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Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 45 Recap

Zhu Zanji knew that Hu Shanxiang hadlet Zhu Gaojiao off , and told Hu Shanxiang that Jin Yiwei was hunting in the city tonight. Sun Ruowei bumped into Jin Yiwei and arrested the men in Hu Shanxiang’s palace. Zhanji asked Sun Ruowei if he knew nothing about Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Zhanji wants to listen to the truth, thinking that everyone is lying to himself. Hu Shanxiang saw that his child was in Zhu Zhanji’s hands and had to say something about helping Zhu Gaoyu steal the guard. After listening, Zhu Zhanji put down the child, called Jin Yiwei, and let Jin Yiwei look at Hu Shanxiang and Sun Ruowei, waiting for him to return. Zhu Zhanji turned his head and took Jin Yiwei to the Han Palace, and Zhu Gaojiu’s family had fallen to the ground. Zhu Gaoxi knew that Zhu Zhanji would come and asked Zhu Zhanji and himself to speak in the room alone. Zhu Zhanji told him he already knew about his collusion with Mahmu and Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Gaojiu said that he originally intended to trap Zhu Xi , and that the eunuch Hou Tai who was next to Zhu Gaoji was also Zhu Gaoji, and Zhu Gaoji’s death was also planned by Zhu Gaoji. Before Zhu Zhanji left, let Jin Yiwei kill Zhu Gaoyu.

Zhu Zhanji returned to the palace, letting people pass on Hou Tai, who knew that Hou Tai had died in the palace long ago. Zhu Zhanji was so annoyed that he was so stunned that he couldn’t even remember that he had just gone to Hu Shanxiang’s palace. Zhu Zhanji suddenly understood that Zhu Gaojiu was deliberately seeking death. When Zhu Zhanji rushed to the Han Palace, the Han Palace was empty. The smoke was billowing in the room, and Zhu Gaoyu suddenly appeared behind Zhu Zhanji, saying that he had Zhu Zhuji’s will to kill Zhu Gaoyu’s ashes. Zhu Zhanji did not understand why Zhu Gaojiu insisted on demanding death. Zhu Gaojiao laughed and said that Zhu Zhanji blocked all their retreats. Zhu Zhanji won the battle. There is no other high prestige. They have no chance. Therefore, Zhu Gaojiao made this decision to let future generations know that Zhu Zhanji killed his uncle. Zhu Gaoji wanted Zhu Zhanji to kill himself, but Zhu Zhanji said that he would imprison Zhu Gaoji, and let Zhu Gaoji take those secrets together and stink and pus.

Zhu Zhanji knelt in the ancestral temple for a long time and could not afford to worship. After the queen mother knew what had happened, she asked people what happened. Hu Shanxiang also had a high fever, and couldn’t even speak clearly. Yu Qian, Yang Shiqi, and others came to see the queen mother, but did not know the queen mother, and Yu Qian told the queen the reason for their speculation. Overnight, Zhu Zhanji killed Zhu Gaojiao, imprisoned Zhu Gaojiao, imprisoned Zhu Gaojiao’s old ministry, and caused trouble among the officials. Zhu Zhanji hid at this time, which made them even more scared and came to the cabinet for an explanation.

After the queen mother knew that, she came to Zongmiao to find Zhu Zhanji, but Zhu Zhanji expelled her. Zhu Zhanji hid in the Zongmiao for two days, eating or drinking. Sun Ruowei let Jin Yiwei open the door, but Jin Yiwei didn’t dare to stop Sun Ruowei.

When Sun Ruowei saw Hu Shanxiang waking up from a coma, he told her about Zhu Zhanji’s hiding in the Zongmiao. Hu Shanxiang felt that he could not live for a few days, and Zhu Zhanji would certainly not let himself go. Sun Ruowei said that he should take Hu Shanxiang away when he was in trouble. Sun Ruowei was guilty that he did not catch Hu Shanxiang at the time. Sun Ruowei felt that no matter what Hu Shanxiang did wrong, he owed it to him. Hu Shanxiang felt that Sun Ruowei was very hypocritical and could not understand Sun Ruowei’s feelings. Instead, he had to draw a clear line with Sun Ruo, and the bridge returned to the bridge and the road returned.

Yu Qian and Yang Shiqi were discussing Zhu Zhanji’s affairs. Yu Qian thought that Sun Ruowei had followed Zhu Gaochi’s work, and Sun Ruowei should go to Zongmiao to persuade Zhu Zhanji. Sun Ruowei entered the ancestral temple, Zhu Zhanji was sitting on the chair in a daunting manner, letting Sun Ruowei get out of breath. Sun Ruowei relayed Zhu Zhanji’s words, and Sun Ruowei also told Zhu Zhanji about the serious illness of Hu Shanxiang. Zhu Qiyu was indeed Zhu Zhanji’s own flesh and blood, and also told him about Zhu Zhanji’s rescue of Hu Shanxiang. Sun Ruowei tried to persuade Zhu Zhanji, and then Zhu Zhanji slowly raised his head.

After Zhu Zhanji came out of the ancestral temple, the position of Empress Hu Shanxiang was abolished, and she was trained in Sanqingguan to cultivate her own body. Zhu Qiyu also gave it to Hu Shanxiang to take away. After Hu Shanxiang was abolished, Sun Ruowei was listed as the queen. Zhu Zhanji told Sun Ruowei that he planned to establish Zhu Qizhen as the prince. Zhu Zhanji gave Zhu Xi’s will to Sun Ruowei. Zhu Xi set up a will and instructed future generations that if Sun Ruowei had a son-in-law, in order to avoid Sun Ruowei’s usurpation of power, he must kill her.

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