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Please Love Me (2019) 拜托拜托请你爱我 Episode 15 Recap

After receiving the news from the International Nail Contest, Pei Min found that if he successfully won the prize, he could receive a free ticket for travel around the world, and he could go to a local nail agency to study. All the fees were free. After seeing Ye Zi, Pei Ye quickly told her the news. However, Ye Ye was not very happy after seeing it. She felt that she was not good enough and could not be judged at all. Pei Ye encouraged her not to be discouraged. It would be useful only after hard work. Yi Han came to the nail shop to find Pei Yan, invited her to eat together, and her own friends, because they did not hold a wedding, everyone hoped to take this opportunity to meet up. Pei Ye didn’t really want to go. Under the soft and hard foam of Yi Han, he had to agree to go together.

Pei Yan specially asked Ran Zishu to go to eat together. Under the brief introduction of Yi Han, he sat down awkwardly. When there was no water, Pei Yan took the initiative to stand up and pour water for them. . Liao Shaohui actively asked Pei Ye’s work and misunderstood that she successfully opened a manicure shop. Pei Ye explained to them clearly that she was just a manicurist. Ran Zishu saw that the situation was not right and quickly spoke for her. Yi Han felt very shameless and left the table angrily. Leaving Pei Yan and Ran Zishu. Pei Yan sent drunk Ran Zishu home, and originally wanted to sneak back into the room. The room suddenly turned on and found Yi Han lying on the sofa waiting for her. Yi Han felt that she was giving up tea to others, and it was a waiter’s business. Pei Ye felt that he was ashamed of himself, and he was doing nail art. He couldn’t change this fact, and then he was angrily preparing to leave. Returning to the crew with luggage.

Lin Tiannuo and Yi Han drank in the room. Knowing that he must have been kicked out, Yi Han explained to him that he had left on his own initiative. After that, they drank too much and fell asleep on the floor. Xiao Fei’s condition suddenly worsened, and Gao Lang quickly called for a doctor to treat her, and the nurse told him that Xiao Fei’s condition became worse. Because Pei Ye didn’t sleep all night, she couldn’t help taking a nap when she was at work. When she woke up, she saw Ye Zi staring at herself. She was really shocked and asked her to help her to read the drawing. For her party, Pei Yan asked her to focus her attention on the drawing. Yi Han woke up early in the morning and found that Lin Tiannuo was lying in her arms, and quickly got up and left the room. Lu Ming reported to Lin Tiannuo the relevant progress of the crew. After learning that Yi Han was kicked out, he was worried about his sister being bullied, and anxious to find him to settle accounts, Lin Tiannuo quickly sent him out.

Ye Zi invited Pei Ye to hang out with her. Pei Ye rejected her, saying that she needed more time to find inspiration. After work, she found someone to follow. It turned out that Yi Han sent an assistant to protect her. Suddenly thought of the bell outside the door, it turned out to be Sun Qingqing, pretending to faint and tried to lie in his arms, Yi Han pushed her away angrily and closed the door without hesitation. Yi Han called Lin Tiannuo and told him that the crew had harassed him, but he was unmoved and immediately hung up. After Yi Han learned that Pei Ye liked Qin Chuan, he quickly contacted online. After arriving at the trading scene, he found that Lin Tiannuo actually came over and sat in the car.

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