because of love. At that time, love was real, and now dislike is also true. Lin Tiannuo said that a woman who is too smart won’t be so easy to be happy. She returned to him. She has no interest in being a happy woman. She only wants to be a successful woman. Lin Tiannuo feels more charming by Didi. Waking up the next morning, Didi found that his pajamas were scattered on the ground, and Lin Tiannuo even wore clothes in front of his face. Sun Qingqing was notorious. In the end, she only had to go to the restaurant to wash the dishes to make a living. Not only was it hard, but she was also frustrated everywhere. At this time, Gao Lang found her again.

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