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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 16 Recap

After Lin Tiannuo paid the money, he found that there were no tickets in it. He quickly caught up with him and lost it after a while. After the scammer escaped, he contacted another buyer, Yi Han , and asked him to give the money first. After discovering Lin Tiannuo’s figure, he quickly ran away from him. The three people chased together like this, kept going around, chasing the liar to get the ticket, and finally took the ticket from him, but was suddenly snatched by Yi Han. . Yi Han sat in the car and thoughtfully thought of Pei Ye ’s reaction to seeing the ticket. However, Lin Tiannuo stepped in first and told Pei Ye the good news. At that time, Mr. Qin Chuan would bring them in. When she knew the news, she kept on. The ground made a idiot’s sound, and he was epileptic in the room. Yi Han could only be jealous and angry outside the door.

The next day, Lin Tiannuo took Pei Yan to enter Qinchuan’s art exhibition. After seeing it, she was very excited and gave birth to some new ideas. After seeing Yi Han’s figure at the art exhibition, Pei Yan quickly caught up with him to check the situation. Lin Tiannuo originally planned to catch up with things. Didi called and asked him to hide with Pei Yan and not be photographed by others. . Some videos appeared on the Internet, and a bunch of reporters blocked the company. Didi had a headache for this, and quickly asked his assistant about the situation of Sun Qingqing. I felt that this matter must have been premeditated. Lin Tiannuo found Yi Han and Pei Yi, told him the news on the Internet, let them be careful, and then drove away, intending to deal with the crew. Yi Han deliberately took off his mask and glasses, and watched the art exhibition with Pei Zheng brightly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Di Di came to Sun Qingqing in the room and told her that she was Yi Han’s agent. She told her not to act. She had been in the circle for many years and had seen through these tricks. Sun Qingqing continued to act, pretending not to know anything, and to sue them for slander. Didi remained unmoved and asked her to clarify the matter, otherwise she would not get any good results by publishing the video. Yi Han accompanied Pei Ye to watch the exhibition. During the period, she told her that she had bought a ticket from the Internet at a high price. She originally intended to give it to her. Later, after hearing her conversation with Lin Tiannuo, she did not take out the ticket and followed her into the exhibition . Pei Yue was not angry after hearing this, could not help laughing, and asked him to transfer money to Lin Tiannuo immediately. Pei Yan drew a picture in bed, Yi Han came over and apologized to her, saying that she should not be angry with her. Ye Zi excitedly told Sun Qingqing to announce the relationship. Prior to this, she and Yi Han’s scandal broke through, and Pei Yi was not surprised when she heard it.

Lin Tiannuo came to find Didi, hoping that she would suddenly appear during a blind date. This was done to properly handle the matter. Didi originally disagreed. After hearing his explanation, he agreed to help him. A group of people in black suddenly rushed in and captured Pei Ye, who thought he had been abducted and cried in fear in the car. It turned out to be a surprise from Yi Han. Yi Han took Pei Ye to a beautiful place and told her that this was where her mother lived when she was a child. When she saw Pei Ye turned and was about to leave, in order not to regret her, she showed her a letter. Pei Ye looked at the content of the letter with a painful heart, recalling what happened when he was a child, and regretted that he didn’t see it earlier. Gao Lang anxiously called Yun Di and kept begging her, hoping to let Yi Han come out to meet her sister, because she could n’t survive it, and she said she could n’t help because Yi Han was in the field. After the call was hung up, Jody quickly asked the assistant to find out.

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